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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Originally a story by Judi Barnett, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is the story of a small town in the middle of nowhere which eventually has the very basic issue of it is raining food from the sky.

Grab your plates! In the land of Chewandswallow, meals – rather than rain or snow – fall from the sky. But something goes awry: the food falling from the sky gets larger and larger, causing the residents to make an escape before being squashed by giant pancakes or rolls. Will they cope with the natural disaster or be forced to make a run for it? (From Carol's Notebook)

The movie adaptation of this book, however, strays a bit (at least to directly knowledge) from the original story. While its a great film (And can technically be seen in 3D) just don't expect it to be that story you remember as a kid.

The Piano (Short Film)

See your grandfather telling you the story of his life. Its filled with love, war and precious childhood memories that are long past. Something like that, few people who get that conversation appreciate. This is due to only being a child themselves.

So much stuff has happened to even me at only 23 that its just beyond me what my grandparents or great grandparents every did to survive long enough to have kids and as a result, pop, your Solve Unamusement writer.

There is an aniBOOM animation that was found just a few moments ago which displays this emotion to a near perfect T. Grandpa, playing his piano and telling his 12/13 year old grandson of the life he lived with only the tones of the music.

This short film is just so beautiful!

Dancing in the Loo (aniBOOM)

Picture something for younger kids that still has that ability to keep parents amused in order to, well keep the parents amused. A lot of "for kids" stuff in today's world is only "for kids" and tends to have that "What is this vapid crap" type of feel when seeing it.

Thanks to aniBOOM kids can now learn how to not lick their hands after using the restroom (or "Loo" in this instant) while still keeping the rest of us mildly entertained. In all honesty, the cartoon had a nice charm to it and the ending did get a chuckle from this writer.

You Have To Burn The Rope (Flash Game)

Defeat the Grinning Colossus in order to win the game and save the whole wide world with your awesome! Do not worry, this is a fear for any who truly wish to try their hand at such and there will, forever, be your name written on a plaque for how awesome you were for this epic of all awesomeness.

Fear how awesome anyone must be in order to play and beat this one-of-a-kind flash game.

Jim Gaffigan (Comedian)

Jokes about your typical comedian things from religion to his own life, Jim also tends to have odd food related type of jokes. Off the wall and generally "odd", Jim Gaffigan has a quirky humor to him. Not a lot of people know him and the people who do usually tend to find him funnier than most.

His tone is rather dry and his voices aren't that much better than someone in elementary school mimicking his teacher or mother.

The real tick with Jim is the fact that he just goes for it. He's so low on the comedic food chain that the chance of him bothering people (As he says "Middle Road Comic") is so low he simply goes for those offending type of jokes.

Batdance! (Movie Music)

when is evil cool? has done it again with the posting which reminds of something very specific on amusements. While this post of his was made a little while ago, the pole is still about.

What pole? Why the test to see who was the better Joker.

Was it Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?

In order to assist those, here, at Solve Unamusement with this question some source material has been provided.

While, clearly, there is a bit of biased here for one reason or another there is honestly no context. Of course most people are still aue struck at a certain performance because they either..

  • A: Don't Know Any Better
  • B: Haven't Done Their Homework

Here is said homework.

Nice One George (Music)

Sibot is an interesting band from, well the unknown. It is known that the word "Sibot" is linked to a country in the middle of somewhere (South Africa) and a city in the middle of Romania as well as some form of hack in CoD4. Welcome to the world and how awesome it is, indeed.

Those who read on a regular basis will know that there is a bit of "odd tastes" that fluctuate among the blog of Solve Unamusement and today is no different with something extra odd and/or creepy for your viewing pleasure. Those familiar with the song Frontier Psychiatrist should like this bit of music especially, at least in personal opinion.

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