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Bogeyman Continued

The post from yesterday, yesterday for you but only a couple of moments for me, about the magic that is "The Bogeyman" was brought on by a movie with an aptly named title. Think really horribly-awesome grade-z film with a dash of really bad CG at the very end of it.

Bogeyman and Bogeyman Two are, to say the least, comical if not by accident. Then again, most horror films are somehow accidentally comical in one manner or another. Out of the two, the second is most fun but only because it is ground more on reality than some Scottish Fairy turned Swartzenager.

For both films movie trailers, see below.

Bogeyman Trailer

Bogeyman 2 Trailer

And apparently there are like four of these craptastic films but who cares? Really, there are four of them! Who watched the third? Who even knew there were more than one or two? Horror movies, man, I swear.


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