Solve Unamusement: Kidnap the Sandy Claus (Number 1 or Number 2)

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Kidnap the Sandy Claus (Number 1 or Number 2)

The Nightmare Before ChristmasImage via Wikipedia

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a movie that I am sure most, if not all, of you have seen. My purpose of this is not to bring attention to a movie that needs no attention brought to it but only three characters. Lock, Stock and Barrel are whom I'm talking about. Their major point in the story is to kidnap Santa Claus and return him to Jack Skellington. They also sing the best song in the movie, "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" which has/was remade by Korn for the "revisit" that was in theaters recently.

This is the original with the video included. These characters always seemed, if even considered major, as minor. The story is all about Jack and someone should fix that.

The audio for what inspired this, not as structurally written as the others but equal in possible spelling and grammar issues, post.

With the Assumption that you have watched both video's and read what limited words I have placed here, I've a question.

Does a guitar make all things better or is it just me?

This is, of course, a hypothetical question as I do know the answer is "No". Korn has only gotten lucky with their remake. The fact that this song was rudimentarily written in a "metal-esque" tone is the only reason for unfailure.

2 Replies:

Anonymous said...

Yes, less Jack. I heard the Korn version before. And I agree with you. The fact that the movie has a gothic underlying to it, and the song was written pretty basic, so making it like that, just works.

As for Korn themselves, they're largely miss.

By the way, I don't have the link, but the webcomic Patches I sent you a while back would be a nice link.

Dudel said...

Patches will 100% be in a later post, thank you.

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