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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Solve Unamusement Closed

Blog Hiatus (NaNoWriMo)


National Novel Writing Month

Be Back December

Or Maybe Not

Web Comix Round-Up

A list of interesting comics that could easily kill your life, or at least several hours of it. Firstly we'll poke at a comic that relies on those who live in retail to offer the gold which it provides, then we'll pimp out a local of Solve Unamusement before listing everyone else.

Firstly: Customers Suck - If you have ever had a job, ever, then you will be able to smile at how stupid everyone is. There is a forum for anyone who does work and has that story to share but if you're like me and unemployed, the comic is right down the page there.

Second: The Fort Splashington Adventures Some may or may not remember Splash over at One Crazy Fool and Some Other Stuff but she's also got a comic running. It is random.

Axe Cop - Written by a five year old kid and then illustrated by his brother. To say this is genius would be speaking mildly.

VG Cats - I don't know. It is very random and... yeah, just look at it. I don't even remember why it is on the list.

Pajama Forest - A comic usually about two kids. It is funny but does have a few misses. I get linked to this comic by others every few days so it can't be that horrible.

Least I Could Do - A more adult comic that centers around themes not usually spoken about by Solve Unamusement but still very funny.

Amazing Super Powers - This one will kill an entire day simply because you wont realize how much time you killed. This comic is funny and engaging and somehow rehashes jokes but doesn't get stale.

Lead Paint - I forgot

Boxer Hockey - Many know of this one already and that's because it has been around for quite some time. Start at the beginning to get the full story. The thing reads like TV episodes if you do it that way.

Legend of Bill - Think Dave The Barbarian with adult themes.

Shortpacked! - A comic based around the nerd-styles of a man working in retail.

Title of the Song

Just something really quick, Title of the Song is an interesting take on the stereotypical love song. Anyone oblivious to this formula should also listen to Pop Song as you are probably as gullible in this fashion as well.

Da Vincie Notebook - Title of the Song

Morrowind Music Remixed

So, yes, anyone who's been here before knows that Solve Unamusement has a special (almost creepy) thing for the game Morrowind.

Just In Case:

We shall continue this trend with the guitar as was intended the first time this started but attention spans and all that.

The Giving Tree x2

I am sure most, if not all, of those readers who are about Solve Unamusement has read or heard of The Giving Tree at some point in time or another. If not, a refresher course can be found within this post as well as a humors take on it.

Shel Silverstein - The Giving Tree

And With A Twist

Angel's Egg

Ever found yourself finding something that was just to good to describe with words? No? Just me? Well if it isn't just those at Solve Unamusement that look at Angel's Egg with astonishment then you will have to forgive us for wasting your time. Wait, that's why you're even here so nevermind.

Angel's Egg is a 1985 Anime that is produced by some people who are important to the industry today, or something, but we don't care. What we do care about are visuals and sound. The entire Anime has maybe one paragraph of text so is perfect for those "I hate sub Anime" people (to which I used to be one of and could have been sold on this back then).

The entire movie is written with sound design in mind and the visual appeal is just astonishing. Remember, this was done in 1985 and that shows but, at the same time, you can feel the images that are put forward on the screen.

And considering the last time Solve Unamusement touched an Anime it was Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, we shall be hitting quite a few Anime within the next few months.

Follows are some visual aids and then an actual download. The download is being provided simply because the movie is one pain in the ass to track down; with English subs, anyway. It should be noted that the Anime does suffer from a light bit of Engrish, however very minor.

Within you? With you, sure, but not within you; that would be weird. Egg inside of places it should not be, aside, this is a really great movie and very much worth a watch! Did I mention the characters have no names? (Angel's Egg Wiki)

Freerice (Feed Others with What You Know!)

Help with world hunger and kill time all with the power of your brain. For every correct answer at you help donate ten grains of rice. This blogger has donated 2.5 thousand grains, which is probably enough to make a single meal, on word definitions alone. Got to level 35 at the highest before becoming bored of it again. Suggest bookmarking and using this to stay constructive in two different ways; test your brain and help out your fellow man.

Special note to our regular reader joo for breaking Over 9000 grains of rice!



It is time to infect the world and there are at least two amusing ways to do it. One way is to create a very detailed desies and control how it mutates and kills off the human population while the other is to blast an unknown chemical at people which turns them into zombies.

Both have their fun for their own reasons but we'll look at both into a good amount of detail both of these are flash games at Kongregate, to which this blog writer has an account if only for ease of use and to prevent backlogging bookmarks of flash games.

Anyway, to continue we are going to look at two games which are based around world domination. Neither require more than the mouse to play and are very "Easy to learn, difficult to master." Please note that while neither of these games have been beaten on Solve Unamusement's accord, they will eat hours of your life.

Google is Awesome Today

It is amazing the things Google is willing to do with their logo, today is no different as Google celebrates John Lennon's would be 70th Birthday. Anyway, if you don't know Google's URL you need help but there it is. Otherwise...

Google Logo - John Lennon

That's Terrible

Two ways to say that word "Terrible" and they come in the terms "Funny, but not cool" and "Wow, that sucked." We can look at both, very quickly, by reading a couple comics.

A couple of random strips (not full webcomix) which have been randomly sent in this direction a few times. Today, we'll hit on two really quick and then later shall share a long list of full on regular updated webcomix. Anyway, excluding the ramble, let us continue along.

Sound Byte

Been awhile, has it not? Yes, Solve Unamusement took something of an unofficial break from the world of blogging and the like but such things happen to us all. Now today we'll handle a few things all music related that have been in the Solve Unamusement bookmark for a bit.

First on the list is audiojack. To put that simple, they are audio sounds which tell a story. What story is completely up to interpretation; so much so that there is a forum centered around the entire concept of explaining what story you have heard and sharing it with others. (that sub-forum) The sounds and stories are amazing (and lame) only based on how you've seen them, so don't forget how much perception is involved before you scoff.

