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Connery Continued

In this Connery post we're going to hit two of the movies where he plays a supporting character. In all honesty, that's what Sean does best; playing supporting roles rather than taking to much of the spotlight. In his younger years he was probably the best man for the job but standing next to Nicolas Cage and Kevin Costner help with your credibility. Or is it the other way around? Sitting next to Sean Connery helped with Nicolas Cage's and Kevin Costner's credibility?

Anyway, if we've not figured things out we're talking about two very specific movies made some time ago. One back in the mid 90s, one year short of direct middle in-fact, and the was released just a few months after my own birth. Scary, huh?

The Untouchables

Wiki Says:

The Untouchables is an 1987 American crime-drama film based on the 1959 television series, and follows Eliot Ness's autobiographical account of his efforts to bring gangster Al Capone to justice during the Prohibition era. It was directed by Brian De Palma and adapted by David Mamet, and starred Kevin Costner as Ness, Sean Connery as Irish-American beat cop Jim Malone, and Robert De Niro as Capone.

Connery received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film. The film became a solid hit commercially and critically, grossing over $76 million domestically.

The movie has recently been playing on all those classic television stations, which makes sense considering the film is about twenty-three years old. Drop the about, it IS twenty-three years old. Best part, the film stands up to today's standards and is a great view even multiple times.

The Untouchables - Trailer

Next on the block is The Rock with Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. Now that's a line up, isn't it? Best still, it gets much better as the whole thing plays to each actors strengths and allows for easily identifiable characters. Not to mention there is a lot of action and suspense what with needles being jabbed into legs else your eyeballs will pop form their socket Total Recall style!

The Rock - Trailer


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