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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Brian Jacques and Redwall

A series of books that have sold thousands of copies around the world, the Redwall series written by Brian Jacques is a grand read. The series is in a world of Brian Jacques own creation which contains many places to explore. So much to explore that the series contains twenty books and there are talks for more. Of these twenty I have read two and a half but have never been disappointed.

Highly descriptive in the made up world of Redwall, from the creatures that inhabit the land to the very winds that blow their fur. The series takes anthropomorphic creatures with greatly filled duties, feelings and epic journeys then puts them against once another in fights of good verses evil. To go about this, each side has its advantages. Those that would usually be called "evil" have size and stupidity on their side along with brutality and intimidation. Those that are "good" have only three things, usually: intelligence/quick thinking, bravery/courage and friendship/family.

One of my personal favorite running themes of the books is the food. Each dish for the creatures within the world is described so well, even with being made for squirrels and moles, that it will sometimes make a reader hungry. Talks of blueberry nut cake with chestnut cream a top and honey milk to drink makes a stomach growl with anticipation.

Description, story telling and excellent characters make the books as popular as they are. No, these are not Harry Potter and- but with mole speech, grand sword battles, massive floods, talks of treachery and revenge all looped together with a band of miss matched brothers makes for a beautiful way.

Personally, I don't read much so when a book is named and is as long as those within the Redwall series, it is a very high suggestion. A Redwall book is about three to five hundred pages, on average, so be prepared. I would suggest going to your local library rather then purchase but that is only because of personal status. I, however, own a lot of the books and can read them when I feel like it.

There are other media items with the Redwall fiction including an animated cartoon, a comic/manga and a few picture books.

It should also be noted that in book time is not in order with book release time. Sequels and prequels are released at random intervals during the story.

Shark Mountain!

Beware the incompetent humans with the urge to blow up the most precious mountain that you have been living in for so many years. The urge for them to collect gold by trying to destroy a mountain from top down is just despicable! It is up to you, the shark of shark mountain, to save the land which you have always known!

Basically its a game where you play as a shark trying to stop humans from blowing up a mountain. The controls, gameplay and everything else about this game is rather easy. However, it does generally hold a challenge. I found the most amusing thing was the humor to the whole thing. Each failure ends in a small bit of audio and when you do fail, you may even get rewarded for it.

  • Mouse - Used for Menu
  • Arrow Keys - Turn shark in that direction

The controls for the game are a bit confusing or awkward at first. This is because most people, including myself, assume that left makes the character move in that direction. With Shark Mountain you are only making the shark move its head and swim in the direction it was pointed.

Like with "Get off My Lawn", Shark Mountain has a medal system. Also, just like "Get off My Lawn" it keeps track of such things, assuming you don't change your IP address.

Its generally just something fun and stupid to play, this game, but it did distract me from this very post so I think some note is worthy. Don't skip the opening cut scene. It's good for the "lolz", if you will permit me use of such a word.

Shark Mountain
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A cartoon visual with video game audio mash up SpaceNinja88 that combines two magical thins. One of those being a rude character from the Cow and Chicken/I am Weasel show and the other a bit of old school Mega Man sexyness.

Now, I do want to make a few clear notes before anyone says anything.
  • No, English is not his main language but he makes notice of that.
  • Yes, this is a personal friend, of sorts, which has made something particular
  • Yes, I am aware that the vid may not load quickly.

BUT ITS WRONG music Video

That last note is mainly because, I think, of the youtubers location. SpaceNinja88 has made some other rather interesting additions to youtube as well. These things include, sorry to say, difficult to understand but, glad to say, funny game reviews. Also, SpaceNinja88 has a "thing" for pooping, youtube pooping.

This user might get a regular spot on the blog if more stand alone vids are provided and/or found. However, I must admit that I do not actively search through his profile for things. What is given is what is viewed, perhaps someone here will find a "hidden gem".