Next we shall look at Symphony of Science and what is involved there. Generally speaking, nothing more than quotes from some of our greatest scientific minds of the last ten or so years set to auto-tune and an extra little beat of music but for anyone who's got a creationists on his back about the "lacking of beauty in design" this is a nice shut-up-button.

However the concepts and the way the music is put together is the enjoyment. Sure the message is there, scientific thought is here and we intend to stay around (get used to it) but that's not the point there. Continue on if you'd like to see some embedded music or view their main site where you can download.

Alter Ego

Ever thought to yourself, "If only I had handled that point in my life differently?" I'm sure you have, we all have! Then there is the point where we see things, or hear of things, and wonder how we might have handled that situation. Then there is the thought, how will I handle things in the future? How will life go if I act in a certain way?

Questions upon questions upon questions we all have can now be semi-answered by an interesting life experiment and/or game called Alter Ego.

Describing this game as a "Life Simulator" is both true and false at the same time. How to describe it is also lacking in my own understanding of things. The best thing to say is: "The game plays with the mouse and requires a good amount of reading. Have fun!"

Alter Ego

Polyushko Pole Plus One

The title would say it all if anyone was versed in their Russian history. Perhaps history isn't needed, just an understanding of some Russian music which has validity within Russia. While we are not above cultural diversity on Solve Unamusement, we must not forget Russia.

To the point at hand, Polyushko Pole is interesting.

Helloooo Nurse! (Animaniacs)

Just something really quick.

Animaniacs - Hellooooo Nurse!


Just a little something-something for today. Taz-Mania intro, nothing special just silly fun.

Taz-Mania Intro

Come To Taz-Mania!

Steampunk Morrowind

Remember when the phrase "Tune in tomorrow" meant something? When when someone stated that they'd handle something the very next day, or that the bad guy was finally going to get what was coming to him, or was finally going to reach Super-Saiyan 4-Gillion? Yeah, me either, but still when Solve Unamusement says tomorrow we should mean it!

Oh right, there are steampunk elements within Solve Unamusement's favorite game: Morrowind (Oh and Oblivion too, apparently.)

That is all for today, here are some images stolen from the internet because screen shots can't happen when you're stuck playing the bad Xbox version.

Tom & Jerry

There isn't anything like waking up at six in the morning because you've got school to attend, right? Nothing like it in the whole world! Something horrible, is what it was, until the invention of the auto-tuner and alarm clock on a television. Now imagine waking up to your favorite cartoons and greeting the day with a smile thanks to what used to be Cartoon Network.

Tom & Jerry Cartoon Network Intro

Now imagine you woke up but are sick. You are stuck in bed to weak to even play video games, what on earth is there to do? Read? Hardly, who reads? Draw? To sick to draw, to lazy, whatever.

Metal Zombies! (Lordi)

The great thing about the internet is that time is never an issue when it comes to finding something interesting and enjoying it even if that itme was only popular two years ago. But the awesome thing about the internet is that time is never an issue!

  • One Part Metal
  • One Part Zombies
  • One Part Graze Z Horror (Sub-Zombie)
  • One Part Awesome
  • All Parts Amusement

To put it plainly, not sucky horror to not sucky metal!

While their stage make-up is rather like Guar or even the more widely known Slipknot, their sound is a little more like Metallica. Not a rough/course metal sound and more harmonic; they just happen to have a morbid fascination with death, is all.

Phineas and Ferb Poop

Few YTP are any good and the ones that are usually read more like music remixes than YTPs which is probably why they don't suck. Anyway, here is one from Phineas and Ferb which isn't to horrible in nature.

Phineas and Ferb - YTP

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb, what is there to say about a show that lasts only fifteen minutes on average other than "It is totally awesome!" Almost every show (One out of three) has some type of song in it. Lets check out a couple, starting out with No Candy in Me.

Phineas and Ferb - No Candy in Me

"Nerd ain't no pinata."

Now for: Squirrel in My Pants!

Small Worlds

There was a contest or something to make a game based on casual gameplay and a keyword or something to which there was zero digging little bother with beyond the fact to recognize it exists, you want something serious go read a "serious" blog, but what is found is a beautiful game. Explore is taken to such a level with Small Worlds that I hope they won. If they didn't, who cares this game was freaking awesome!

If you like beauty in your time consuming adventures, if you like simplicity in complexity, if you just like something not to hard but still lots of fun and not to much of a time killer than Small Worlds is very much for you.

Controls are simple, use the arrow keys. Up is jump, left is left and right is right. Gravity is down, you'll figure that one out very quickly.

Explore Small Worlds and make sure to play a second time just so you can re-witness the pure beauty of it.

Small Worlds

You Think That's Annoying?

"You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?" -Sure we've all heard that one, from Dumb and Dummber, at one point or another but lets look at things that are annoyingly awesome; not just annoying for the sake of being annoying and/or stupid.

We'll obviously be including a lot of music on this one, especially those included in The Rampage and other similar posts. Annoying is amusing if only in small dosages. And, no, this isn't an Annoying Orange post as I clearly have done that already. That's just the only thing to come to mind in terms of pure annoyance.


So my steam punk keyword-tag needed a little more love what with only having one label on it. The thought is, "Does Solve Unamusement dislike steampunk?" The answer is quickly, "No." The problem is we, at Solve Unamusement, don't know what steampunk actually is.

There are a bunch of obvious choices but at the same time those can go into the science fiction category of things. In fact, it is a wonder how many of those tagged "science fiction" are not also "steampunk" but rather than go through them all, it is much easier to just add new steampunk posts. Then again, I totally omit obvious Science Fiction posts like this one right here. It is a wonder why these "genre labels" are even included.

Today is a post with a very simple and small blog roll which intends to be fully 100% steampunk.

