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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal


San Diego Comic-Con is up and running! The place to be, if you've the money and means, if you are any form of nerd. Comics, movies, video games its all there at Comic-Con. New series that will be hitting a boob-tube near you, to be discussed on several of the panels. Some current talks and, of course, the comics.

G4 started coverage of Comic-Con a couple of days before the convention even started and will continue through Sunday. The floor at the convention seems overly crowded and unless you plan ahead or live in the Sand Diego area, you are better off finding something local. or watching G4. There are always conventions in your area all you need to do is look for them.

A good example for my "area" would be all the ones in Orlando, Florida. It is a central hub for such things, in general, and if you get the schedule for any convention center it will explain what is coming soon.

It is a little late to be going to anything now, especially Comic-Con but try and get to one. Local ones, and conventions in general, should be relatively cheap and provide cheap swag. Swag being free, and generally worthless, stuff that nerds and the like covet for collections and eBay. Although I think I would be guilty of swag collecting myself as that is half the fun of any convention, it is still slightly silly.

That all being, I'd suggest you watch G4's footage on the big event in San Diego. They have already dropped some big bombs and announced some killer things! Get to watching, live coverage today, Saturday, at 2:00 PM (EST).

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Music with a message will always grab the attention, especially if you can relate to it. There seems to be a trend in popular music to make something that is just mindless and slightly repetitive without actually explaining anything that anyone one of us have ever thought or heard. Those that know me may know I listen to "Alternative Rock" which is loosely rock that does not fit elsewhere or isn't popular enough to be played on main/normal stations. There is also the misconception that Alt Rock is Emo but that is a talk for another day.

Recently there has been a song I think deserves more recognition, not to mention its just cool.

If you liked that then you may also like this or this. These two songs are relatively more known and one is now actually considered main stream but I heard it before the dollar signs were tossed. It is music like this that makes me miss my local scene but my area is filled with more country then anything else so that is slightly fleeting thought.

If anyone has any song links that they think I might like or at least want me to listen to regardless of my own enjoyment, post a link in a common for this post.


An "oldie" by goody. Recently downloaded and seen, once again, FLCL or Fooly Cooly is beyond amusing show. The utter randomness of it just screams Solve Unamusement. Guitars, yellow scooters (a Vespa to be exact) and giant robots! Not to mention some PG-13 hints on some subjects, the "horn" being one of them.

The basics of the story.

  • Young sixth grade kid has normal life after college bound brother moves to America.
  • Odd Vespa chick comes out of no place and nails said kid in the head with her vespa scooter... then her guitar, then her foot, then her.. you get the point.
  • Horn grows out of kids head.
  • He tries to hide said horn with bandages and hats.
  • Horn turns into robot monster thing trying to destroy the city.
  • Weird Vespa chick and boy destroy robot monster thing.

That is a very bare idea of the show and only the first episode. I've left out some things from my break down but that is to encourage you to actually watch the show. You could possibly find the show online but I have provided a site that offers safe Anime downloads. The site also has anime movies as well as a lot of popular and unpopular series both Anime and non.

Solve Unamusement fully supports anyone who wants to watch this. Solve Unamusement also high fives anyone who likes the show and its characters.

The Cast

SMOOOOOOOOOOOO- oooooooooooooooooo- OOOCH!

Synesthesia/12 Seconds

A disorder, a blog, a story. Three things that all share the name Synesthesia. The disorder is stimulating one sense and also getting a response from another. The most common of this would be the act of seeing sounds and hearing colors. This sensation and its name make sense for the writer that uses the word and the title of the story, claimed soon to be novel.

The story, Synesthesia, is the first person account of a man drifting between being concious, remembering his past and being "trapped" in a dream state. The writer does a good job of weaving the three things together but it does, a lot of times, get annoyingly confusing. At some points it is difficult to tell what the character is actually experiencing of course, according to the writer, this is the point. When you take that thought into account the entire story moves rather well and the "sudden jumps" make more sense to the reader.

