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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Look At It! (Ugly Overload)

Blogs of note has handed something interesting and because of such, it was dug and skimmed through. Ugly Overload is an interesting blog with a very simple premise. Find the ugly, gross and flat out weird that mother has to offer.

Of course this was one big eyebrow raised and a full years worth of blog posts were searched through, and blog subscribed to. While doing this, however, I noted some old posts I just made an extra note worth giving. However, after looking through so many I have missed what posts went to which videos and decided to simply give a general credit to where/how the videos where found.

Unless you feel like digging yourself, I'm going to post some of the vids, here, over the next couple of days.

Zombie Cockroach

One of the first posts to 100% catch my eye and almost require that I re-post and redirect. The whole thought just made me stop and think a moment or two. It is a rather cool concept, although I am not sure why such a drug would be needed or helpful.

Little Bit of Darwin

Heard that the patten on Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which is more along the line of fact then actual theory, was running out slowly and that a few people were going to go a bit ass-backward and special with it. However, I decided to voice my "qualms" with this behavior by posting a bit MORE Nerdcore. Yes, this is what you would call a "kick".

Listen to some more epic that is MC Frontalot and while you are it, if you possibly agree with what I am implying then why not check out the link provided?

The Don't Diss Darwin Insitute

MC Frontalot - Origin Of Species

Just in case it was missed, this song is done in satire. If you wish, you may view the vid on youtube itself as the poster has provided the lyrics, if you can not see them on the video itself. It's an amusing hands off approach to asking people to leave your stuff alone and not be so aggressive.

Remember Folks: Keep off other people's lawns.

Bizzaro Genius Baby

A little more from MC Frontalot for all of you who are enjoying such things. This has an actual music video, actually it's a cartoon similar to Dexter's lab. It's a funny story with MC Frontalot's tone and movement. Nerdcore is what it is and nothing here to do but enjoy what we got.

I had a dream that I fathered a bizarro genius baby.
She’s out the womb like, “Dood, why’d I get expatriated?”
Debated at one month the finer points of a diaper,
devised a device composed of a hose and a windshield wiper.
Grew riper in intellect as the months passed, wore a dunce cap ironically,
got fussy once and she summoned me not sonically
but through a series of editorials that she authored,
entitled: “Is MC Frontalot One Of The Worst Fathers?”
Oxford, Stanford, Harvard called, she didn’t call them back.
“Tuition & Housing? I’m holding out for a tenure track.”
Distracted by her first birthday party, I hardly noticed
she’d brought peace to the middle east or at least a cease-fire with the POTUS.
And no dust had settled when she’d disproved Fermat
by finding A^3 + B^3 that = C^3 and her sadness
at throwing the field into disarray got assuaged
by a brand new rattle and a mint parfait.

MC Frontalot - Bizarro Genius Baby

MC Frontalot likes Goth Girls (MC Chris likes Candy)

A little more Nerdcore with a lot less profanity. Let's get awkward and creepy with MC Frontalot's "Goth Girls". Also, while we are at it, let us give MC Chris a quick look (MC PeePants to anyone who has seen ATHF and the voice of Brak also, I believe.) and see how he feels about white kids.

MC Frontalot - Goth Girls

MC Christ - White Kids Love Hip-Hop

Super Mario Rap

Firstly, I'm putting a language warning for anyone offended by anything. Secondly I need to point out that Super Mario All Stars was one of the best games on the SNES. Thirdly, there needs to be a note made that this, while being rap, is very amusing.

Super Mario Rap by Benefit is great for all the Nerdcore people out there. It is also great for anyone who are not exactly sure what I'm talking about when I say "Nerdcore" but did play at least one Mario game or at least knew someone who has played it and listened to the complaints.

Super Mario Rap - Benefit

More Tim Minchin

Another one by Tim Minchin but this time it's a bit more assertive and may, perhaps, annoy a few people. I honestly do not think it with bother any who actually read this but there is no telling. Please mind the technically coarse language in this and the next blog post.

Tim Minchin: Storm

I personally enjoy the comment about homeopathic medicine that has been proven to work being only called medicine. Another thing I found funny was the word "faith" being linked together with the word "science" but that's "Storms" words more then anything.

Daft Punk Vs

A couple of very cool remixes that involve some of Daft Punk's popular music. One of those being "Technologic" and the other "Around The World". The latter being more of a bit part, as it should be, and the former being enhanced very well by one of Benny Benassi.

Daft Punk Vs Fatboy Slim

Daft Punk vs Benny Benassi

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