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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

For Lack of a Better Name (Music)

The randomness that is the internet and noting of things that were heard once, maybe twice, some months ago leads to possibly finding new amusements as compared to their original; deadmau5 is one of those such amusements and to be specific, Hi Friend.

There is a list, a literal list, of items in a notepad document for things that are suggested and links lost, forgotten or never found. There is a line on this list that simply says, "For Lack Of A Better Name - Hi Friend." What this means to anyone is Google*, of course. Which, if done via image search, brings up odd images of robot-mice.

Miscellanies Info (Writing)

It is an almanac, an encyclopedia a general well of knowledge. However this encyclopedia of well knowledge is of the most random and worthless information one could ever hope to find.

From dice odds to kings of nations no one has ever heard of. This book is filled with the most nonsensical nonsense that is oddly true one could ever hope to try and find. There are multiple versions, even. From general to food and drink, there is even one on sports trivia.

Can't afford books or simply don't want to sit down and read a bunch of worthless nonsense? Then check out some of their facts of the day or, even better, sign up for their Friday Miscellany email.

Miscellanies Info

Rainbow Sauce (Writing)

Some might remember Splash and/or her blog from one of Solve Unamusement's phoning it in posts. If you do not, then you may check this small excerpt from that post. Hurray for cheep copy-paste work.

  • One Crazy Fool, And Some Other Stuff. - Friend of mine's blog about her life and some other random odd things. Suggest really checking out some of her related links. It is a personal blog but she plugs the most random/odd things.

This post is similar, if not identical to, an earlier post as well except it is addressing different artwork. That post is here and is about a online blog-book. This shall be the second, and probably last, which is posted on Solve Unamusement.

Prepare yourself for Rainbow Sauce.

Movies in 60 Seconds (And PSO)

Not much to say or do on this one. Just a quick and simple post to go with the fact that it is currently twelve noon, as of write up, and that PSO has eaten a full day and a half of this writers attention.

One of the few MMO type of games which has ever done this to the extent that it keeps doing in keeping one up all night. Look into it (though a new installer might be needed which can be obtained via comment on either post and offered due to being free a program) and get back around to maybe playing.

Back to the topic at hand, movies in 60.

Rocko's Modern Life (Cartoons)

Picture Nickelodeon back when cartoons where cartoons and no one was above a bad potty joke. Picture a show in the lieu of Ren and Stimpy in art style (might even be the same animators but that type of research is to far involved for the likes of us).

Rocko's Modern Life is based on a wallaby named Rocko who moves from his home country (Australia) to avoid being mistreated by a bully. Once in America, Rocko meets a strange cast of characters from a hypochondriac turtle (Filbert) to a steer raised by wolves (Heffer).

But lets get to what makes rocko's Modern life awesome and that is the show itself. The intro and a little bit of Filbert for those who have been extra calm in reading, or skipping, what was here.

C O D E O R G A N (Music by Blogging)

Picture if you will a device that plays music based on the code your website or blog has. This is what C O D E O R G A N (Why the spaces is beyond me) does.


A lot of Solve Unamusement's backlog and archived pages just sound absolutely horrible. Not much to say when the text for the blog only "looks right" on one PC that has been seen, so far. So things don't look the prettiest all the time (Especially this blog's random code) but at least it runs

Note: No page break so that C O D E O R G A N plays the main page upon clicking play and not the single post.

Da Vinci's Notebook (Music)

Originally this blog post was going to be entitled "Enormous Penis" but with the way search engines index pages on the internet that was probably a bad idea. While the main song by Da Vinci's Notebook that will be shared is My Enormous Penis that just doesn't rest well for a blog title.

That out of the way, the song My Enormous Penis by a Do-wop, Four Tenors type of band. Its four guys who harmonize to make an interesting tone of sounds and songs. Sometimes known as a "Barbershop Quartet" as well, this group runs more along on the humor of things than anything else.

Today there will be two clips with the same song. One is a live radio broadcast while the other is off the CD and posted with some interesting visuals. Konami creepy plus a Barbershop Quartet singing about an enormous penis is just oddly amusing (Insert gay joke here*).

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