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The PS2

We all know that our economy be it worldly or just us Americans, is slightly shitty. Though that doesn't mean there isn't anything new out and about. This blog is mostly about free and/or cheap amusements along with anything that is worth its current price tag. The PS2 (Playstation 2) is one of those things. While it was a good system during its run it is now only 60 USDs for a new system with most used games not breaking the 20 USD limit themselves, this makes for a very good investment.

Sony has even stated that the system will be supported, with even new titles every so often, for the next 2 - 3 years. This makes the system very worthwhile for anyone who's not really touched at the PS2 for one reason or another, like myself. Most older systems are stuck to pawn shops and flea markets but the PS2 is still mostly held in a lot of retail stores. (Most importantly EB Games and others of their nature.)

The system has a very large catalog of games, ranging from PC ports to original system only games as well as long running series like the Final Fantasy and the Shin Migami games (Mostly consisting of Persona 3, personally.) Games range from action, shooter, RPG (Mostly of the JRPG) and even an odd silly/random tittle here and there. If you liked the SNES for its RPG (again, mostly JRPG) and still play those games (emulation or otherwise) then the PS2 is mostly going to be your friend, as well.

Short and simple version of this post is go out and look for a PS2 if you've not already got one. Games are cheap, and only getting cheaper! So many games, and cheap games, that it is definitely worth the 50 or so, USDs it will cost you for the system itself.


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