Sing Song (Nobody Likes Me)

A school bus/children's song that I have apparently known sense I was in elementary school. Such a fun and silly song was forgotten, however, until a few days ago when it kept reappearing half haphazardly inside my brain. Then, someone gave confirmation that I had made up no such silliness and the song a true thing. Here, I give it to you, have fun.

Nobody likes me,
Everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,

Long, thin, slimy ones,
Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one,
Down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

Up comes the first one,
Up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

No, its not the most intelligent thing to sing or even the most mature but give it a quick trout through. Go on, no one is watching you! I bet you'll get at least a smile out of this song, if nothing else.

As with other songs of this nature there are several different versions and at times, some are even combined to make longer more complicated versions of the ones used within it. Other times, the "main chorus" of "Nobody likes me" etc, is repeated after every two other verses.

Small BIG GAMEs (NetHack, Transcendence, Anacreon)

This post was originally only going to contain one game until yesterday at about 3:00 AM. At that time I finally played a couple of games that were suggested by a reader, Lur. Both are good in their own rights but out of the two, I am of his opinion. Each of these games are great for some quick and (optionally) time consuming fun. Let us start with the game this post was originally intended, NetHack.


A fantasy game old school dungeon crawler just begging to be explored.

This a game that is asking you to have fun at not "being good". This I happy to say is a good thing. I am sure NetHack gets a lot of noise and conflict from "haters" for some of its ways but roguelikes are generally supposed to play as NetHack does. One of my personal favorite parts about NetHack is how I've yet to go very far or even accomplish more then die within the game and yet still have managed to find, learn, discover and do "new things" within each play.

While it is almost impossible to proceed in the game without "cheating", at least from what I have heard, I do feel that would void the point of playing. As I said, NetHack's point of being played is to find these things yourself.

One problem with NetHack will be my problems with all three games so I shall say it here and now. The controls are annoying and/or confusing and the graphics are poor. The latter can be given pass but a small bit of explanation while playing would have benefited each game. Actually, one of the games does do this but its controls are still rather "wonky".

Another problem which two of the games share, NetHack and Anacreon, is lacking in customization of interface. I believe NeckHack's core file can be altered to store and change such settings but, in general, the interface on these two is ugly. They are not difficult, with being somewhat similar to either an emulator program or simple DOS command menu, but still ugly and not fun to deal with.


The only thing I have to say about this is that I hope those who play enjoy chess on a galactic scale. My first impression of this game was "RTS" but there is no "RT" about it. The game allows for a lot of "options for win", provided you can actually win or know what you are doing. Without reading instructions, as I'm an American and that's how we do things, it took about forty minutes to fully figure out the game.

Personally, I am no fan of menu diving and this one is moderately guilty of that. In my honest opinion, there isn't much to this game unless you are in love with chess and the thought of conquering the galaxy with an iron... trade route.


Agreeing with the suggester, this game is rather awesome. Flying a ship of your choice, you are on a fantasy like quest to get a artifact, or something, to please your deity/god and get into this games version of "heaven". You destroy enemy ships, when/if you find them, and loot the remains. Basically its NetHack except a lot prettier while not "sharing the difficulty". It does describe it self as half NetHack so if you like that game you will at least half like this one.

This is a game that would be great if not for the fact that it is, basically, a demo. As the game stands there is not much to do, only one level, and the world is rather empty. Its a lot of fun but more needs to be there before it can really be played.

All of these games are freeware.
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A series of shorts, that aired on Cartoon Network during Adult Swim some time ago. These shorts, if anyone who has not seen or does not remember, were clips of old Hanna-Barbara cartoons slightly edited to imply like the characters where swearing. Two of my favorite have to be the ones with Batman & Robin as both characters seem to uptight to be do so.

NOT FOR AIR: Batman & Robin 1

NOT FOR AIR: Batman & Robin 2

Other NOT FOR AIR shorts Include

If I have missed any that you know of and can find, please share. I am not certain but I do think there is a sixth NOT FOR AIR short but can not remember or find otherwise.

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