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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal Are Cool!

Think about it, giant and lumbering land animals that have outlived the dinosaurs while being some of the slowest and easiest to catch creatures on the planet. They exist all over the world except for extreme cold regions, as they are cold blooded, come in many many types and rang is so many sizes.

The tortoise is a creature that enjoys his "alone time". Being solitary creatures it can sometimes be difficult to find them. For an animal that is so large they are very stealthy, if not slow and still very lumbering.

Still many animals, including are being newly discovered each day. We all know of the Galapagose Tortoise and some of us know of local ones. Close to myself we have rather large Gopher Tortoise that does as it name implies. They dig burrows for which to lay eggs in.

Also, a lot of tortoise, turtles and other slow moving reptiles are endangered due to people wanting their shells. This is troubling to anyone who has an issue with animal rights or just the rights of these large reptiles.

A Slew...

...of amusements in one video.

About two or three minutes ago there was a search for something that was to be a comparison of Kayne West vs Daft Punk, when the reality is Daft Punk vs Daft Punk plus Kayne West, however there was a distraction. Upon searching for an embeddable video of the Kayne West/Daft Punk combo something much more interesting was found.

A video mash up of recent games, movies and other 18-35 white male demographic type things with the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger combo of Kayne and Daft Punk. At that point I could no longer go on about my original post and had to share this one.

Brilliance, this is!

There are similar such combos on the channel.

CD Bubbles (Its F***ing Science!)

AOTS - Its F***ing Science Segment

This concept looks really cool provided you've an open area to do it in an truly no longer wish to have the CD as more then garbage. I've yet to personally try it and honestly, have zero to no intention to but that's still amusing, right there.

Yes, AOTS did the work for me. Yay for cheating out on another blog post!


Safe, secure and mostly legal, has to be your best choice for ROMs, ISOs and other emulator files. This being, for one main reason. CoolROM has some very strict rules about what does, and does not, get posted on its site.

While there are many, many, available ROMs and links to emulators to play them, nothing on CoolROM will ever be taken down to a legal infringement. Simply put, any ESA protected ROMs, franchises and anything pertaining to the Xbox, PS2 and up is not allowed on the site. Only obsolete and dead consoles are allowed for download via the main site. This basic practice and premise keeps the site about the games and less about "free stuff" while also keeping away the troubles that comes with "early emulation".

All of that, plus a great community that is all about the games and you've a winner of a site. Covering everything from the Atari 2600 up to the PSX, CoolROM has what you're looking for if you are worried about the ESA or just don't want anything that you should not. The site even runs Dream Cast ISOs, which is moderately rare for most sites. You've to join the forum if you wish to get ISOs for the Dream Cast and PSX but when you do there is a wonderful set of people ready to help you with anything you need.

Not to mention that CoolROM's best feature, ROM suggestion, on the side of the screen always has you pointed at popular ROMs for the system you are browsing. It fluctuates, on average, weekly to monthly.

Here's to seeing you on-site, cheers.

Sam Winchester Has a "Problem"

Come on, that was funny! Okay, maybe if you absolutely love the show or character you may fail to see the humor in this. Then again if you watch the show enough you will wonder where Dean's testicles are and why Sam ain't dead yet.

Perhaps watching Jack Sparrow love his jar of dirt will amuse you more. It is always funny when a feared pirate sounds like a child while he sing-songs.

Jack Sparrow "I've Got a Jar of Dirt" - Remix

Yes, it is a lazy day here at Solve Unamusement but sometimes that happens. The other option, as compared to getting two vids posted, was to simply post nothing and pretend like I had forgotten. Watch some of the related vids on "I've Got a Jar of Dirt" for extra smiles.


Nintendo is good at beating the dead dog when it releases new games but the Metroid series is one that still has lots of life to it. Starting off on the NES/Famicon the Metroid games have lasted as long as Final Fantasy and Mario.

Nice little magic hybrid shooter platformers with collectible items and with recent games a range in difficulty. Having the series span all of Nintendo's systems Metroid currently has itself a rather large fan base. Of course there is the whole "Metroid Pinball" thing but one mess up can usually be ignored while the rest are rather gold. The "Metroid Pinball" game wasn't horrible by any means but it isn't exactly what one comes to expect from Samus.

Samus, the main character in all the Metroid games, is a female bounty hunter decked out with a plasma gun and a high tech space suit with armor abilities. She goes about her galaxy fighting space pirates and removing other scourge like any good bounty hunter but while she's on the job there is a problem with a nearby race call the Metroids. These creatures of unimaginable power are being bred by the space pirates to be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb of today. Starts the story of Metroid (One) on the NES.

Further, Metroid took a to Nintendo's first hand held which is sometimes called by gamers "the GameBrick" rather then GameBoy due to the handhelds bulky size. One this adventure Samus takes the fight to the Metroid home world, trying to wipe out the deadly creatures before any more harm can come. She does her job for all but one Metroid which decides to follow Samus like a puppy.

Taking the "lost Metroid" back to be studied, Samus then decides to leave the space station in pursuit of a bounty. This is where the best Metroid, Super Metroid, starts. The beginning of the game has Samus Aran briefing you, the player, on the past games events and the fact that there has recently been a distress call from the station she left the creature at. Soon, you and Samas find that a giant alien monster, known as Ridley, has taken the metroid for itself. Samus fights the best to no avail, Ridley grabs the metroid and the station starts a self destruct sequence. If Samas manages to escape the station before the countdown reaches zero she follows Ridley to the planet Zeebes and it is there that this adventure truly begins.

