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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Cycles & Pixels

These next to videos are why Solve Unamusement looks for amusements via twitter. There is no other way, other than random chance, that these two things would have came to light.

So we take the following...

  • Two Cities
  • Teddy Bears
  • 8-Bits
  • Cars
  • Custom Music
  • Oddness
  • Fun

...and put them into two different YouTube small film, things. Which goes where? That is a good question, my friend.

Epic April (Television)

On Monday, April 5th 2010, there was the beginnings of an epic of all epic months. Thanks to Attack Of The Show's EPIC APRIL and a not so friendly thought on the new iPad we are given a great bounty of music awesomeness. There was so much more within that week and even more to com on this Epic of Aprils.

Some might know Distended Warranty from a previous post with AOTS co-host Kevin Piera and under all the fake hair I can't make out who the second guy of the group is. Oh well, not relevant to be all of honest.

Back to the topic at hand, lets see what Distended Warranty has to offer, today.

Laughing Poppins (Movies)

Aren't silly post names, fun? The post title clearly tells you what is going to be spoken about within this post, however not always in context. Sometimes a little bit of help is given, like the word "Movies" in parentheses. This post is about a movie, or at least a small part of a movie.

What movie and what part? Come now, reader. Do you expect me to explain every small detail for you? Perhaps the tape measure needs be pulled out to see how you measure up? Then again, you could always look at that image to the right and simply know what is going on.

Mary Poppins! That's right, the one and only "Marry-freaking-Poppins" is here and going to tell you all about how to behave. Sing, dance, learn a little thing here and there but remember not to enjoy your time to much. You don't want to be lauging hard and end up on the ceiling.

What Is "Internet Art"?

The internet is good for finding random/odd randomness and sometimes it is disguised as artwork. Who labels most of these items "art" is the artist themselves, most is along the lines of "abstract" and "interpretive". What I intend to speak on, right now, is not your typical type of art. Granted, a few of those posts are art only in certain eyes, I am speaking of something extra odd/quirky.

The first and easiest to post in this is the website URL identified with an "art site". Now, what you might or might not think is something along the lines of something and nothing (Solve Unamusement noted something and nothing 08/03/2009). If such is the case than you would be horribly mistaken.

Law Abiding Engineer/Citizen (Movies & Games)

At first, looking at the title makes you go "Huh?". Well seeing @GamersDaily posting the headline, here, without the /Citizen part made me curious so thus to say it'll make others curious as well.

Now, I've not seen the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" but I'd really like to. The trailer, however, is all over the place and has been for some time now. The plot to the film doesn't look all that deep, keyword of "look", but that doesn't mean some fun can't be had.

Broken Fingaz

Solve Unamusement regulars will know that stop-motion is a personal favorite when it comes to animation. Of course a lot, lot of different animation styles and types fall into this category. The easiest, and most common, is with standard house hold items, like post-its. This stop-motion animation was done with graffiti art and two "actors", presumably from the troop "Broken Fingaz", themselves.

Meet Maxwell (Music)

Some of you may know and some of you may not but to those who do know, this will come as little surprise. Maxwell is a child who's a bit disturbed; he's got issues. Violent and otherwise unpleasant for everyone around him, type of issues.

So if I said this was a song by The Beatles which was animated to the literal, half of you know whats up already. Otherwise, here is Maxwell's Silver Hammer by The Beatles. The animation is great and it adds an extra bit of humor to the song, which is already there.

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