  • Marvellificent Scriptorium: This was first made notice of when Howl's Moving Castle was found. And is pretty much where the rest of this steampunky goodness came from as, as said before, Solve Unamusement has trouble figuring out what is or is not steampunk. (The blog is no longer updated but needed to made mention of as that's where everything is rooted.)
  • Dieselpunk: This is less steam and more oil but still very cool. Close enough by my definition of things to be included and has interesting posts from what was actually read.
  • Brass Goggles: Self coined as "The lighter side of Steampunk" they offer some interesting articles and blog posts for your steampunk-y pleasure.
  • The Steampunk Home: Now this one was cool! Basically people remodle their home/office/whatever and share with this blogger who then shares with us. Its really cool what people have done. Some of it is only semi-steampunk and seems more "retro" (lame word) rather than punky.

Tune in tomorrow when our favorite game is discussed and the steampunk elements within it.

LXG, That is All

We end this month with those words and a simple trailer. Really, not much to be said other than "This movie is AWESOME!"

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

For Good Measure: LXG Wiki

Connery Continued

In this Connery post we're going to hit two of the movies where he plays a supporting character. In all honesty, that's what Sean does best; playing supporting roles rather than taking to much of the spotlight. In his younger years he was probably the best man for the job but standing next to Nicolas Cage and Kevin Costner help with your credibility. Or is it the other way around? Sitting next to Sean Connery helped with Nicolas Cage's and Kevin Costner's credibility?

Anyway, if we've not figured things out we're talking about two very specific movies made some time ago. One back in the mid 90s, one year short of direct middle in-fact, and the was released just a few months after my own birth. Scary, huh?

Sean Connery

Broken posts, missed birthdays, quickies and masturbation aside, lets talk about something serious for a moment or two. (Kind of weird to talk about masturbation and have an image of an old man next to it, huh?)

Lets talk Sean Connery!

when is evil cool? has made aware that Sean Connery is eighty and has been retired from acting from some time but, in suit of our friend over at the previously mentioned blog, it feels important to mention which of his movies were the most awesome.

Bond is being ignored. Why? Cause that's to easy and we end up getting into Who's the better Bond arguments, which I'd like to avoid. Let us start this list with the most odd and least seen, at least by us at Solve Unamusement.

The Hunt for Red October is a film about a Russian submarine commander that basically goes AWOL and wants to blow up the US in a time that is otherwise peaceful among the nations. Needless to say, no one is happy about it and everyone tries to stop the crazy dude from completing his goal.

What's so odd about this is the fact Sean Connery is playing the Russian submarine commander but still sounds very Scottish. Call me an ignorant American but isn't that.... wrong?

Pop Song

Just something really quick for all those haters out there. Remember, its all about the Benjamins after all.

Pop Song (Jon Lajoie)

Birthday Blog News

Solve Unamusement had a birthday!

....two months ago.

That's right! According to the date on the very first blog post (which isn't used as a faux static page which should be changed over to blogger's actual static pages) Solve Unamusement's first post (called simply "Unamusement" at the time) was on Jun 11th 2009. How cool is that? We missed our own B-Day!

Solve Unamusement should apologize for itself by getting a super-special-awesome gift but we wont cause if it took two months to remember, whats the chance of getting such a thing? ZERO! Anyway, happy birthday Solve Unamusement; lets hope next year we do this not two months late.

The Beatles - Happy Birthday

Glory To Thee- I'm Not Posting That!

Anyone who listened to the song within this post and said to themselves "That doesn't have as much sex as Dudel promised it would" is totally in luck.

Well sorta-kinda in luck. You see, this next song might be about sex with no innuendo's or beating-around-the-bush or anything like that however it is less sex and more literally about masturbation.

Hey, it is my blog and I'll post a song about people doing things to themselves if I wanna!

Really, it isn't as bad as I imply... or maybe it is? Hard to tell now-a-days with the way the internet is. Could always resort to potty humor. (Damn it, that post is broken!)


It Broke (Flashback)

After posting on Metroid again I realized something. Ridley was missing! So, for giggles, decided to go see if any other posts were broken in some goofy manner. Mostly Youtube being lame or some such but hey, this is a cheap cop-out and lets folks see how lazy I am as a blog writer.

YouTube is a real stickler about copy-written material, you know that?

Looney Tunes are all broken! All but the one not hosted by YouTube. It is annoying!

On an older post about The Nightmare Before Christmas Wikipedia broke on me. Yeah, seriously! How lame is that? Do I gotta host every single image all by myself... and catch them myself? I can't cheat!? Not even with Wikipedia!?

Here is another one except this time there isn't a real reason. " This video has been deleted," It says. Why thanks for the update, I didn't see the fact it wasn't there I'm a complete and total idiot! Why would be nice.

And, finally, we'll drop one about Starship Troopers. While the first doesn't seem to bad... it isn't original sound audio they chose, the second is just plain old gone and it was technically covered under creative license as they made something NEW from the old content. There was real edit, customization etc and the creator gave credit for original material so what's the deal?

F U Internet, you broke-ed my blog.

After Armageddon

Ever wonder what the world would be like if everything that was once moving took a total stop on how things ran? Ever get that paranoid itch in your head that your next flu could kill you and five of the six BILLION people on the planet earth? Have you ever thought or wondered just how fragile we, as a species of humans, are?

A nine part YouTube break up of a History Channel show explains what may happen once the world is overtaken by its own irrationalities. Will you be a survivor or one of those coughing up blood?

Midnight Madness

This post is doing two things, posting up a quick video and checking out YouTube's new iFrame embed feature. Okay, so here it is!

Midnight Madness - The Chemical Brothers

Speaking of Metroid

Ah yes, speaking of Metroid who here knows that Super Metroid is one of the best games to ever be created in all of games that ever was? Right under Morrowind for best game of all time.

Super Metroid Music - Theme of Samus Aran: Galactic Warrior


Never Played but Listened

Today we talk about those games we have never played but have listened to the soundtracks of. While games like Morrowind set a mood and games like Persona 3 are being "hip to their audience" some games just can't be played for whatever reason so we enjoy them second, or even third, hand.