Super Metroid for the SNES has to be one of the best games on the system itself. There is plenty of action, a driven story and the game has a mild retention of its difficulty even through multiple play throughts. Mastering some of the extra moves or finding out ones you did not know where there is also a fun thing to try.

Something & Nothing

Kelly Vivanco is a current popular artist that many people are just dying to get their hands on, her artwork I mean. When you view her works it is clear why too. Her paintings, especially the smaller ones and panels, are like a brothers grim story quickly given a single panel for its story. Nothing seems lost in the translations as you look and then understand.

Recently, a couple of days ago, Kelly Vivanco had a show with another artist with similar styles. Subtext has info on it and later shows if you are interested. Kelly Vivanco is also the writer of the Patches comic, which I discussed earlier in this blog. That is originally how I came about her works, though the amusement of the comic. It was a great little transition that makes me wish I could also monetize my limited skill with a pencil.

In all seriousness and understanding, one should check out her art. If not on the expencive side, Kelly Vivanco has some great pieces that just make you wish you were inside the painting. Reality of this is I can't talk to much about her artwork, you just have to view it for yourself.

Kelly Vivanco also keeps a blog, which is in my watch list, to keep her fans up to date. Currently, or rather recently within the last month or so, I have come a fast fan. The blog gets updated once every few days with something interesting and mildly random, you should check it out.

All of Kelly's work, info and other things can be found at at, a link is also in the sidebar.

Why not also view her flicker?
(Flicker link can also be found at

The TWB of Cantr??

Firstly, less then half of you are asking yourself what Cantr is. All this while the other less then half is asking themselves what TWB is and there is one of you who knows what neither of those things are. Anyone else was looking for something else and find my blog on accident so has zero clue what this is about regardless of my acronyms.

Today there shall be talks of something that actually is a cause of the problem. However, talking about the problem is actually an amusement in itself so there is no harm in breaking function of the blog any.

The simplistic notion of this post, and its title if you were inside my head, is the problem of falsified elitism among writers. Generally speaking in the matter of creative writing here. The problem is you, once and awhile, get either a group of mind thinkers or just one really loud intrusion of a man, or woman, that makes others bow to his bored prowess. A more popular example would be the Harry Potter and Twilight books.

On both sides of each, be they for or with the stories the elitist are the ones who cause the trouble for the rest. Some may say the elitist is also the fanatic if writing and creative thinking were to be taken in that route. Any human being with half of a mind can tell you that fanatic behavior only causes strife. This strife, however, is external to the fanatic or elitist group. The thing with elitism and fanaticism are that they are not self destructive and actually self rewarding.

Now fanaticism is an extra extreme taking of the form of an elite but its notion and restrictions still apply.
  • Only The Best
  • We of the "elite" are always in the right/know what is best.
  • An argument with one ends only in the non elitist giving up or the elitist attacking the non.
  • The none-elitist is always wrong and usually insulted and claimed unintelligent or something of that nature.
These behaviors are common among some circles and, sadly enough, even encouraged but it is when the elitist is the poor example that one must surly slam their foot on the person's face; figuratively, of course. This is the problem I share today.

TWB is an internet play by post RPing site which is operated and controlled by an elite group of "creative writers" who believe a story may only work a certain way and only in a certain manner. Added to the fact that one must be in the "main circle" to even see most of the activity on the site and you have a clear problem of "my farts don't stink".

This is all well and fine if you do not bump into anyone with an open and free thinking mind. When you are the puppet master there is only room for stringed sheep. So once someone like myself comes along there is always deemed trouble. Quickly this behavior brings "out the troll in me". There is a constant stream of aggressive attempts to shatter the glass house of whoever has built this "I am Jesus" wall around themselves. Any expressive of free thinking would generally resort to such tatics on the eventual level but it is difficult for me to remain on my senses. An elitist's ego, especially those without any standing, is only a zeppelin filled with hydrogen gas. Easy to pop and easier to set aflame.

However, TWB is not the issue today. Today we speak of a game that wishes to share with Cantr in its game play., Faery Tale Online (FTO). The game does a well enough job but needs a lot of work. The problem with this is that the current community on FTO has a small elitist attitude toward anyone who is not willing to simply accept FTO in the manner that is now. There are some small consensus among the group but generally they wish to keep the game how they found it. That is a fine and well to do thing to want but it is not okay to futher more attack those who simply state that the game is not perfect.

Quickly anyone who has anything negative to say about the game is flamed and attacked by some of the sites "core members". This, of course, has a negative response to those giving an honest responce about the game, when it is negative. Soon those who do not wish to play by the games current unrwritten rules that the players have arbitrarily set down for no reason other then to make the game how they wish it and subject others to "find something else".

Extra trouble of this is that the elitist are not even that elite. The sites current "golden boy" is blandly average with his words and writing. I could not get through one of his paragraphs let alone a constant stream of RP responses from this person. The community thinks it has a 'huge troll problem" but the reality is that they bring on the noise they get for their elitism with poor backing to it.

Don't fall into the trap of group think and elitism. Think outside their box and your own, always advert the norms willingly and happily. Take those who think they "know better" and break their glass houses with large brick rocks made of world shattering logic. These people are only to be an annoyance, nothing more.

This is a sad fate for FTO as the game, once you get past some major flaws in its design, is very enjoyable. With a game that is so strictly based off of its player base when you are greeted with such hostility for explaining you are not exactly happy and only trying to help, it makes you not wish to enjoy something you were enjoying.

Suggestion and Recommendation: Play Faery Tale Online, wait out its long birth queue and deal with some of its broken mechanics but do not join its forum and participate in the community unless you are willing to become a sheep puppet.
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