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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Nerd Cool

That title is the best way to really describe this blog as a whole and, if I dare so so, myself as well. Its something of a phenomena within recent years of my life, at least the last four or five, where nerd has slowly become cool. Now, this isn't a complaint but only a statement of what has been seen. My proof comes from bands like Daft Punk, songs like Electro Gypsy, techno in general, lightweight and sexy gadgets like the iPhone, the uprising of home game consoles and above all of this all are the nerds themselves. (Self Included)

In honor of this brilliant movement of "Nerd Cool" and as a "response" to Monday Artday's "Nerd Challenge" I give you.... well I give you this.

Fire and Music (Its F***ing Science!)

This on is a some what old clip from AOTS' "Its Effin' Science" catalog. How to make an equalizer out of fire. Give a watch then give a try but do avoid burning down whatever building you are in.

AOTS - Its F***ing Science Segment

For any of you who didn't recognize the song that was quickly played in the clip, its Still Alive from Portal's credits. The song is beautifully morbid and technologic.

Paranoia Agent

One of the most freaking twisted shows I have seen anime or otherwise. This series starts off making absolutely perfect sense then at about episode five it kicks you in the testicles, metaphorically speaking. The general thought process behind the show would be something of a mystery, but that's not entirely true.

The best message or idea that can be obtained from this would have to be "six degrees of separation". Each character is linked to one another, without your directly knowledge, at first, and sometimes in odd obscure ways. The brilliance of this is how it is done. A few times I had to drop the "No Way" comment, at least the first time I saw the thing.

This would be my second time viewing the 13 episode series and with two episodes to go I still don't remember how it ended. Perhaps I had not forgotten but the first few episodes made me forget instead?

Main Plot, or at least the starting main plot that isn't confusing, is simple. A not right in the head middle school kid wearing gold inline skates, a red cap and a smile goes around smashing people in the head with his dented golden baseball bat. The ones in the terrorized city call him "Shadow/Ghost/etc Bat" or "Shounen Bat". Quickly, you soon find out there is more to this and then you find that there is more and in the end the links that are made make so much sense you feel absolutely dumb.

Over all, my favorite part about the series is that each episode can, and does, stand on its own. There is the main story which runs from episode to episode but each episode can also be its own story, especially those after episode 6, without you needing to know much about the anime's other shows to follow along. There will be parts of "What?" regardless but its a DAMN GOOD SHOW.

Suggestion to watch is high. It has both English subtitled and dubbed, versions. You will miss out on things watching either version so it comes down to a matter of personal preference, unless you know Japanese. I flip-flop on that issue as right now I am watching it subtitled and the first time I viewed the show it was English dubbed.

Update: I did sorta remember the end, to an extent, and it reminded me that this anime also shows us to not lie about things.

Questionable Content (Web Comic)

Questionable Content is a daily updated blog which has a huge archive and giant following. Its a bit "hit and miss" with its humor but the running story is whats really cool. The best part is you can just kinda jump anywhere in the middle and follow either forward or reverse and not miss much, if anything.

The only problem I have with the thing is its awfully difficult romances. These "romances" get put a bit too "center stage" for a good chunk of the comic. A majority of which you just want to smack the characters around for being dumb, deaf or blind. I recall a few moments where I wanted the comic to stop there and not continue only because I was a bit sick of the "Who likes how" behavior within it.

The comedy of the strip is what keeps my attention for several hours at a time. That's right, this comic will make you forget what time it is and before you know it its almost 5:00AM and you've not done your daily blog post. Even if that blog post was to be about said item.

Nice Things To Say
  • Well Drawn
  • Usually Good Humor
  • Daily Updated
  • Lots of Strips to Read
  • Set Up as a Blog
  • Characters and Story Evolve With Time

Not Nice Things To Say
  • Romances Get Annoying
  • Daily Updated (Quickly Creates a Flooded Backlog and creates lost of interest as well as allowing for constantly new content)
  • When the Humor Misses it Misses BY MILES
  • Character Models Are Annoyingly "Normal"/Stereotypical

That last point in the "Not Nice Things To Say" section might be one of the points of the comic but after awhile I really became detached from the characters. Personally, I've read something like 300, or so, of the comic strips and there is almost 1500 total. Most of those I've seen are in the archive and the newer ones have included some rather interesting characters but, to be honest, if you can't "catch up" then there isn't much point to starting to read the comic now, in my opinion at least.

Here Comes DR. TRAN!

Dr. Tran is a very funny flash animation hosted by Lone Sasage and Mondo Mini Shows. Its a very simple concept but can't be described properly so a video is what is needed. (Language Warning for "sensitive viewers")

Here Comes DR TRAN

There is also an amusing Dr. Tran Fan Mail section you might want to check out. Personally, I have sent Dr. Tran a letter with the slim hopes that it might be answered against his will. If it does get answered, I'm going to give that video special treatment. Of course there is no way to prove it was my mail, but whatever.

Not Big On Horror (The Unborn)

Most, if not all, recent horror movies usually leave me with a yawn. A majority are that of the "gore-no" where that the only thing to the movie is lots of blood and gore. Porno + gore = gore-no.

It takes a lot for me to even loosely recommend anything in the horror genre that isn't done on the lines of "You might find this funny". Some of my personal favorites are from the eighties and early nineties and I was barely a fetus for most of them.

However, The Unborn is something that did get my attention. The movie was seen a few days ago and does deserve a bit of an "honorable mention" for keeping my attention throughout. What grabs me would be the special effects. The plot was poor and figured out before the movie was in its second act but no one watches horror movies for plots.

Effects, these are what saved the movie! The music and sound was "okay" while leaving the whole thing to be sold on things like the upside down dog head demon and spooky ghost kid. The ending, not the "right before credits" ending, had this rather stylized Jewish exorcism which resulted in some nasty spirit on helpless dude(ette)s action.

The Unborn Trailer

Well, that's the movie right there. No need to actually watch it now, sorry. I do hope you will forgive me for ruining the plot and "epicness" that was The Unborn.

!Ultimate Crab Battle!

Prepare yourself for the longest most epic battle of shark verses crab that you will ever see. A game that is only a really long boss fight between a kid riding a small shark and the giant KING CRAB.

Like most bosses, especially final bosses, the King Crab has several transformations which have a set pattern that you are to discover and exploit. Each transformation and attack is a bit odd but funny, when you aren't playing and said "funny attack" isn't dangerous any longer. One of the oddest, and possibly dumbest, moves/transformations for King Crab is his "coral attack". That's right! The giant crab monster, thing, attacks with coral. At first, this sounds kinda dumb but do as the sign says and "Don't Touch".

The game gives you three lives/continues and a small health bar to do as much damage to The King Crab, as possible. Personally, I tested the game on easy and found it... easy. However after that the difficulty levels jump rather drastically. The only part on normal that I had trouble with was the speeding pearl lights of doom. To be fair, this move killed me on easy as well.

All in all, the game is a blast! Its easy to play but not exactly easy to win.

Give it a whirl, here. A link is also in the sidebar but don't count on individual games and such staying to long as the list is getting a bit cumbersome.

Next Blog has a new post as well.

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