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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal


That's right, Zombies! Solve Unamusement readers, it is with pleasure that this writer gives you the only sub-genre of horror, next to the "monster movie" which zombie movies fit into, that is enjoyed.

Zombies are the awesome little buggers that eat brains and are the walking dead. You've seen them, don't lie.

Notes should be made that while "zombies" and "the infected" are technically the same thing, and are generally lumpped together via Solve Unamusement, these are two different breeds.

Simply put:

BTN: Zombies, Fast or Slow

Or to put it simply, even further:

  • Fast Zombies = Quick scare but no real tension but still totally awesome.
  • Slow Zombies = Suspense rather than a scare but still totally awesome.

Expect more zombies in the future, as they are a Solve Unamusement favorite of the horror genere. They are mostly the only horror favorite minus the odd overly done graphic fests of "cool CG bro".

Phantasy Star Online (PSO)

Sorta kinda an MMO but not really, Phantasy Star Online (PSO from here on out) is technically only "multilayer". There is a lobby section where characters/players may interact but the game itself is only 1-4 players.

Solve Unamusement finds this game a bit difficult to classify, though it is mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy mixed. Dragons, wizards, giant mole... things but there are lasers, "credits/messta" and space ships! The game is a spin off, one would suppose, of the original Phantasy Star for the original Sega Systems. Mostly for the Genesis, however (Where Phantasy Star mostly got its popularity). Seems they were redone for the GBA, as well, if one wishes to check those out.

But back to the game at hand. Released on multiple consoles, the Sega Saturn at first as two different games (A version 1 and a version 2), and later on the Gamecube and Xbox.

Personally, this blogger/gamer started with the Xbox version and until recently didn't even know there was a PC version of the game.

PSO: Blue Burst (PSO:BB from here on) is a direct Xbox port with the addition of an adidtional episode and can be obtained for free with acess to a free, and very dedicated, server. That server and download will be provided a little further down the list. However before that is listed a few things must be let known. The game's install is slightly faulty and requires anyone who can't "fix their own problems" either have a guiding hand (Sorry, no help from Solve Unamusement) learn by trial and error or not play.

The main problem for a majority of installs is that the icon which is created both on the desktop as well in the startmenu does not have the correct target rout. This can be fixed by selecting the icon, right clicking then going to properties. There the "target box" can be found and if install was done with all default settings...

"C:\Program Files\Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst\online.exe"

That may be pasted in the box and everything should work.

That being that, the game is brilliantly fun (if not having a bit of a learning curve). Unlike other online games, PSO doesn't require a heavy commitment either. Simply need to play the game once every 90 days to keep your characters active on the server.

The Lou Diamond Philharmonic

This guy's music is weird and crazy. Some of you who perhaps watch "Blogs of Note" may have seen his other blog but the one where he shares music of his own odd creation is what was found really amusing. The image blog is just not "gotten". Modern art is beyond me, personally.

Without adude or with adue if you wish, here is a music video, again of his own creation, which is based around his "Number one single" Black Albino.

The Lou Diamond Philharmonic - Black Albino

The Lou Diamond Philharmonic on Blogspot

Dad 'n Me (Flash Game)

Dad 'n Me is a beat'em-up by the same people who brought you Alien Homonid. The game centers around one of the creator's main character's son (mouth full?) who's job is to be a bully.

The game is far from difficult and I personally found little challenge for the most part. "Boss fights" were the only thing which posed any real difficulty, unless projectiles from other areas were kept. Should note that the basketball is worth keeping as long as possible.

  • Jab - A key
  • Strong - S key
  • Move - Arrow keys

Combo a smash attack with both A and S. Doing this is a great way to knock down multiple enemies as well as smack bosses down when no projectiles are about.

Dad 'n Me @

Bit more Nerdcore

MC Christ was lightly highlighted some time ago but there is so much by him that's just awesome one could do a blog only about said music, and there isn't any doubt that someone does.

So two for the price of one, as with before. This time, however, it is MC Chris and only MC Chris.

Mc Chris - Fett's Vette

MC Chris - Geek

White and Nerdy

A song that couldn't justify Solve Unamusement, or perhaps even its author, more is "white and Nerdy" by Weird Al. Though an obvious stereotype the song, and Weird A, is just bloody brilliant.

White and Nerdy - Weird Al

Expect more Weird Al in the future, and even ones that are not as popular as the one above that was posted. Please do not mind the introduction to the video. This is a way for the youtuber to avoid having the vid removed and to allow bloogers, like myself, the ability to embedd the video.

On another note: why is evil cool (all lowercase) has listed an amusement that was going to, eventually, be posted here. Ghost Whisperer. How Dudel was privy to this blog escapes him. Could have been a blogger "Blogs of Note", could have been random blog surfing. Will warn that the color choice for the blog is a bit "ew".

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