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The Pie Who Loved Me

With Billy and Mandy comes Evil Con Carne. Originally the two cartoons shared a thirty minute blocked called "Grim and Evil". The two cartoons would take turns within this block, ranging from short little one minute and thirty second cartoons to each getting an even 12/12 minute split (As a thirty minute cartoon is only 24 minutes long due to commercials.) Eventually each cartoon got its own spot, Billy and Mandy lasting the longest as separate entities of one another.

Basic run down of Evil Con Carne is this: Evil "wants to control the world" mastermind gets exploded. His brain and stomach are saved by his creepy love struck lab assistant who puts said brain and stomach onto a bear for a host. Skar is a military general who wants to control the world but is generally to much of a fail to do much about it. These three (the bear, the love struck lab chick and Skar the military general of epic failure) all work together in attempts to take over the world. So it is Pinky and The Brain minus mice add odd group of bad relationship puns.

Anyway, here is a funny song via Evil Con Carne.

Evil Con Carne "The Pie Who Loved Me"

The fish is Evil's main enemy and otherwise antagonist. The fish's name always escapes me as his presence is only about when/if Evil ever "gets close" to succeeding at his attempts to conquer the world. And yes, the fish only says one word... which is "Blah".


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