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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Running with Toys

This is going to be the first of a few Toys posts which will cover one of my most favorite movies, ever.

A movie that is thought by some to be one of Robin Williams' best but others, still, his worse; toys is an excellent movie for those who enjoy some rather simple things in life. The film covers some well felt themes of death, love, war, acceptance and understanding while still having a generally upbeat feel to it.

Lots of "big actors" played a role in this movie from Joan Cusack playing Robin Williams' character's sister to throwing in LL Cool J as one of the main antagonists within the film.

While the movie has some great music, humor, actors and a dash of heart one of the things this movie didn't/doesn't have/had was good advertisement. The trailer and advertisements for this movie are/were just horrible to listen to. In honor of that statement, I give you the trailer and an advertisement for when the film fist when on home video.



Now, let us be honest; these do not make you care about the film much, do they? These short blurbs make you not care at all about the film thus missing out on so much. Suppose if one was to argue it was "for kids" then this type of advertisement and trailer would pass, but not by much.

Toaster Purse & Bad Dates

Today there was a search for simple chuckles and easy to follow plots. Because I already did a flash game, today we shall aniBOOM. Two simple, and short, animations that will at least make you smile. The second of the two is the best while the first is the shortest.

Date Gone Horribly Wrong

I'd say the date didn't go "horrible" but that is one truth he may wish to keep to himself. Then again, at least he knows that the female is a "cheap date" and will eat just about anything. Just about anything she assumes isn't actually something else.

Toaster Purse

Any of you that are animators might want to give aniBOOM a look because they are always looking for talent. Everything on aniBOOM is made by independent animators.

Pick A System (Harvest Moon)

Harvest Moon is a game with so many, moderately well made, renditions that it has a home on every Nintendo system except for the NES. Made by the Natsume, there are also several "unofficial sequels" to other systems. Most of those that are on other systems to not have the actual Harvest Moon name.

The games are rather simple in concept but what always blows me away about each of them is the citizens in the towns your are placed in. While their responses are a bit limited they somehow always seem to make you care, if only a little, about what has or hasn't happened to them.

This feature is easiest seen by the player as they search for a life partner. It was only until recent games that the player was anything other then male, and that is the only type which I play, but the females that where protrayed didn't change much.

They Consisted of:
  • Flower Girl
  • Religious/Politic Girl
  • Tool Girl
  • Party Girl
  • Traveler

Recent Games have included other arcitypes such as the sick girl and her nurse but the originals are the main staples.

Out of the common listed girls, three are almost always present. "Party girl" usually runs the bar, which is open really late. When she is not, most of the time this female is wondering around town and looking at flowers. "Flower girl" operates the place where the player goes to get seeds, this is usually operated by the girls mother. When not working at the see shop, she is usually in a part or other place of that nature. "Religious/Political girl" is usually the mayor's daughter. In some games this girl attends church and in others she is in the library.

Personally, my two favorite versions of the series are two, out of the three, that are on the gamecube. A Wonderful Life and Magical Melody, are the most well done and have the best NPC to PC character interaction.

Overall, its an excellent game series with excellent characters to interact with and a really good game to kinda zone out to at times.

Note: Harvest Moon and other games related are slightly classified as "farming simulators" but this is not the case. These games are small town simulators, but only in a very simplistic way.

The Bee Game

The Bee, a flash game that was recently found on freeadictinggames, has a beautifully simple thing going for it. The controls are easy, the concept is to the point and the puzzles aren't difficult to figure out.

Yes, The Bee is a puzzle game, of sorts, where you control a bee. The general game play consists of you moving the mouse around the flash game screen to control the bee. You collect daisies and/or get the ball into a basket while getting around obstacles and being constrained to a dotted line area.

The challenge in The Bee, is that dotted line area. Your character, which is of course the bee, is confined to a small area on the screen. At first, I honestly didn't notice and was confused as to why the bee didn't move with my mouse. Yes, this isn't very bright of me but I was lagging at the time.

Puzzles, in the game, randomly range in difficulty. Its a tad random on the puzzle solution as well. While the solutions are simple, collect this then put the ball here, there is no real direction otherwise.

  • Mouse - Move Bee

The only thing other then the puzzles are the odd boss fights against another flying insect. They play something like old school 8-bit tennis games. You lob the ball to the other side and try to hit their floor. After getting five and winning you can continue to the next stage area. I got to puzzle group three before deciding to write the blog post, and will probably never play the game again but it ate a good hour of my time.

A nice solid amusement, if not a short lived one. It is a fun game and a good random find.

Play Here
Link Also In Sidebar

Not Hard Justice

For avid readers who have read this post I would like to not that while I was searching for this, I had found that and found it more amusing at the time.

Justice is a techno group, yes there has been a techno crazy at Solve Unamusement, with a few pop like cover songs. One of those being D.A.N.C.E which was played for some time on MTV.

However, I find most of their other songs are more in the style of constant amusement while their cover songs are only catchy. Like with all music choices, I have limited knowledge on what genre they are without doing research but with the giant video playlist there will be little reason to do as such.


Twelve videos at approximately seven minutes a piece

The Naughty Parrot

This has to be one of my favorite jokes. The first time I heard this was actually from my mother a long time ago and it was supposed to be a lesson. I seem to have forgotten that lesson, or the point of joke other then its punch line.

The Naughty Parrot

David received a parrot for his birthday. This parrot was fully grown with a bad attitude and worse vocabulary. Every other word was an expletive. Those that weren't expletives were, to say the least, rude.

David tried hard to change the bird's attitude and was constantly saying polite words, playing soft music, and anything else that came to mind. Nothing worked. He yelled at the bird and the bird got worse. He shook the bird and the bird got madder and ruder.

Finally, in a moment of desperation, David put the parrot in the freezer. For a few moments he heard the bird squawking, kicking and screaming and then, suddenly, all was quiet.

David, frightened that he might have actually hurt the bird, quickly opened the freezer door. The parrot calmly stepped out onto David's extended arm and said, "I'm sorry that I offended you with my language and actions. I ask for your forgiveness."

David was astounded at the bird's change in attitude and was about to ask what changed him when the parrot continued,

"May I ask what the chicken did?"

As with all jokes, this one has several renditions. One is having David, or whom ever you name, throw the bird in a closet and other places before the freezer. I have heard the birds language taken to the extreme, but this tends to ruin the humor. One of my favorite renditions of the joke, even though I had head it once already, was done in an extremely exaggerated manner. The person used props, like a stuff parrot and even a real fridge.

Dr. Tran Fan Mail

Remember Dr. Tran in Here Comes Dr. Tran? Remember how I talked about the new series that was going up? Okay, if you remember these things, or checked the link post and are now faking it, there are four episodes of Dr. Tran Fan Mail.

Out of the four, the most recent was the funniest of them. Hotel Soap, which can bee seen in 100% Ice Part 3, makes a guest appearance with the shaved ice babies, which made their first appearance in The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun, to harass Dr. Tran along side the announcer.

Dr. Tran Mail "Hotel Soap"

I really don't have much more to add except that the whole video is pretty dang funny, at least to me.

Lone Sausage - Dr. Tran Main site

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