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Gummy Bear Rampage

Gummy Bears! Who doesn't just love those tasty little gummy tasty, things? Gummy bears are so awesome that they come in diabetic versions cause not even the people who could die from gummy bears could ever REALLY stay way from those fun little creatures.

What other candy can you play with like you're five and people go "Oh, he's just eating Gummy Bears"? I think very few. Could you stack Buegles at work and not get "the look"? I think not! But you could play gummy bear science experiment and end up having people join you at your table, provided you shared raw specimens and not the ones you fused together.

Upon a quick Google search for gummy bear images there has been a shocking discovery. Gummy bears are "legally forbidden by Islamic law." Why? Because they are made with pork fat/gelatin. However I am sure one could find gummy bears that didn't have pork fat/gelatin. They'd be very expensive, though.

Curtosy of S. Weasel
"Gummy bears are a pork product! Yes, it’s true! The Germanians render pigs into sweeties! That’s where the distinctive gumminess comes from. I hate the damn things, myself, but now that I know the act of eating them is haram…"
Haram @ Wikipedia

That's an interesting side-note, don't you think? But back to the topic at hand, the gummy bear and what it means to Solve Unamusement.

The gummy bear is versatile:

Gummy bears can be used for all sorts of interesting things. From eatable glue (just add water) to projectiles (just add sun) and even as jewelry. Yes that last one threw myself for a loop as well. A friend of Solve Unamusement that regulars might be aware of (Shard) was equally amused as I with these odd little accessories and decided to pass the things my way, if not indirectly.

Gummy Bear Jewelry

No they are not real gummy bears, just made to look like real gummy bears. Although with a bit of cleaver thought one could probably make an honest-to-life gummy bear necklace of some type. Can you imagine all the ants you would attract at your next social luncheon with sparkling draping your neck. However the following gummy bear is real enough. So much so you have to capitalize Gummy and Bear when speaking of him as that is his actual name.

Gummy Bear Song (English)

"I'ma gummy bear!"

Also, this is officially a part of the rampage. You should have read the title of the post a bit better before going all the way to the bottom. Now, you know better.

2 Replies:

joo said...

Allahu Ackbar!

bagalagalaga said...

That video is insane....
Another fun use for gummy bears, they sell gummy vitamins that are much better than even the Flintstone vitamins!

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