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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Living Worlds (Elder Scrolls Series)

The Elder Schools serious started out as a randomly integrated first person RPG that started out as the name implies. Arena was the first of the Elder Scrolls names and thus does not have the "Elder Scrolls" moniker the the others do. While each game is independent of the others while graphics and gameplay improve based on comments from players the best in the series is Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

This was the first one of the four to go fully 3D and start a rang of games after it. While the first two where its building blocks and their stories were great. The main draw to each of these games is the "play as you will" attitude of them. No class or race is stronger then any other, although one "combination" may work better then others upon character creation. Each game was/is a matter of play style.

Morrowind is such a grand game, in fact, that is STILL being sold retail while the game was released in 02 and its sequal has been out for some time now. There are even mods for Oblivion (the fouth in the serious) that directly alter the game to Morrowind's landscape and story.

The advancement in technology is a wondrous thing as it allows for better graphics but the story is the same regardless of the colors on the book cover.





While graphically the games have been revamped and upgraded the stories take their turns. Morrowind is by far the best of the four because it has a nice balance of them all. Arena and Daggerfell get a small boost for being able to keep up with their story despite the technological restriction but Oblivion has no excuse for its weak story.

All of these games may be played on your PC, one way or another. Arena and Daggerfell may require a emulator program to operate but Morrowind and Oblivion should work with most standard systems. As far as I know, only Arena is shareware but checking the Elder Scrolls site, found in side bar, should clarify any and all misconceptions you may or may not have.

A Clever Rodent

Childhood filled with the antics of Bugs Bunny and his "crew" this is something that will never lose its charm. The age of the watcher is only limited by their own belife of what is "to old" for cartoons. Personally, I say no one is ever to old for cartoons.

Bugs Bunny is someone who teaches us all the power of being clever while in undying circumstance. The particulars of any of his situations are only lead by his slight misdirection, "I should took that left turn at Albuquerque." Always willing to look a villain in his eyes and tell him whats what then mess with his head, seconds later.

Sara Hare

If only we were all a little more like Bugs Bunny there might be a little less stupid to deal with around the world. Yosamite Sam sure takes a beating good though so maybe it might only bring forth more gun violence.

Thinking of Love (Days Go By - Dirty Vegas)

Days Go By done by Dirty Vegas is a light techno song that should be having you thinking of your special someone. It has simple words and tone that gets its point across while making you inadvertently think about your someone special. It is that latter reason as to why I, personally, fully enjoy the song. Dirty Vegas plays a form of techno sometimes called "House", although I am unsure of the differences between techno types.

The band of four members has plenty more where that came from with a range of sounds and feelings behind them. Sadly, from what I can find, the band has only one CD in release by the name of its band. Find them on facebook, myspace or iTunes and see what proceedings happen.

Hope to hear more from the band myself but if not there is still the current CD they have released upon the world. Perhaps more songs may make others think about lost loves or better yet, current ones.

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Derailing Fiction

The act of actively derailing a fictional story is sometimes frowned upon by others as poor etiquette but it is something that sometimes needs to be done. At times the piece of fiction may need a kick in one way or another to get the others participating more involved. The problem is it may cause people to not wish to participate anymore after something "overly random" or "adversely destructive" has happened.

Most only have a problem with such derails when it is drastic. One of my two recent examples have been the killing of characters and changing of a setting. The easiest thing to do is change the setting as actually killing off a character usually kill the active project more then anything else.

Snippet From De Profundis Correspondence Game

Urgent Message to Sam Montgomery;

Due to an error that was made in the regards as to whom did or did not have any ties to the crystal formations your mother, Carla Montgomery, has been a tormentingly killed. She claimed no knowledge of crystals of any sort even after a letter you sent was found on her property. You, and the rest of the Botanical Dome Personnel are hence forth being noted as traitors. There is also news that Wallace has helped in assisting with the escape of Lily, both are to be put to death.

This letter has been sent because you are a minor and as of now have no living family, do not think your treatment is less because you did no wrong. We hope to be able to re-educate you with a more proper form of thinking.

You shall be picked up and taken to a facility for your safety, arguments will be met with force.

Secretary of Space Defense.
While the post itself did not actually claim any other character dead as there was no visual scene of the death, others may find it poor form. It was done anyway for purpose of this post and to show the frailties in the current rule set of the game.

However, killing of your own characters for any reason is never poor form but it still may upset others. While changing the genre and setting of a collaborative writing project it is not always best to destroy your own character while doing so as it is then to simple for others to fully remove the character from the story. That is, of course, if the character was intergrated to begin with.

