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Sean Connery

Broken posts, missed birthdays, quickies and masturbation aside, lets talk about something serious for a moment or two. (Kind of weird to talk about masturbation and have an image of an old man next to it, huh?)

Lets talk Sean Connery!

when is evil cool? has made aware that Sean Connery is eighty and has been retired from acting from some time but, in suit of our friend over at the previously mentioned blog, it feels important to mention which of his movies were the most awesome.

Bond is being ignored. Why? Cause that's to easy and we end up getting into Who's the better Bond arguments, which I'd like to avoid. Let us start this list with the most odd and least seen, at least by us at Solve Unamusement.

The Hunt for Red October is a film about a Russian submarine commander that basically goes AWOL and wants to blow up the US in a time that is otherwise peaceful among the nations. Needless to say, no one is happy about it and everyone tries to stop the crazy dude from completing his goal.

What's so odd about this is the fact Sean Connery is playing the Russian submarine commander but still sounds very Scottish. Call me an ignorant American but isn't that.... wrong?

The Hunt for Red October Trailer

We also got Highlander but that's to easy so we'll move on from there. Sean Connery was also in the last good Indiana Jones film before someone did things to people they shouldn't have. Suppose he was in the bad one too but forgive me if I don't want to try suffering through it to see. Also in Time Bandits, which is something else when is evil cool? made us aware of, as king Agamemnon. And before we start looking at more movie trailers, this guy was also the voice of Draco Dragonheart.

So lets get to the personal favorites, now. Oh but wait; these will be followed with later posts so you've been misled and I'm so sorry for you.


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