It all starts with 8-Bit and then works to 16-Bit and further down the line to what was shared. In fact, some game music is so awesome that people rip OST (Original Sound Tracks) files and put them out for others to enjoy.

Random Generation

Thanks to our friend Splash over at Whatever-The-Heck-She's-Calling-It-Now we have come across something that can kill hours and hours of your life away and that is right up Solve Unamusement's ally. Just think, a way to create nonsense without thinking about it.

Dudel coordinates a chest inside a circle. The castle rants in any midnight! The snack deranges a satire beside the rising discharge. Why won't the mayor bean Dudel? Dudel reinstates a basis.

Can a patent revert? Without Dudel declines her twentieth purge. An unconscious rivals a determined scope next to the immense sea. Dudel associates with the blanket before a kindly guitar. When can a confidential monkey lust? The oxygen pales Dudel behind the historian.

What that even means is beyond this writer but really, blame Splash

Creative Tools

Supposed to help with writers block and the like- come to think on it, let us just copy-paste from their site.
These tools will generate random words, sentences, or paragraphs. You may want to use the generators to help you in your own approach to brainstorming. You can also use the sentence and paragraph generators if your tastes in comedy lean toward the absurd.1

Anyway, have fun and kill a few hours. Maybe make a story and share it with us at Solve Unamusement

Novella Chapter One

Let us give that which has almost been completed a bit of time on the blog. Hell, what is the point of having a blog if you can't shamelessly plug things every-so-often, right? Would make a second blog all about stories and art and blah blah blah, but that is what dA is for and why internet artist people have them.

Example: DudelRok @ deviantArt

So shameless plug of general dA account out of the way let us post the story chapter one and let it be done. However it should be noted that while this is the first chapter there is more to it both before and after. Soon to be finished as well.


Chapter One: Meet Mr. Nothing
Excerpt: (The) Novella

"What a beautiful day," I wake up to start my day as I have always started it, with a lie. Saying the words that don't come out the way intended, this day is not beautiful. It's the middle of winter, my heater is broken and the rain is heavy. Today is not a beautiful day in the slightest. "Come on Whiskers," I call for my cat who I don't even remember bringing home, as I shift from my matted sheets. Sheets on a bed that are sitting on top of rotten wood, the floor could give away at any minute but, "It's such a beautiful day." I only remember seeing the cat once but that could have been a dream, I don't really remember. Whiskers doesn't come to me but he never does, or was Whiskers a girl cat? It doesn't really matter.

Blog Rolling

A quick post, though not exactly a quickie, to follow through with some old amusements that unlike wishes have actually new content to keep people going back for more. That and something new, always something new because otherwise we are defeating the purpose of things.

  • Asja Boros: Some may or may not be aware, unless reading the blog that was on blogger, Asja has moved her blog to the main site and has even opened up an online store. At the very least this means the ability to view older artwork of hers.

Those three should kill a little bit of your time but if they don't here is a song with implied sex and innuendo minus the implication and innuendos.

Follow Up

Because some people don't know how to follow the links given to them, here are the links to youtube from yesterday except now they are embedded! Well, except one which didn't allow to be embedded and as there wasn't a need for that didn't matter but here we go anyway.

Unamusement Wishes


Everyone has wishes and dreams and other such things, that goes for blogs (or blog writers looking to ring out a label a bit more) so here are a few of Solve Unamusement's wishes for amusements to be good either again, or to continue.

This list of wishes goes as follows and is numbered for your convenience.

Rules to Z Sci-Fi

Alright folks, here it is that time again to know your rules and how to survive when shit hits the fan and there are very specific set of places. For here, we talk the very generalized group one might know as "Grade Z Science Fiction" which is mostly made-for-tv type of movies on the new SyFy channel or those shows that are only called "Movie" on the TV Guide.

So let us begin then, shall we?

Freaky Fred Remix

While originally looking for a YouTube clip of "Freaky Fred" from Courage the Cowardly Dog, many of the hosted episodes were broken or edited for one reason or another so it took some time to find the cartoon in a pure form without going to a different hosting site. However in all of the mess, something special and magic was found.

Freaky Fred Bátor, a gyáva kutya by Breakers was utter brilliance! How the thing doesn't have more hits is beyond me but with the right education to those around us, we shall fix this in a quickly fashion like manner.

Lets get.... Naaaaaaaughty and listen to something unique and interesting!

Scary Fred

If yesterday's Freaky Fred made you quiver in fear or even shudder with a bit of uncertainty than Scary Fred will send you right over the edge. Granted this has been done with quite a few movies, cartoons and the like but this has something extra if you know the original cartoon.

Scary Fred

However one does miss the fact that Fred was so very.... naaaaaaaaaughty, and it does kill the original joke slightly if you allow the fan edit to do so. Tomorrow, however, will be something extra special and still very Fred related.

With Love, Fred

Courage the Cowardly Dog was a cartoon show which aired on Cartoon Network for a good chunk of time back during my high school days.

Wiki Says:

Courage the Cowardly Dog revolves around Courage, a small pink dog, who is ironically given his name when he is afraid of the most mundane things. His fears are justified as Eustace, Muriel, and Courage constantly run into monsters, aliens, demons, curses, experiments, natural disasters, and other perils that Courage must face and overcome to save his owners and himself.

Let us talk about a real Naaaaaaaaughty episode and personal favorite from Season One, Freaky Fred.

What Distracts Me

As time pushes forward and things become distracting in one fashion or another, some things get left under the pile. This is not where Solve Unamusement is going, more like to the side but certainly never over.

As of now, Solve Unamusement takes a side seat to feeling rather "Fk the world" and right next to that does a few friendships and other such nonsense of that nature so we'll get to getting as soon as this mood killer goes away and things start feeling good again.

In the mean time, listen/watch this and shut up.

