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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

BlogNews & Life is Good

Greetings and salutations blog readers! Today is the day that has been over due. A day of updates that are Solve Unamusement and not just one of the many listed amusements.


  • Frequency: First thing that is notable is the number of amusements per week that are scheduled. Daily for almost a year was a bit of a strain over the last month and I've literally got nothing but time. However as it is now, several posts can be written for the coarse of a month when the privy to blog takes me and no one is the wiser. The irrelevant pic still gets randomly changed whenever the mood suits me.
  • Episodic Content: Main "Keyword-Tags" which offer a sub amusement and extra bit of fun for at least the blog writer.
    • Childhood Memories: A very new (as in it was created and tossed at already marked posts) bit of Solve Unamusement from the childhood of you writer. These are things that held a gleam during the Elementary years of school or are things heavily involved in what made me who is me.
    • Loony Tunes: Self explanatory but this is every Loony Tune cartoon that has been listed on Solve Unamusement
    • Quickie: Short posts that provide something quick. Usually a video and less than a paragraph of text. There is no- "Would You Like to Know More?"
    • aniBOOM: Similar in context to Loony Tunes. This (and Loony Tunes) is not a a new label.
    • Science Fiction: A little something special as it is an uncommon (yet powerful) topic for Solve Unamusement. However this could end up being only vague or even eventually removed depending on how well I enjoy it.
    • Zombie: A very fun segment! Zombies! Expect another Zombie post (Dudel's Guide to Zombie/Survival Horror) in a few days.
    • Rampage: Another personal favorite! Songs that one might not always think annoying but are. Songs that get stuck in your head and torment you for days on end. Don't be a coward, check to see which ones they are.
    • Willy Wonka: A special place here on Solve Unamusement for Wonka and his antics. Expect another post about Oompa 1 vs Oompa 2 in the coming days/weeks
  • Quality: Due to posting being less frequent and more blogging only happening when 100% "in the mood" this raises the general quality and fullness of posts. However Quickies are intended to simply be something quick and painless on all parties parts so nothing extra will be involved there.
  • Backloggery: Not directly related to Solve Unamusement however games being played will eventually listed provided they "struck that cored" and are worth being mentioned to others. Any Solve Unamusement readers with a Backloggery already should send me a "Hello" as well. A game list is at the very bottom of the page and is updated through Backloggery.
  • Title Formatting: Thanks to the integration of blog feed with twitter, it allows for interesting results. However #hashtags are created very specifically so it takes working in order to not clutter the 140 characters. Meaning Titles get odd groupings like (BlockNews) so that with the keyword-tag being made a hashtag it happens correctly via twitter.

With that we have all the "needs" of this Blog update out of the way and now there shall be something extra fun to see in the coming of days. "The coming of days"? It'll be biblical I tells ya!

On a further note, I'd like to take a small moment to do something of a quiz brought to us by Asja Boros. An award is offered (kinda) but this is mostly just for giggles. Questions should be obvious, my answers are in italics.

1.Where (and how) would you spend vacation of your dreams?

If at all possible that would be either under the sea or in outer space. Time spent would be looking at and/or discovering new creatures. Under the sea would be a little easier to find life, I think.

2.What’s your comfort food?

Chocolate ice cream!

3. If you could learn to speak any foreign language overnight what language would that be?

This one is a bit of a tie. Spanish so that I could communicate better with the people in my own country (as the USA now has a large majority of Spanish speakers) or French just because it is a sexy language that the ladies dig. ;)

4. What’s your favorite music genre/band/artist?

This varies and anyone reading the blog is well aware of that. However favorites included: Tool, Weird Al, The Beatles and more.

5. Can you list three things in life that make you very happy right now?

Three whole things? Okay, if I must: My girl, my dog when she behaves & video games.

Now to continue the fun, there shall be no one specific tagged (as that gets annoying on both parties end) but here are some questions you are more than welcome to answer.

1: What... is your name?
2: What... is your quest?
3: What... is your favorite color?
4: What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
5: Did you get the joke?

Anyway, post it on your blog or whatever-it-is-you-have with the "Life Is Good" header and pass the word around. Something fun, no obligations but it would be neat to see if anyone reading answered the above five questions.

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bagalagalaga said...

I think most of my favorites are in the "childhood memories", since I watched many a cartoon

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