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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Back To The Lab Again (Dexter's Labratory Cont)

While the show was popular it got it's fair share of attention and understanding but one of the most intriguing was a mild hip-hop song with the title "Back To The Lab Again". It would run, rather randomly, as a commercial or place filler on Cartoon Network.

It's a bit repetitive and can, like a couple posts back, get stuck in your head if you let it. While it may also not be "for everyone" it is rather "kiddy", but it's based on a cartoon so that can be given pass.

Back To The Lab Again

It's kinda cool, right?

Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter's Lab was one of the best shows on Cartoon Network for a long stretch of time. It was a very clever show written around, or about, a boy genius and his idiot family. This was with the exception of his mother who showed clear signs of herself being of sound intelligence but instead chose to apply herself differently.

The intro to the show was very well done. It was short, had a really good tune and was funny, at least the first time. It has Dee-Dee, Dester's sibling, doing her usual deal of invading the lab and messing with Dexter's head. In the end of it, she blinds him.

Dexter's Lab: Intro

One of my personal favorite episodes was titled "Labels" but a search and find, without having to upload it oneself, has proved a bit fruitless. Actually, other then download, finding full episodes that have not been "pooped" is a chore in itself.

Not Silly Song!

Now we shall counterpart the annoyance I might have give you the past couple of days with an acquired taste. A personal favorite, here, at Solve Unamusement is Tool and one of their songs that is a favorite would be Ænema.

The song is a filled with a lot of rage, which is contradictory to most of what is on site, that describes the band's, or at least the song writer's, view of L.A. Personally, I feel it applies to a good majority of the U.S. or even the commercialized world.

Ænema - Tool

Video might need some time to load.

Have an amusement you'd wish to share? Why not check out the suggestion link and give the idea out. Who knows, it might get on site. Suggestions that end up on site are placed there, as well.

Suggestions page might need updating as of this post write up.

Continuing The Rampage (Silly Songs 2)

This isn't so much about silly songs but, now, about songs that simply get stuck in your head for hours and hours on end. In that case, I have found a few which those around, may enjoy taking turns washing your mind with.

Don't Worry Be Happy

While this song might still fit along the side of "silly", I'd have to admit to this song imprinting itself on at least my own brain. I do wish you luck on removing it, yourself.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Two hours from now, you'll be humming this song and forget where you even heard it today. For extra silly awesomeness, I've included the hippo and dog version.

I believe the reason that most of these songs stick in your head is because of a catchy and easy to remember chorus. We all must admit that it is the chorus that we get stuck in our head and almost never remember the rest of the song.

Silly Song Rampage!

Because this was not an automated post and I need to sleep this post shall simply be a couple of my favorite silly songs. One being bout the The Flying Purple People Eater and the other being The Witch Doctor.

The first is rather clever, Flying Purple People Eater, and all kinds of merchendise for it. I shall look for the movie, not the Alvin and The Chipmuks meet the Purple People Eater but there is an actual live action movie, soon enough to see if that too stands up to time.

Beware, these songs might get stuck in your head for days.

Flying Purple People Eater

Witch Doctor

Hope you enjoyed that.

Google AdSense (Blog News)

Some of you may have noticed the small, or possibly big, change to Solve Unamusement in the notice of advertisements. While I have been fighting doing this for awhile there isn't really a reason why there can't be something small on the site that might help me earn a buck, eventually, for the work/effort that was put into the thing.

The only problem is that I have to, personally, remove/disable add-block features in order to view the streamline and tolerance of this feature. Each time I do this, I have to massivly update and edit the ads that are about on Solve Unamusement.

What will probably happen, even before this post is published, is a couple customized one made specifically for Solve Unamusement which will be placed in areas that most people either wont see, which defeats their purpose, or in a place at least where it is not distracting away from the blog as a whole.

Desperately looking for feedback on this, thank you!

On another note, I have been pondering with the idea of expanding old(er) posts with new content. Revisiting, similar to how I post random things for the "Irrelevant Pic", old blog posts and providing with new/similar content for them.

Feedback would be nice but not needed

The Monster Mash (Halloween Three)

Now I know, for an almost absolute fact, that a majority of everyone has heard of The Monster Mash. What most of us have not, probably, seen is the Groovy Goolies singing this song. Of course this is nothing more then a mashup by a youtube user but is done rather well, I think.

The Monster Mash

This, ends the Halloween triple thread now with it being November first. Expect something of the normal Unamusement nature, tomorrow.

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