Random Shi- Stuff

One of the best and worst things about the internet is that there is so much stuff out there. At times it is a pile of random bullcrap no one wants to even look at and at other times you find yourself wondering from subject to subject.

Today is a talk about such an event, which started with the random thought spawned by the last clip in the video from this post here. That thought was "Well those are 10 jumps, can I find record breaking dives?"

The answer was "Yes" but something else was cooler.

Apple Love

Whoa! Sorry for that delay folks, sometimes so many things becoming amusing that I just forget to tell anyone about them. Maybe an update about what your writer is doing in another day or so but right now, enjoy some Apple Love-ish.

Apple Store Love Song

A Bear Film

A bear film... that is all.

A Bear Film

Weekly Dose of WTF

All two of you regular readers will be fully aware of some other WTF that has graced Solve Unamusement, with Cycles and Pixels (maybe broken vids to lazy to fix) being placed front and center at one point in time.

Well today we're going to toss some more WTF. Yes, that is correct drear reader one out of two, you are about to piss away three to five minus on something you knew ahead of time was just a mindless waste of said time. What else is Solve Unamusement for anyway, unbiased and realistic journalism? I think not!

Tiny Money

And now we shall share some Tiny Toons and some of their music. Note that this was actually done and animated in and for the original show. In fact I remember clearly seeing it on the show at one time. This is not a fan edit!

Tiny Toons - Money

"That's what I want."


Some time ago Fiddler on the Roof was playing on the TV and with the show being somehow always a sit-down-and-watch, it ate a good chunk of my day. Odd how a story that doesn't relate to my personal self in any context what-so-ever is so amusing on each and every sit-down. Anyway, here is some TRADITION for those of you unaware of the oddly awesomeness of this film.

Fiddler on the Roof - Tradition

Three Day Quckie

For the next few days, three or four or five, there shall be some quick no-nothing posts with a bit of music or something similar in order to clear out some of my link backlog once again. Expect things from old Solve Unamusement and new stuff as well.

We shall start things off with a little MC Chris and Hoodie Ninja.

MC Chris Hoodie Ninja

Learny Tunes

Anyone catch the pun in that title? Today we shall talk and share cartoons that teach you something. However, these wont be of the Loony Tune variety and fit more along the lines of Rocko's Modern Life.

The most obvious of choices is Histeria! and we'll start there before slowly working our way to Pinky and the Brain and some Animaniacs.


This has been sitting in my bookmark for almost a year now. Just sitting there collecting internet dust and going nowhere. So here it is for no reason other than it was starting to irritate me in not being posted.

Metronomy - On The Motorway by JUL & MAT

Flash Game Roundup

Just a quick flash game round up of the random flash games I've been collecting over the last few months. Sadly only a few make the list.

Red Remover - It's cute and it's fun. Yeah, cute get over it! A technically simple puzzle game.

Splitter 2 - Eh, I do not remember. That's right, I don't remember at all what this game is about. It was bookmarked for blog posting so can't be horrible.

The Great House Escape - A point and click adventure game that links several other "The Great ____ Escape" games. Each game has a walkthrough in case you can't/won't figure things out by yourself.

Brain Safari - Keep your mind active. It is a fun, and another cute, game. You count animals and blah blah blah, it was amusing so shut up and go play it already.

Ghosts Revenge - A find the difference game. Yes, that's all it is BUT the story is freaking great! I loved the story so much that I actually played this stupid find it game twice. The music is crazy good for a flash game too. Perfectly morbid but not morbidly irritating.

Doodle God - This game is so hard! That's right, difficult, well at least to me. Maybe it will come easier to others but most will need to find and/or use a walkthrough.

A Fractured Leghorn

Just a quick continuation from the other day to include the best Foghorn Leghorn cartoon of all time.

A Fractured Leghorn

Foghorn, I say, Foghorn Leghorn

Alright boy, now listen up when I'm talkin' to ya. Foghorn, I say, Foghorn Leghorn is one of the funniest of all the Loony Tunes and one can not deny that the best parts of his cartoons are, indeed, his rants. So much so that -look at me when I'm talkin' to ya boy- so much so that a youtube user has actually mix-mashed a bunch of said rants together into one giant video.

Unfortunately for us all, the rants aren't funny without the context surrounding them and things get stale fast. However what we can enjoy is one of my first introductions into everything that was Foghorn. Shown one Saturday morning long, long ago when I was but a pj-wearing elementary school kid.


The above letters might seem like just a jumble of words to most, as was the case with myself when presented with it, but what lies underneath is a plethora of Interactive Fiction. Beforehand there was one post (linked just a moment ago) about Interactive Fiction and that was it. This is all because Interactive Fiction, personally, tends to be hit-and-miss.

This is all fixed for anyone who really wants to get into IF by being a whole DM/GM ran games. Each IF is ran by individual people meaning that your options are not pre-programed and/or limiting. This makes for a real experience to be had.

Note: Not a member of tgchan.

Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever

10 Jumps with Lots of Awesome

The last and final one made this writer drop a jaw. Joseph Kittinger is what this video is really about, with a dash of some cool X-Games stuff in the mix.

Magic in Morowind

So lets get this out of the way, right now. Yes, Solve Unamusement (more specifically it's writer) has a total nerd crush on the game Morrowind and the world it presents. Why? Because of the bang for your buck and the pure involvement of the world. An older game with hundreds and hundreds of replay value for only $20 that plays on most systems (even older ones).

Now for the bad part. Don't try magic. The game doesn't like magic in the default form so much so that some people have gone as far as modding the game to make magic users more friendly. In the current state of things, Morowind just doesn't really offer enough magic without changing your gameplay style.

However changing your gameplay style might be totally worth it if you are an experienced player. Create a custom class and try to wing it or try a slightly horrible build I did myself. That's what this post is about, for you Morrowind and RPG players. Check out my character builds!

On Live

Talk about On Live for a quick post.

