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Multiple Endings

In Crono Trigger you play the role of Crono (You may rename him and the rest of your party members upon meeting them) the main plot behind Crono Trigger is to save the world. The trick is WHEN to save the world. As the name of both character and game imply the "Time Trigger" is what needs to be watched out for. There is a greet evil that will eventually destroy the world and its up to Crono and his group to defeat it.

That "feature" alone for Crono Trigger allows for several different endings, none of which I will state here. I will state that the "happy ending" requires the most play time and the saddest least fulfilling of the endings requires the least amount of play time. The story is beautifully written and does not hold the typical standards that most RPGs, in general, have.

  • Open the "Black Chests" in the present after examining but not opening them in the past for better items.
  • When playing the first time through do not look for "easy outs" on killing the final boss.
  • Talk to Crono's best friend Lucca's (or whatever you have named her) father for Lucca's best equipment.
  • Do not fret when you may have possible "mess something up", this game is intended to be played multiple times so you may try again next time.
  • Play the game AT LEAST TWICE.

The game starts in Crono's room where he is pestered by his mother to wake up. From there he is encouraged to go to the fair, but I'd suggest exploring town a bit before you do. The fair is filled with a few mini games and has a battle training area where you fight a singing robot.

After a little bit of time Crono, literally, bumps into a blond chick who doesn't give her name. Crono and the chick decide to explore the festival together. At the "top" of the fair/festival is where Crono's best friend and her father are making a new invention. The two think the invention will change the world, and it does, but not in the manner they think. An error occurs on the machines and an odd dimensional rift is created, sucking the blond chick inside. Crono, of course, decides to follow regardless of the risk and the adventure begins!

Traveling between time and locations, Crono Trigger is a grand game that evolves multiple endings. For its time, this was a rare thing, to be implemented correctly. If you've an SNES or the ZSNES emulator, I'd highly suggest this game. Playing on the ZSNES would be the preferred as their is less chance the game will crash or fail. There is also the added bonus of extended memory and the ZSNES features.


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