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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Perfect Balance (Two 4 1)

One of those "easy to play difficult to master" games, I give you Perfect Balance (2). Yes, there is a first one and a second one. There may be a third but I did not bother to check.

Each game is very simple to play and only requires your mouse to do so. The premise is very simple, as well. Generally, these games are puzzle games and require you to do as the game title says. You need to reach each pieces prefect balance without causing them to tumble down into the abyss below.

You will slowly learn tricks to doing this and each puzzle can be solved several ways, which is part of the fun. Some may seem easy to people because of a certain way people view things. I, for one, found several to be very difficult but at the same time there were many that just seemed silly to be so high a level and point value.

  • Mouse - Used to drag and drop pieces
  • A - Used to rotate pieces clockwise(?)
  • D - Used to rotate pieces counter-clockwise
  • R - Used to rest/retry

Pefect Balance

Perfect Balance 2

Legend of Neil (Suggested)

Little, okay a lot, late on having this suggested to me. It was offered up by Lur after posting how antisocial Link was. That post shows how Link, from the Zelda games, is a total prick and hates people. This vid shows what happens when a real life prick who hates people takes over the shoes of the little fairy folk.

Ledgend of Neil Ep 1

Watch Here, Also

The second season ended and the third is ready for action. They are looking for fan donations and purchase of the merchandise. Solve Unamusement doesn't promote spending money but helping them out if you've the cash would be nice for us all. Remember, more Neil means more amusements in the future.

Weird Al Time!

Well, sense I tossed Ray Stevens at you folks, it only makes sense to throw Weird Al at you too. It was Weird Al who, personally, got me into "humorous music" and now leads me all the way to artists like Steven Lynch and oldies like Frank Zappa.

Got questions who those people are or about those funny/humorous songs, then drop a comment here or on the suggestions and I'll bring them to Solve Unamusement with little need to question. They are all amusements, after all. Or you could find them for yourselves, no harm in that either.

Weird Al - Hey Ricky

Weird Al Playlist

They Call Him The Streak!

A little Ray Stevens for the uninitiated, playing on an original 45 record. It's a comical song with zero seriousness to it, but Ray Stevens isn't known best for that.

Ray Stevens - The Streak

First time I heard this was on the radio back when I was a kid, then my mother went and found me a CD which had a few of Ray Stevens' classics on it. Another of these was "Me Again Margret" which I will happily post for you, as well.

Ray Stevens - It's Me Again Margret

Possibly the original music video, but I am not sure.



Invader Zim has to be one of the most awesome shows that ever showed on Cartoon Network. It was later banned after some hidden "bloody images" of Gir. That is not the topic for this, however. The topic for this post is that I could not find an embedded full version of the shows opening or at least none that were in English.

Several were linkable, and one such is available in the playlist I shall link near the bottom. There was a couple/few fan made ones but only one that I liked so just gave up and decided to embed that one, instead.

InvaderZIM Fan Made Intro

This Contains Cartoons Original Theme Music

Incomplete Season(s) on YouTube

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Brian's Guide

Brian's Guide is a silly little online fake guide to everything that is. Each panel is available to view and there are a lot of them. It's a very simple site but there's a lot to it, on the main scale.

Brian's Guide

Not much more to add besides stealing the comics and posting them directly to Solve Unamusement. As that's not cool behavior, this shall just be a very small post.

Jim Carrey Christmas

Doing this has been on my list for awhile, not a long while, and should be done now that Christmas is so close.

Yes, it's "Scrooge again" but this was done so well that it was worth the view. 3d is the only thing to get me, personally, back into theaters anyway. It's a nice, possible gimmick, but it's guiding people back to the theaters once again.

Jim Carrey in "A Christmas Carol" was so well done that I wasn't even fully aware that the story had been done before. The graphics and animation were great and you get exactly what you expect plus more.

Comedy in the movie is grand as well as the action and small bits of not forced romance. Everything fits well and the death sceen with spirit three had to be one of the best in the whole movie.

Teaser Trailer

Official Trailer

I will note that I honestly don't think the film is worth owning or even renting. It was a see in theaters only film and has honestly no replay value past your first viewing.

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