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Rocko's Modern Life (Cartoons)

Picture Nickelodeon back when cartoons where cartoons and no one was above a bad potty joke. Picture a show in the lieu of Ren and Stimpy in art style (might even be the same animators but that type of research is to far involved for the likes of us).

Rocko's Modern Life is based on a wallaby named Rocko who moves from his home country (Australia) to avoid being mistreated by a bully. Once in America, Rocko meets a strange cast of characters from a hypochondriac turtle (Filbert) to a steer raised by wolves (Heffer).

But lets get to what makes rocko's Modern life awesome and that is the show itself. The intro and a little bit of Filbert for those who have been extra calm in reading, or skipping, what was here.

One of Rocko's Modern Life Themes

"That was a HOOT!"

Clips From "Filbert Badluck"

It would have been preferred to find clips from the episode "Yarnbenders" as that was and always will be a personal favorite of self. Filbert was not a fan of porridge.

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bagalagalaga said...

You're dragging up a lot of fond cartoon memories lately, Rocko was great and I always watched it before dinner. This post made me look for the DVDs again, and it looks like they actually exist now!
My favorite episode was "Schnit House", where Heffer joins a sausage worshipping cult, I found it on youtube once but it got taken down. The best part is where the cult decides that since Rocko won't join the cult, they should tie him up and throw bowling balls at them, because that's their interpretation of the holy writing which specifically says "if there are those who do not follow the way of the sausage, let them go and do not throw bowling balls at them".

Dudel said...

The show had a lot of religious and sexual type of subtly to it which can be enjoyed as an adult.

Another one I'm reminded of was there was an episode with 12 steps and they were actually not very subtle at all on their "personalities".

This is why the show, and my others from that time frame, do not air on television anymore.

bagalagalaga said...

Shortly after this post I bought the first two best ofs (complete season 1) on iTunes, 6 hrs for $12, waaay better deal then $20+ each for two DVR copies from amazon. There's some good ones on it, I think the best of that series is where Rocko (and Heffer) learned Heffer was adopted by wolves.

Dudel said...

I went and "found" Yarnbenders and another one but have yet to view them. They are sitting on my PC.

I'm "Captain Tangible" and "Captain Ain't-Got-No-Money-To-Spend-On-Something-I-Don't-Actually-Own" so digital download has never appealed to me.

But I do miss the show, in general. I'll watch the two (and maybe "find more") if I get into the mood, again.

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