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Living Worlds (Elder Scrolls Series)

The Elder Schools serious started out as a randomly integrated first person RPG that started out as the name implies. Arena was the first of the Elder Scrolls names and thus does not have the "Elder Scrolls" moniker the the others do. While each game is independent of the others while graphics and gameplay improve based on comments from players the best in the series is Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

This was the first one of the four to go fully 3D and start a rang of games after it. While the first two where its building blocks and their stories were great. The main draw to each of these games is the "play as you will" attitude of them. No class or race is stronger then any other, although one "combination" may work better then others upon character creation. Each game was/is a matter of play style.

Morrowind is such a grand game, in fact, that is STILL being sold retail while the game was released in 02 and its sequal has been out for some time now. There are even mods for Oblivion (the fouth in the serious) that directly alter the game to Morrowind's landscape and story.

The advancement in technology is a wondrous thing as it allows for better graphics but the story is the same regardless of the colors on the book cover.





While graphically the games have been revamped and upgraded the stories take their turns. Morrowind is by far the best of the four because it has a nice balance of them all. Arena and Daggerfell get a small boost for being able to keep up with their story despite the technological restriction but Oblivion has no excuse for its weak story.

All of these games may be played on your PC, one way or another. Arena and Daggerfell may require a emulator program to operate but Morrowind and Oblivion should work with most standard systems. As far as I know, only Arena is shareware but checking the Elder Scrolls site, found in side bar, should clarify any and all misconceptions you may or may not have.


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