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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Imagine Grater (SyFy vs SciFi)

Despite its recent and possibly dumb name change, the SyFy (Know previously as SciFi) channel has some of the best programming on TV. Ranging from original movies and series to reruns of older shows that "fit the theme", the SyFy channel is an avid watch for myself. Some of the regular programs watched in this home range from newer and older shows, along with movies a mini series or two and some of the staples that come with the SyFy channel like Ghost Hunters.

A favorite for myself is EUReKA, a show that describes itself as "about the smartest little town in America". Basically its a futuristic like town that is within our own time frame which is sanctioned by the government to house the greatest minds in one place. This creates great accomplishments and problems. The problems are "fixed", usually, by someone of a more "normal" mental status. That guy being Jack Carter, the town sheriff.

Really, he's not a dumb guy by the average standards but the town he's in makes him come across as rather stupid. The funniest thing, however, is that his solutions to the problems that are caused not only make perfect sense to the viewer but also to the other characters around him. Something I enjoy the simplest answer. I enjoy it more when it was also the idea that popped into my head.

The whole town is filled with some eccentric masterminds and grands of intelligence but I think one of my favorite characters has to be Douglas Fargo. Fargo, as most of the town mostly calls him, is basically a screw up. No one overly special among the rest but generally knows enough to get himself into and, sometimes, out of trouble. The main problem that Fargo has is his general overall quirkiness among those around him, that and he's not one for keeping his mouth shut. Personally, Douglas Fargo has to have one of the crappiest roles among those in the city (town gopher) while retaining his general comedic appeal.

Main point: Eureka's third season is not keeping up to tabs with its other two. It has some major goods but its current negatives are slowly driving me, and a few other viewers I know, away from the show. For one thing, its driving a few romances a bit to hard. The romances are good, in total, but one in particular is getting a bit to much "face time" for my liking. That being the one of Jo Lupo (Deputy Sheriff) and Zane Donovan (One of the main researchers at Global Dynamics). The main reason is that Zane is difficult to tolerate as a character. It was much better when the guy only appeared when he was needed but now the on screen time is just... intolerable.

I understand that the point of the constantly "new" budding romances are to make you grow more attached to characters and possibly identify but Zane comes across more of a loner even when with Jo. The whole relationship seems a bit forced within the series. I think this is because that outside of the show they might be dating. I'm not certain but from their appearance in Warehouse 13 the two were also a couple, the actors not the characters.

Overall, I guess I'm just not fully pleased with the new season. The show still has its charm and I do catch it when I can but that feeling that I just had to see it every Friday or Thursday or Wednesday or whatever day it was on in the past, just isn't there anymore. Although, three seasons is better then the average life span for most shows.

Monty Does It Again (HALOID)

Who remembers me talking about this guy in this post? Not a lot of you? That's okay because you are new. No biggy!

Well, Monty has done something a bit more "Dudel friendly" and used characters I actually know. I'm not really into the DOA or FF series but have played a good chunk of Metroid and Halo. That's right, Master Chief v Samus Aran!

I'd really suggest watching the whole video, despite any odd and/or confusing things you may see in it. If you are a big Halo fan you might call foul on something but come on, its all in good fun.


Watch after the credits for something extra "special". When I say "special" I do mean "short bus" special, at least today I do. Some of you might know that as sQecial, with a Q. If you do not, then don't worry as its probably better for your sanity.

Then again, anyone who is a big Master Chief fan and not a fan of Link, or can at least take a joke, should watch this.

Halo: Lost In Time

You may wish to view Lemon Kiss, as well. There is a nice recipe for Eggs Benedict on it, now. I was always curious, does that mean the eggs are traitors?

More Musical Messages (Otep)

Those that regularly view the blog of "Solve Unamusement" will know that when something is musical and has some form of message along with something I can follow, then I like it.

Otep was introduced to me via this song "Perfectly Flawed" by a friend and I do enjoy its over all feeling. I'm not sure what genre it is, though. I know its something of the rock genre but its some form of sub metal as well.

Otep - Perfectly Flawed

This is even the direct video that was sent to me. I'm not going to lie, however, and say that this song or whatever genre its from isn't a "mood piece" that requires you to be or need to want to be in a certain frame of mind. Its a good spirit booster for some and at the same time has this light "heart string" tone to it that could be thought of as depressing.

Its a mood piece as most of their music seems to be, Otep. Give it a listen and if you don't fully enjoy it you can always complain via comment.

DEADLINE (Stop Motion Animation)

Here is a quick little animation done in stop motion. I do enjoy stop motion and find it one of the most difficult of all things to film next to hand drawn animation. Hand drawn animation being a stop motion with the addition of actually drawing the objects to animate.

Feeling a bit lazy, again, today so going through some of the small bookmarks that are noted for blog post. This one was given via the Cantr forums by someone of the online nick of "Wiro", I think it was Wiro, but as it wasn't an actual suggestion this will not be posted in suggestions. However, I'd like to thank Wiro for finding and sharing this as I share it with the rest of you. Enjoy this silly little post-it animation.


Circles are Sexy!

Once everyone reaches an age we start to over look simple things. Simple things like basic shapes and colors. I for one, try my best to see those things first. No, its not a clock that keeps time it is a rather large circle that happens to have a clock inside it.

So many things need, included and are based on the circle. The general idea and find of such a wonderful design is only attainable by absolute math and nature. Its a wonder that it takes complex calculations to get an actual perfect circle. So many are close that they appear perfect but only nature does it so.

Trees rings, eyeballs (which are technically spheres but something like that will get a temporary pass) and all other sorts of wonderful things. Some of man's "favorite things" are circular and curved, how can such "things" not mean that the circle is a grand gift of mathematics and natural selection?

I give you a goal! Fine me a circle, any circle and share it. Tell us where it was found, who was nearby on the date and time you found the magical π!


Something random that I am going to start doing, especially when having a brain fart for one reason or another, is to start sharing channel specific animations. That channel being aniBOOM.

This will start with a simple short about a rabbit and his magician. I say a rabbit and HIS magician as, well watch the vid and you'll understand.

Rabbit Animation

This small cartoon was an "amusement response" to, or was it with, Simon's Cat.

You might wanna check out the other animations that aniBOOM has but then you loose the interest when I "pick one special". Already have a few waiting in the line up in the near future.

Doing this allows me to be lazy, sometimes. Today, I feel tired and lazy so please... slack. Another channel I might "poke at" is Future Thought, however, this one might not be as often as the other.

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