Personally, I'm debating the total value of the service. Granted you don't need a high powered PC to play the "newest releases" but you do need a bit more cash than they imply. A monthly service AND the price for paying for the individual games. A good start, On Live, but unless we're talking in the $10 mark for new titles with a monthly payment of $5, I'll stick to waiting six years and buying old games.

If the thing is cheaper than it seems to be than maybe it is worth a look. Solve Unamusement is all about cheap and/or free amusements but, right now, On Live is a difficult horse to sallow. Beta testing for those involved (not this writer) so anyone with thoughts are free to add them regardless.

5 Days a Stranger

Adventure games are fun and easy ways (provided you've a walk through) to pad a Backloggery score. Or they are interesting story telling events with minimal player involvment beyond using your brain and wasting time. Two Solve Unamusement favorites!

From the dude who brought you Zero Punctuation (Another Solve Unamusement favorite for the gamer who's bored of playing games but still wants to waste time) here comes Five Days a Stranger. A great, but short, story about a muder mystery and occult followings.

Other work from, Fully Ramblomatic if you are interested and a walk through of 5 Days a Stranger if you are like me and suck at point and click adventure games.

There you have it. Now have fun and go away while I, personally, go watch a bunch of Zero Puncuation and avoid my PS2.

Grow Flash Games

A series of flash games with one very simple mechanic involved, to grow as high as possible. Some range from the irritatingly difficult to the just plain fun. Here are a fun if you wish to try. Lets thank joo, a resident reader for these suggestions.

Grow Tower
Grow (Remake)

There are a few on-site, check them out for some really interesting combinations and fun. A great way to kill several hours of your life, if that is your thing.

Diseasy Does It

Kenny and Chimp in Diseasy Does It

Starship Troopers Tributes

Starship Troopers + Good Music

Games for $8

Not long ago there was a suggestion to people to go out and grab themselves a PS2. In case you weren't aware of this suggestion, here you go. How to fully justify getting a $50 system is easily done simply by saying "Three games for $8". Let us do a quick over view of what I spent less than ten dollars on.

Of course to be this cheap the games have to be "low quality" or have to have been something released early within the systems life cycle. This means PSX looking graphics, beast load times and dated sound. For games not costing more than four bucks you could deal. (Personal note: They did not come with a box, which decreased their price by about twenty-five or fifty cents a piece.)

The games are Siren, Oni and Orphen: Scion of Sorcery.

First Impressions: Siren is weird, Oni is Bungi's take on Ghost in the Shell and Orphen: Scion of Sorcery is.... impossible to describe.

Oompa 1 or Oompa 2

Solve Unamusement quickie, of sorts, where you readers tell which Oompa song wins in terms of epic. This post is not about which one is "better" as both are equally awesome in terms of what Wonka is. The original with Gene Wilder is something everyone grew up with while, of course the new one is somehow a re-hash (yet being more adapted to the source material). Egg, nut, whatever this is about the music.

The Rules to Zombie/Survival Horror

Welcome to another random segment for Solve Unamusemtn simply tagged as "Rules". From no on when the above banner is seen, you'll know exactly what to be expecting. These will not be similar to the Zombieland rules in that they don't apply to only zombies but to survival horror in general. Please note that these are not in any specific order. Now, let us begin.

Rule One: Pay Attention

Seems simple enough you would think, right? WRONG! How many movies have you seen when a man or woman has a moment where they "just weren't looking" when shit hits the fan? Pay attention to your surroundings, your teammates (if you have any) and your enemy. If video games have thought us anything it is to watch the life bar even in times of complete calm.

Rule Two: Don't Investigate

When your life is on the line, don't get curious about the sound you just heard or that funny man across the street. Just go the other way and smile about how smart you are. Really, who walks to the sounds of people butchering cats? Apparently people who want to die do that. Unless you are a cop or someone in the human medical field, stay away cause you wont be able to help and if you're lucky will only lose an arm.

Rule Three: Keep It in Your Pants

Sex means death and virgins are always saved for last. Plain and simple, don't have sex and your rate of survival skyrockets. If you dress like a nun but aren't actually a nun this helps as well. Just looking like you want it, have had it or think about it makes you an easy target. Dress proper and keep your privets private on all counts. Once things are over, have at it. Repopulate the earth! But, really, wait until things are actually over.

Rule Four: If Religious, Keep it to Yourself

The second or third last to die in every film is the guy or girl quoting revelations. Pray all you want, you deserve to pray in a situation like this, but of all the times right now isn't the best to be trying to recruit people to your faith. The people who survive will want to be saved TRUST ME. There really isn't a need to push the issue right now.

Rule Five: Groups of 4, no More.

The bigger your group the more of a target you are. Remember how lions hunt, they like to section off the weakest one and pick if off. Having more than one "weak one" within the pride is going to lower everyone's chances of survival so best to keep the total number down. It is also easier to manage only a few people.

Also note in groups the minority aspect. If you are the only person in your group with one type of look, you're doomed. Think of it like a neon flashing light that says "Me first".

Rule Six: Avoid the Stupid... Unless They Have Big Guns

The first person to say something stupid is the first person to do something stupid. Avoid him/her because they will do that stupid thing eventually resulting in them and anyone nearby being dead.

However there is a clause to this rule in that if the stupid have big/powerful guns, you should be their best friend. Remember they will do something stupid and if you are their friend, you'll be given their weapon. Just remember to keep your distance when they start shooting and you'll be golden.

Rule Seven: Hygiene Is For The Dead

Don't worry about how you smell or if your hair looks nice cause the person/monster/whatever trying to kill you will eat you insides no matter what the outsides look like. Wipe your butt later, or on the go... no need to be tidy either just toss it in the grass as you run. Lucky you even had the chance to take that dump. Now hurry up and don't get greedy!

There is a clause to this rule as well. Any wounds need to be cleaned ASAP. Nothing worse than gangrene offing you when the killer/monster/zombie just missed.

