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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal


The above letters might seem like just a jumble of words to most, as was the case with myself when presented with it, but what lies underneath is a plethora of Interactive Fiction. Beforehand there was one post (linked just a moment ago) about Interactive Fiction and that was it. This is all because Interactive Fiction, personally, tends to be hit-and-miss.

This is all fixed for anyone who really wants to get into IF by being a whole DM/GM ran games. Each IF is ran by individual people meaning that your options are not pre-programed and/or limiting. This makes for a real experience to be had.

Note: Not a member of tgchan.


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