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The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug

Doing some redirecting and backtracking on when is evil cool? got to a specific post which reminded this writer of something a bit special in the amusement category.

Anyone who's seen the movie probably has a good idea as to what is going to be posted soon enough and for an extra kick, think this will be the first post which the "page break" feature/addition/whatever shall be included in a Solve Unamusement post.

If the above didn't give things away, you can not be helped other than to watch the movie. What movie? How about some Starship Troopers, to start. Then you can watch any other alien bug movie that takes itself as serious (sarcasm) as this film.


Upon personal reflection it is possible more of these come in the future as Starship Troopers has multiple amusements within itself.

2 Replies:

wiec? said...

ha! thanks for back tracking. i saw Starship Tropers ages ago. time for a re watch i guess.

Dudel said...

You are welcome and its always worth a re-watch.

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