Rule Eight: Your Collage Degree Means Very Little

The "smart guy" only comes in handy when the generator breaks down or when he was the cause of ground Zero. Otherwise you listen to the marine, the hunter or the commie hunting bigot. You might hate yourself for it now but you'll be alive later. Don't discredit the smart guy, just ignore his bitching until he has something to actually contribute.

Rule Nine: Survival of the Fittest

DO NOT... EVER... EVER GO BACK! If you got away and your girlfriend didn't, screw her and move on. You'll find someone else once things die- er... settle down. Saving her only adds more weight on you and slows the entire group. Leave her for dead you sentimental idiot!


Rule Ten: Hide or Hunt

You have two strategic options when it comes to survival horror and that is you hide until it is over (these people show up at the end of the film standing on a roof waving down helicopters the hero party just called) or hunt. Hunt the enemy, hunt for an exit, hunt for food... whatever. You becoming a moving party of nomads. Those are your two and only options. Anyone that thinks otherwise is also very dead.

Clause: Hiders need to find REALLY GOOD hiding spots, otherwise they become a dead hider. Hunters need to be well organized otherwise they... well you get the point.

Second Thursday Line Up

Some time ago there came a Thursday line up made special for the readers of Solve Unamusement. Now, this very Thursday the post is being hosted on, it returns with a fury.

Out of the two, Burn Notice stayed on this watchers radar but Royal Pains slowly slipped itself into an issue or two. The main problem, here, was that the concept of having a doctor in an area running interesting plot lines was cool (or whatever) the fact that "people broke around the guy" just didn't fit. Imagine a show about a firefighter who doesn't work at a fire station, happening across things that happening to be caught on fire and this happening every week or two. That just doesn't make a lot of sense, nor does people randomly getting sick in a public restaurant just because someone in the place has a medical license.

Ignoring that very abrupt and painful plot hole and you've got yourself an interesting show, to say the least. However what grabbed this watchers attention was one promo and a marathon last Sunday of season one.

BlogNews & Life is Good

Greetings and salutations blog readers! Today is the day that has been over due. A day of updates that are Solve Unamusement and not just one of the many listed amusements.


  • Frequency: First thing that is notable is the number of amusements per week that are scheduled. Daily for almost a year was a bit of a strain over the last month and I've literally got nothing but time. However as it is now, several posts can be written for the coarse of a month when the privy to blog takes me and no one is the wiser. The irrelevant pic still gets randomly changed whenever the mood suits me.
  • Episodic Content: Main "Keyword-Tags" which offer a sub amusement and extra bit of fun for at least the blog writer.
    • Childhood Memories: A very new (as in it was created and tossed at already marked posts) bit of Solve Unamusement from the childhood of you writer. These are things that held a gleam during the Elementary years of school or are things heavily involved in what made me who is me.
    • Loony Tunes: Self explanatory but this is every Loony Tune cartoon that has been listed on Solve Unamusement
    • Quickie: Short posts that provide something quick. Usually a video and less than a paragraph of text. There is no- "Would You Like to Know More?"
    • aniBOOM: Similar in context to Loony Tunes. This (and Loony Tunes) is not a a new label.
    • Science Fiction: A little something special as it is an uncommon (yet powerful) topic for Solve Unamusement. However this could end up being only vague or even eventually removed depending on how well I enjoy it.
    • Zombie: A very fun segment! Zombies! Expect another Zombie post (Dudel's Guide to Zombie/Survival Horror) in a few days.
    • Rampage: Another personal favorite! Songs that one might not always think annoying but are. Songs that get stuck in your head and torment you for days on end. Don't be a coward, check to see which ones they are.
    • Willy Wonka: A special place here on Solve Unamusement for Wonka and his antics. Expect another post about Oompa 1 vs Oompa 2 in the coming days/weeks
  • Quality: Due to posting being less frequent and more blogging only happening when 100% "in the mood" this raises the general quality and fullness of posts. However Quickies are intended to simply be something quick and painless on all parties parts so nothing extra will be involved there.
  • Backloggery: Not directly related to Solve Unamusement however games being played will eventually listed provided they "struck that cored" and are worth being mentioned to others. Any Solve Unamusement readers with a Backloggery already should send me a "Hello" as well. A game list is at the very bottom of the page and is updated through Backloggery.
  • Title Formatting: Thanks to the integration of blog feed with twitter, it allows for interesting results. However #hashtags are created very specifically so it takes working in order to not clutter the 140 characters. Meaning Titles get odd groupings like (BlockNews) so that with the keyword-tag being made a hashtag it happens correctly via twitter.

With that we have all the "needs" of this Blog update out of the way and now there shall be something extra fun to see in the coming of days. "The coming of days"? It'll be biblical I tells ya!

Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad!

~Timmy is just an average kid, that no one understands. Mom & Dad & Vicky always giving him commands.~

The start of the Nickelodeon television show Fairly Oddparents that a good many of you better know. Why better you know? Well because if you're a regular reader and recognized shows like The Loony Tunes, Rocko's Modern Life and more recently Evil Con Carne then The Fairly Oddparents is on your list of cartoons you like to watch even "at your age".

Let us follow that up with first a quick intro to the show and then one of the cartoons.

Gummy Bear Rampage

Gummy Bears! Who doesn't just love those tasty little gummy tasty, things? Gummy bears are so awesome that they come in diabetic versions cause not even the people who could die from gummy bears could ever REALLY stay way from those fun little creatures.

What other candy can you play with like you're five and people go "Oh, he's just eating Gummy Bears"? I think very few. Could you stack Buegles at work and not get "the look"? I think not! But you could play gummy bear science experiment and end up having people join you at your table, provided you shared raw specimens and not the ones you fused together.

Upon a quick Google search for gummy bear images there has been a shocking discovery. Gummy bears are "legally forbidden by Islamic law." Why? Because they are made with pork fat/gelatin. However I am sure one could find gummy bears that didn't have pork fat/gelatin. They'd be very expensive, though.