Notes are given by the author at the begining of this and his other stories, which should always be taken into account. They are something of the blurb you would get on the back of a book if that blurb explained nothing about the story and rather its reason and purpose. There are some that do this so this is not an attack on the author in anyway, shape, or form. Actually I prefer the notes as it lets me into a side of the writing as a reader that one would not normally get.

Here is the notes on Synesthesia from the author, Jikei.


This is the ORIGINAL SHORT STORY that my novel of the same title is based on. This does not, of course, contain ALL of the content the novel will (as it doesn't include a lot of his hallucinations that I have planned). It seems a bit much to happen in a short story and the ending may change in the novel. Who knows? I'm not even halfway through it and have LOTS to add. The ending may not be as good with a novel, after all. Oh well, read it and enjoy; this is my favorite of every story I've written.

As you can see the writer is very proud of his work and as well should be. It is not often that I find myself reading a story then later commenting on it in any form other then stateing the fact that I have indeed read it. Solve Unamusement is usually about visual stimulation and interactive media but this story deserves a looky loo.

His other stories and notes can also be found on the site which I have linked in a link cluster and is also in my own personal watch list. Some other story then this may the one to perk a cell in your mind so please, check them all out.

Garfield... Again? (Simon's Cat)

Don't Over Feed Your Pets, Seriously

Reminiscent of Garfield and his owner John, Simon's Cat is an amusing little character that haunts a very "Jone Doe" type of man. As it was with Garfield, Simon's Cat runs the show. Being the main subject matter. As cats in general have set types of behaviors, the characters are not that different either. Both are attention grubbing cats with little interest in anything other then getting themselves fed. The differences between Simon's Cat and Gafield are very small. Heck Simon's Cat even has himself an "Oddie".

What can be given to Simon Tofield (Animator, writer ,etc of Sion's Cat) is that he is a great cartoonist and even better animator. The series has its charm and is soon to have a book but I, personally, can't get past the "This looks like Gafield" stick. I'd love to give this animation more "credit" but, like everything else in this world, it has been done before.

Check out the other three cartoons on the youtube channel, which I have put up a widget. This Widget will then be moved down to the "Link Cluster" after a new post is created. And possibly, if it takes up to much space and or slows down page load, will be removed later.

Despite my small and possibly stupid gripes about Simon's Cat, I do hope the animations at least make you smile.


Some updates and news about myself and Solve Unamusement.

About Me

  • I have been feeling oddly as of late. Sleeping at awkward times and fluxing my sleep cycle in odd manners. Not to mention I've been having issues with my stomach and using the bathroom more then normal. It is nothing serious but is slightly discomforting.

  • I believe I may have also altered my digestion. This would make the odd issue with the restroom and having to poo every few hours make sense. I think I need more roughage in my diet.

  • My dog went into heat, which I thought odd considering her age. She was "leaking" all over the floor and causing a mess. Because of this I have not been "allowing" her to sleep in my room. It is for hygiene and my own sanity.

Blog News

  • Been a little distracted with some new stuff I'm trying. Watching some downloaded anime on my comp as this is my PC and I've more then enough space. I will discuss some of them later and might give the subject its own "Link Cluster" under "Anime". Of course it will get the "keyword-tag" of "Cartoons" but a new one of "Anime" will also be added.

  • Some of the current "Link Cluster" either have been split or will be split here soon. I have also started to include multiple "Link Clusters" if they both/all are relevant to the post in some manner. This might start to happen when things are on multiple media or are bridged between them. An example of this would be linking game sequels with TV shows and/or comic books.

  • There is a personal debate about finding another writer with similar views and tastes to mine to post on the blog but that would be/is difficult. Especially with the current amount of readers and the fact that there is only one Dudel on the planet, that I know of.

  • I have included a recent posts widget down near the site record and keyword-tag list. All of these things have similar functions so they have been grouped together.

  • Subscription Options have been tweaked a little more from before. The follower widget has been "re-added" as the problem I seemed to have with it has magically fixed itself. The option near the top to sign in will remain there regardless of the subscription option changes. It is a permanent addition to Solve Unamusement.

