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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Internet Argumentation

The internet is a place to argue and look like a jackass or an asshole respectively. It all comes down to a few standard behaviors and understandings. When "debating" about religion, politics or even how your favorite site has "to many noobs", it all boils down to a few simple arguments.

What arguments? Well you live under a rock, it seems. However, if you insist, I'll help you out with an interesting comic that was directed toward me not to long ago.

Such A Groovy Guy

Here is a quickie for you. The next time you get some random person describing how cool and/or awesome he is to you, just think of this song. I be you'll be able to take that person's annoyance with as mile, now. Go on, give it a try!

Weird Al - Such A Groovy Guy

"You could do worse!"

Half Life 2 Randomness

There is this thing about the internet. You see, it is filled with random stuff and sometimes that stuff is really good but usually that is not the case. Once in awhile you get something that is both really good and not so much, at the same time. This is a true oddity among the internet noise that is, well, the internet noise.

Take one part Garry's Mod with two parts random and one part of armature Robot Chicken and you've got yourself a good idea of what to expect from the rest of this post, or at least the suggested amusements.

Cleaning The ReBoot

Found some dust bunnies! Not literally, of course, did Solve Unamusement have dust enough to be alive and shouting profanity. So upon cleaning the left overs that was that horrible pile of bookmarked items that went on forever and took a long while to compile, there was stuff worth mentioning separately.

One of those items was a cartoon from my mid-teens-ish. It played on Cartoon Network after school from around my sixth grade year until ninth or tenth. That's a good run time for a cartoon, when it actually has a plot. That's right, one of the first Saturday Morning Cartoons posted that had a running and working plot. Though if it was stated this plot involved a mainframe, incoming game warnings and the literal word "Reboot", you might already get whats going on.


Cleaning House

It is springtime, sorta-kinda, and as such it is time to clean house. Though the writer of Solve Unamusement isn't much for cleaning-cleaning as there is little reward for it (at least with current residences), however bookmarking amusements can get so cluttering so fast.

So today is a list, a long list at that, of random things that do not go together in any manner beyond being a possible amusement. Most of these things were stumbled upon randomly, linked to by friends or otherwise poked via the internet and done nothing about. Time to clean house, I say.

I am NOT an Asshole!

Those of you who read Solve Unamusement on a regular type of basis may or may not feel that the writer of this blog is a little bit of an asshole. Those whom speak to me, actually speak with me or use an instant messenger client, might think this as well. I am here, now, to clear up this little misunderstanding.

Posts like this, labels like this and most (if not all) of Blog News might give off the wrong impression. If anything, folks, I'm a nerd more than anything. Posts about video games, Yu-Gi-Oh and old cartoons is proof of this.

However, if we sill insist on the whole "Asshole thing", lets look into it further.

The Rapage Continues.. AGAIN!

A good time ago there were two posts here, on Solve Unamusement, about songs that might or might not get stuck in your head and/or annoy you for days on end. Those two posts, if you wish to see them, were cleverly named Silly Song Rampage and Continuing The Rampage (Silly Songs 2). to keep with the theme of these posts, and to add another odd little random bit to Solve Unamusement, we shall continue this for today.

For this day, there are three songs given. Only three songs, yet they will pop into your head after years of never hearing them only to torment your soul until you finally give in (as I have done). Some might even find these songs good, and I honestly do, but they will haunt your life for the next week or so, I promise.


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