Curtosy of S. Weasel
"Gummy bears are a pork product! Yes, it’s true! The Germanians render pigs into sweeties! That’s where the distinctive gumminess comes from. I hate the damn things, myself, but now that I know the act of eating them is haram…"
Haram @ Wikipedia

That's an interesting side-note, don't you think? But back to the topic at hand, the gummy bear and what it means to Solve Unamusement.

Bogeyman Continued

The post from yesterday, yesterday for you but only a couple of moments for me, about the magic that is "The Bogeyman" was brought on by a movie with an aptly named title. Think really horribly-awesome grade-z film with a dash of really bad CG at the very end of it.

Bogeyman and Bogeyman Two are, to say the least, comical if not by accident. Then again, most horror films are somehow accidentally comical in one manner or another. Out of the two, the second is most fun but only because it is ground more on reality than some Scottish Fairy turned Swartzenager.

For both films movie trailers, see below.

They're Gonna Make It!


Why Ugly Overload, of course.

See here that the admin of Ugly Overload has decided to take on more writers and continue his blog with help so that a great internet landmark doesn't die due to disrepair.

Boogie Man Gets a Bad Rap

We have all heard of him and we have all seen him in some form or another. There is the typical but not unsatisfying Monster in the closet with his flesh eating behaviors and general bad mood. There is the "normal" Boogie Man and after those is the more common random-dude-breaking-into-your-house.

Wikipedia Says:
The bogeyman (also spelled boogyman, bogyman, boogieman, boogey monster) is a legendary ghost-like monster. The bogeyman has no specific appearance and conceptions of the monster can vary drastically even from household to household within the same community; in many cases, he simply has no set appearance in the mind of a child, but is just an amorphous embodiment of terror.

But lets see what Solve Unamusement says.

Ugly Overload Needs Your Help

Fellow bloggers and blog readers, I bit you a quick look at Ugly Overload (once again) before it forever perishes under the weight of its own awesome.

Okay, that was a bit much but in all honesty it is time that people take up the reins and make sure this blog of Ugly MONSTERS doesn't die a a drastic death. The blogs creator has decided to focus on his writing and novel and, as such, some things take a side seat. However there is hope! Anyone with lots of Ugly creature photos (especially nature photographers) and an understanding of Wikipedia should see if they might be able to help things out.

Ugly Overload Needs You!

Yellow Submarine

The talks of yellow snow and Frank Zappa had another random thought toss itself into this brain of mine. What about The Beatles? What about them? Well they liked the yellow, too! Yellow Submarine, that is. Oh yes, clever transition for us all. What we'll do, though, is hit two birds with one Beatles stone. A stone that is both movie and music in a quick toss around.

Like anyone in my age group, something from the 60s didn't happen across my board by anyone other than my Mother. The second or third CD I ever was to own was the soundtrack to a movie I had never seen. Not even knowing it was a soundtrack! In fact it was YEARS before the movie Yellow Submarine came across my television thanks to the magic of DVD.

Zappa for Eleven

Eleven minutes of Frank Zappa telling an extended story about an ingesting Eskimo and a bunch of very random things. Think Weird Al minus the pop-culture references and with more SOUL, if you would. This is actually several different songs from the album of Apostrophe (').

Frank Zappa

Redirection of The Philharmonic

Redirecting from an old post to inform anyone who cares that the Lou Diamond Philharmonic has apparently changed locations.

Now Bran, who creates the music under his fake label of Lou Diamond Philharmonic, has merged his odd images and his music into one uber site. Sadly the site is a bit flash driven so if you've a crappy PC or low bandwidth you should probably avoid it.

The positives is that he has all his songs playable on-site. They are in a specific order, equal the order they appear in his four "Demo-albums" which are available for download. His only video for Black Albino is also on-site but as I am redirecting, that will be provided here.

More Morrowind Music

Remember yesterday's post? You don't? Well then you are SOL and I can't help you. Anyway, for today we look at an 8-Bit remake of yesterday's Morrowind theme song, quick like.

8-Bit Morrowind Theme

You WISH your NES was that sexy!

Morrowind Music

The Elder Scrolls games (Images in link may be broken.) are a popular among western RPG enthusiasts but what catches me within most games and settings is the visual appeal and music.

Now older games get passes for their visual or music quality but a lot of 8 and 16-bit games are actually rather beautiful. Anyone who has played Chrono Trigger or seen the ending to Links Awakening DX could tell you that graphic quality isn't dependent on hardware capabilities. Heck, even now the Elder Scrolls III: Morriwnd graphics are looked at as bad. In fact they were bad, with horrible wall glitches and even details of the player character that didn't fit (like Argonian tails magically splitting through pants, etc). But let us look at something that hasn't dated, in the slightest, Morrowind's music.

The Novella

While it has been a few dance since the last blog post, that is not due to Blogger forgetfulness. Laziness, maybe, but not forgetfulness. There is also that the last blog post Oil Spill Charity deserved a bit more time on the "front page". This post is simply to tell my twenty something in total readers, that I am pretending to write a book.

Now I say "pretending" simply because others write with the intention to publish or accomplish something beyond the scope of the book itself. However such is not the case here. The book is being written just to say, "It has been written."

As of writing this post Novella, the name for this book which literally means "short novel", has seven of its fifteen to twenty chapters. It is a small book, no more than twenty chapters is in the idea but will probably stop more along the lines of fourteen or fifteen. If you are curious a link has been provided, however if you are not a member of deviantART you may not be able to few most of the chapters due to "content warnings".

The Novella or Novella

Clearly it is still a "working title". We shall see if the thing even prograsses in any amount of time. With projects, and me, sometimes things simply get put aside for more fun and amusing... amusements like Persona 3 or the more recent Dragon Quest VIII. My PS2 is magic!
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