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Thursday Line Up (Burn Notice/Royal Pains)

For two hours on Thursday nights there is a block of television that involves two elaborate fish out of water stores. One, Royal Pains, is only on its third episode while the other, Burn Notice, is in its third season; both are going strong. Hank Lawson and Michael Weston have both been tossed into a, generally, unforgiving situation.

(Cast of "Royal Pains")

Hank has, through no real fault of his own, causes the death of a "hospital friend" which then gets him fired from his job at the hospital and blacklisted from every hospital, er, and free clinic within the city. Not being used to his situation Hank does what so many of have done, he gives up. Simply rotting in front of his big screen and watching time go by. Soon his fiance has had enough and leaves him for greener pastures. This puts Hank further into his "slump", not to mention his stacking bills. It is not long before all of his possessions are repossessed and he is left with only his television and a crappy broken chair. But things look up as Hanks brother Even shows up with a solution to his problem, "Visiting the Hampton s for the weekend." Hank's not amused with the idea but is out of beer and his Netflix account has been suspended so he humors his sibling and tags along. From there, Hank finds himself a new business opportunity. An opportunity his brother Even keeps trying to profit from.

(Cast of "Burn Notice")

Michael Weston has also lost his job and is left with nothing but his situation is a little different. Michael was an international spy who has been burned by an agency with the hopes of using his talents to their advantages. When a spy is burned they are left with nothing so using this against Michael with the hopes that he may eventually get his job make make him, so they think, easy to control. He does their errands while also helping those around himself with problems most wouldn't even know how to look at, let alone solve. Michael, like Hank, has his friends and family to help him out but the stand out is his one-again-off-again girlfriend, Fiona the explosives expter. (She has an extra place in her heart for C4 explosives).

Both shows have a core story as well as epesodic problems and solutions. Royal Pains is a nice compliment show to the other wise Thursday dominating line up and both are up to repeat viewings. Drama, comedy, action and a little PG-13 sexual content make Burn Notice at 9:00 PM (EST) and Roiyal Pains at 10:00 PM make a nice two hour excusion that will make you wanting more.

There is no fluff in this Thursday line up!


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