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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Sean Connery

Broken posts, missed birthdays, quickies and masturbation aside, lets talk about something serious for a moment or two. (Kind of weird to talk about masturbation and have an image of an old man next to it, huh?)

Lets talk Sean Connery!

when is evil cool? has made aware that Sean Connery is eighty and has been retired from acting from some time but, in suit of our friend over at the previously mentioned blog, it feels important to mention which of his movies were the most awesome.

Bond is being ignored. Why? Cause that's to easy and we end up getting into Who's the better Bond arguments, which I'd like to avoid. Let us start this list with the most odd and least seen, at least by us at Solve Unamusement.

The Hunt for Red October is a film about a Russian submarine commander that basically goes AWOL and wants to blow up the US in a time that is otherwise peaceful among the nations. Needless to say, no one is happy about it and everyone tries to stop the crazy dude from completing his goal.

What's so odd about this is the fact Sean Connery is playing the Russian submarine commander but still sounds very Scottish. Call me an ignorant American but isn't that.... wrong?

Pop Song

Just something really quick for all those haters out there. Remember, its all about the Benjamins after all.

Pop Song (Jon Lajoie)

Birthday Blog News

Solve Unamusement had a birthday!

....two months ago.

That's right! According to the date on the very first blog post (which isn't used as a faux static page which should be changed over to blogger's actual static pages) Solve Unamusement's first post (called simply "Unamusement" at the time) was on Jun 11th 2009. How cool is that? We missed our own B-Day!

Solve Unamusement should apologize for itself by getting a super-special-awesome gift but we wont cause if it took two months to remember, whats the chance of getting such a thing? ZERO! Anyway, happy birthday Solve Unamusement; lets hope next year we do this not two months late.

The Beatles - Happy Birthday

Glory To Thee- I'm Not Posting That!

Anyone who listened to the song within this post and said to themselves "That doesn't have as much sex as Dudel promised it would" is totally in luck.

Well sorta-kinda in luck. You see, this next song might be about sex with no innuendo's or beating-around-the-bush or anything like that however it is less sex and more literally about masturbation.

Hey, it is my blog and I'll post a song about people doing things to themselves if I wanna!

Really, it isn't as bad as I imply... or maybe it is? Hard to tell now-a-days with the way the internet is. Could always resort to potty humor. (Damn it, that post is broken!)


It Broke (Flashback)

After posting on Metroid again I realized something. Ridley was missing! So, for giggles, decided to go see if any other posts were broken in some goofy manner. Mostly Youtube being lame or some such but hey, this is a cheap cop-out and lets folks see how lazy I am as a blog writer.

YouTube is a real stickler about copy-written material, you know that?

Looney Tunes are all broken! All but the one not hosted by YouTube. It is annoying!

On an older post about The Nightmare Before Christmas Wikipedia broke on me. Yeah, seriously! How lame is that? Do I gotta host every single image all by myself... and catch them myself? I can't cheat!? Not even with Wikipedia!?

Here is another one except this time there isn't a real reason. " This video has been deleted," It says. Why thanks for the update, I didn't see the fact it wasn't there I'm a complete and total idiot! Why would be nice.

And, finally, we'll drop one about Starship Troopers. While the first doesn't seem to bad... it isn't original sound audio they chose, the second is just plain old gone and it was technically covered under creative license as they made something NEW from the old content. There was real edit, customization etc and the creator gave credit for original material so what's the deal?

F U Internet, you broke-ed my blog.
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