  • I have tagged this post with some new, and slightly random, keyword-tags in order to "remind" myself that I can use them later. I may or may not remove them after the tags have been used, which will not be for a few days.

  • Expect one of my next posts to be about a rather old and odd but very good Anime. It is a short series with only six episodes. This will, of course, be after two other posts which have been inspired or suggested by my readers.
I would like to also thank the seven people who have subscribed to my blog. That makes me smile, it does! Please keep reading my nonsense and being amused and I'll keep the blog moving forward with things that help solve the problem. For those of you who are not subscribed there are options at the bottom of this page or you may go here.

Cartoons (How To)

This isn't going to be an actual "How To" on drawing cartoons but more of what to focus on. The idea of most cartoons is to get their point across quickly and simply. This means making general shapes for objects be they animate or otherwise and using simple phrases. There are those, mostly in the "business" of comic books that over complicate things in order to make something "eye dropping" but this was not the original purpose of the cartoon.

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Outline Pen
  • Color Pencils

Cartoons and drawing them is all about being to the point. You've a statement to make, even if it a silly or stupid one. This statement must be clear and obtained fast. The easiest way is through a cartoon. The most common of these would be the cartoons in your newspaper on political issues. The images are drawn free hand and their subject is directly to the point.

Now we've the gist on what our purpose is, where to start? A majority of artist start with the focal point of whatever the image is. In cartoons this is usually the eyes or head of the character. There are the exceptions, of course, in which case on object is enlarged to bring emphasis on it but usually the point is the face of the character when drawing. The eyes, face and head of a character, when drawing cartoons, do not need to actually proportionate to anything. As this is a distortion of reality there is no need to sick the character in it. Personally I like to make the eyes rather big and obvious, not in the manner of some Japanese cartoons but still bigger.

After the eyes are placed the head gets drawn around it, this is odd as most draw the head and then the eyes inside. A lot like to keep the head and eyes within certain proportions but as this is cartooning, there is no need for that. Once the head is around the eyes, the shape isn't relevant and can be anything from circular to octagonal, the nose is placed. The nose is a simple line between the eyes and is only there to show that the character is "humanoid". Without the "nose line" you start making things look animal like. That is, of course, okay if that is the intention.

The eyes, head and nose are all in place now comes the mouth and eyebrows. These should flow with each other. If a character is all smiles then the eyebrows show if the smiles is for good intentions or not. Eyebrows do not go on the eyes but above them. There should never be a time when the eyebrow is over the shape you have made for the eye unless you are trying to "blur" their lines. If that is the case then the eyes will look partially closed regardless of what you try. The mouth should be the startings of the characters sex. If female the lips should be a little bigger or at least "fuller" then if male. There should also be an "air" about the eyebrows and, unless going for a butch type chick, should be thin.

Right now we've a floating head with no hair, so lets toss some hair on top, any type. The hair and clothes sell the characters sex, usually. As with most things there are exceptions but nine times out of ten the character will be deemed either male or female by the clothes it is wearing, especially in cartoons. There is a simple rule, females have longer hair and wear more "flowing" clothes. It is a stereotype but you'll have no confusion about what characters of yours are female and others male. Hands on the body are usually limited to three fingers but you may draw as many or less as you wish. On a personal line, I rarely draw toes and sometimes "hide" feet altogether.

Now we've a character in empty space, give them something in the background. The easiest of these is the simple horizon. A straight line from one side of the paper to the other which "breaks" behind the character. This line becomes the horizion, the top the sky and the bottom the ground/earth. This is simply to keep the character within a world, rather then have them floating in the middle of nothing. Once the ground and sky are established you have a choice.

To color or not to color, that is a big question. I will leave it up to you. Color pencils work the best for cartoons. I suggest outlineing your character before you actual start to color, however. Trace the lines you have drawn, even some mistakes, and the character POPs from their paper prison.

Now that you are done, why not share what you've got? Hit the image at photobucket and post the link in a comment, here.
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