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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Blosics 1 $ 2

Two quick amusements for the price of one. These games are rather simple in their idea but quickly become complicated once the puzzles start getting complicated. Personally, neither game was made it past level six or seven but this is only due to having other things to keep me amused that are easier.

Out of the two games, the second is the best and most well done. The both have similar, if not identical puzzles, but the first feels more like a tech demo than a game. Not to mention that the first game is a lot slower due to mechanical break downs and ball size options.

The hard part in either game, though, is the challenge portion of two. Two has some cool challenge parts to each puzzle. Some are easy, others not so much. Give both games a try and see what happens.

You only need the mouse to play and the game is relatively simple to learn so you guys can figure out the controls yourselves. Then again, each game has a controls option at least on the site it is hosted on.

Perseverance (aniBOOM)

It never hurts to have that drive, that ambition and that go-getter attitude. It is that attitude that will have each and all who apply it be granted with mountains of success and have their wishes come true. Remember, even the simplest of folks have such ambitions as well.

A young boy, probably in Mongolia somewhere, wishes to join the martial artist temple/whatever which atop a very high (if not the highest) mountain. He gets there after much effort and work only to be quickly pointed off in the other direction. For a couple of days he endures this before suddenly reaching a realization about himself and the man who rejects him.

Cubicle Karl (aniBOOM)

Picture, if you will, a lonely man suffering from Urkle Syndrome who spends his time at a tedious work place. He lives within a small box, working for endless hours and achieving nothing more than a headache. That man's name is Karl and Karl has slowly grown tired of the tedium he suffers.

Each day is more of the same, his soul eaten away ever so gently by the monotonous tasks he is given to do. Stacks of paper and hours of data entry only bring one thing to mind. That thing is an agonizing death.

Suddenly, the hum-drum life that Karl knows is changed. Changed by one simple, and sexy, email. Does it end well for Karl? Let us look now and see.

Net Fail (BlogNews)

Due to a massive amount of fail on both my PC and network (mostly network) there will not be a post today as it is lucky at all that this short post was sent at all. If things continue as they have been then up to an entire week of Solve Unamusement will never get posted. So, in light of all this, the second my net fixes for any stretch of time there shall several scheduled posts ready to go with or without my interference.

Why That Amusement (Blog News and More)

It is currently, 5:52 PM as of writing this blog post and suddenly a thought hit my brain which one would think has hit it earlier. Not once has Solve Unamusement stated why it picks certain amusements over others. This could be a key factor in readers, or not, so clearly this must be addressed now.

The only problem with describing why certain amusements make it above/before others (if even posted at all) is that as a human I'm guilty of suffering point of view. Comes down to what is amusing by the blog author, if only slightly, or a shameless friend plug because one can. Ignoring the latter of the two lets do a quick, and I mean quick, break down as to why certain amusements take "authority" over others.

Pirated Games (SpaceNinja88)

From awhile back there was a quick post of something odd/silly which brought forth a quick amusement. That was a song remix of the show Cow & Chicken. That post was simply titled BUT ITS WRONG! and allowed for our first Solve Unamusement spotlight of SpaceNinja88.

Now we look into his real work, if you call what anyone on youtube does as work, which is digging into pirated games. Where he is from, these are not only common they were brought right down to the system and even given their own "Dendy" label. As an American who's never left the states, that all by itself is rather amusing to know.

SpaceNinja88 has a readable blog, as well as his youtube channel but lets look at one of his 10 second reviews and some of his music.

Know The Rules (Zombie)

Anyone who has seen or heard of Zombieland knows there are at least 32 rules to surviving a zombie apocalypses. The difficulty is anyone who is smart, or greedy, doesn't share all that information. Don't need everyone knowing the rules as you do need a patsy or two.

With only a few of those rules shared, let us create some of our own. There are 32 in total so lets see if we can make a good idea of how to survive when the proverbial shit hits the literal fan.

Firstly, the start of the rules as we know them.

  • Rule# 1 Cardio: Run fast and make sure you can keep running. When you can't run those sprinting zombie monsters are gonna get'cha.
  • Rule# 2 Beware of Bathrooms: Zombies somehow know when your pants are down. Best do not let them have that opportunity.
  • Rule# 3 Seatbelts: Safety first! When the world is going to hell and people aren't paying attention, you better buckle up for when someone smashes into your car at 5+0mph.
  • Rule# 4 Double Tap: When unsure, make sure. An extra 15 seconds to smash that zombie on extra time in his face hole will keep you alive for more than the 15 seconds it took to do so.

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