That is unless there is another character created in its stead that has forced itself into interaction with many of the characters as quickly as possible. This is usually done by something large rather then taking each character and addressing them individually. Crashes, explosions and other such devices work well but like all things, if the person or people you are trying to derail are better and/or more creative writers then yourself you will be the one who gets out matched.

Snippet From Milgram High <3

It didn't take long for Commander James Q. Waller to find the safety switch that would prevent the self destruction of his ship. In a panic he smashed it into the dash thinking it was a button. Commander James Q. Waller screamed out his toothless mouth letting his neon green, glow in the dark hair burst about the low gravity chamber he was sitting in.

The galaxy outside spun itself around the tiny capsule that held the odd looking captain but he was not phased. Pressing for time as the pod leaked oxygen into the empty space about he looked for the nearest planet that resembled his own, luck would have it that Earth was not far away.

Lucky was on Captain Waller's side as he broke the atmosphere with limited heat destruction and hull breaches. The ship would never fly again, even with brand new parts but the captain was going to be alive. His ship decended quickly and smashed into the Migram High, the lunch and science areas to be specific.

It was unfortunate for Robby that the ship incoming would smash him in the face and destroy half the school in its wake. Especially as one of the science club members found a cure for Robby's infliction. Worse still that the chemical discharge from the liquid was highly explosive, if not temporarily dormant. Captain Waller had no knowledge of any of this as he opened the pod door and sent it smashing into a lunch table.

"I am Captain James Q. Waller and I come... in peace," He said loudly through the cloud of white fume came from the pod, it was sterile atmosphere but only to the captain. One unlucky student passing by and choked to death on the cloud. It seemed, Commander & Captain James Q. Waller may not be coming in as peacefully as he thinks

Tricks for derailing a thread are difficult to give or follow as it is dependent on each individual writer and the ones he or she is interacting with. Some fellows will try and resurrect the mess that was caused but most, if not done lightly, will chose to not want to participate with any further projects while you are present. Derail fictional works at your own risk. This will bring bad bread if done incorrectly or with strictly malice intent.

Interactive Buddy

One of the older flash games I've played but still one of the best, Interactive Buddy is hours of fun in a simple package. The premise to the game is in its name, you get a little Buddy. He responds to your in game stimulus be that tickles, punches or explosives. The latter being the most fun. By interacting with Interactive Buddy you earn in game money to be used for in game items, modes and skins.

Most of you will torment Buddy with explosives but the most fun things happen when Buddy trusts you. when he is oblivious (new game) has has grown to trust you (again) he falls for things. The most amusing of these is the tossing of a hand grenade and him catching it. Buddy isn't sure what to make of the object in his hands, until it explodes and he gets a big sad face.

Fun Things

  • Purchase the gravity shifter, drop a bunch of bowling balls and then one grenade and watch the fun.
  • In Game Radio is speaker specific, which ever side its closest too is the speaker that gets audio. Buddy dances when close enough to the radio.
  • Set Buddy on fire and watch him scream bloody murder and run, put him out with one of the three water hoses. The fire hose pushes him around violently.
  • Hold Buddy's hand long enough, without smashing him into stuff, and he will trust you again. (Still runs from grenades but not the mouse pointer)
  • Stack Objects, Buddy Included, with the "explode at mouse" god power then watch gravity do its magic. (Requires precision)
  • Buddy Likes Baseballs provided they don't hit him in the head play catch with Buddy and watch him smile.
  • When Buddy is out cold you can either tickle him awake or purchase the stun gun and give him a quick ZAP.

That is just some of the things that Interactive Buddy can do, if you get enough in game money you may purchase the mode that allows you to write your own scripts for the game. This is good for "code savvy" people, unlike myself, and it opens up a world of possibilities.

Controls are simple point and click and in game instructions, if you need them, are provided along with a help menu.

Be Buddy's savor or his curse, its up to you!

Sweded (Be Kind Rewind)

The "Be Kind Rewind" video (VHS video) store is finding itself in a bit of hardship in the new coming era of the DVD, its losing business, customers and soon the building it rests in. Strugling to survive in the new world and unable to adapt the store is doomed to be shut down. Then upon an error in judgment, the store has all their VHS taps magnetically erased and its up to Jerry and his only "real friend" to make it right, save the store and restore the community.

With this the Sweded movie is born!

Self creations of popular movies made on low budget, possibly altering the contents a little, and most done in under thirty minutes. These short homey movies are so amusing that they have their own following now.

The trailer of this movie doesn't really give it much justice but gets the point across to the basics behind the film.

However, the Sweded trailer done by writer/directer Michael Gondry does the move more service then is truly understood.

The movie is a great family film with high laugh quality and a good moral lesson, if you wish to look for them. Don't be afraid by the films "kooky nature" or "happy ending mentality" this is a great view and I'm glad to have seen it myself.

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