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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Wonka's Back!

Alright readers, its time for a little more Creepy Wonka except this time he's set to music. So Solve Unamusement has this "weird thing" for the original Willy Wonka film and it probably says things about this writer's personality which are horrible to be saying but that is the cost of journalism such as mine.

Dubstep is a sub-genre techno and Caspa is apparently a big name within that genre of techno but we don't exactly do "journalistic research" here at Solve Unamusement. This isn't late breaking news or comments on the latest technology. Heck, our standard for emulation and ROMs is set dynamically on "personal opinion."

Back to Dubstep, Caspa and Wonka we give you the following.

Don't Fear The Reaper

No really, there is absolutely no reason to fear "The Reaper" at all. No, this isn't about that rock song from the 80s. Was it the 80s? Wouldn't know seeing as I grew up in the 90s. Though if you've got that song, specifically, going through your head you could drown it out with something just as repetitive until you're done reading. You'll at least stop hearing the chorus of Don't Fear The Reaper specifically. You'll still have something ringing in your head over and over, but it wont be "Don't Fear The Reaper."

Back to what we were originally talking about, there isn't a need to fear the The Reaper. Death, the actual act of dying you might still want to fear but the deity that governs it you'll be over. See, once you realize that death is nothing but a big dork/dweeb he's not that scary.

When you think about it, he (assuming The Reaper even has a sex) has been bested by: children, a garage band, Peter Griffin and the French. Now you might get three of those examples (especially considering the content linked to them) in context but the last is probably lost to you, so let us fix this.

Roller Coaster Junkie

So we all remember Tarboy and his awesomeness. Well the animator of that film has something rather interesting for the animation connoisseur. The animation is to a song that might end up going into that hated of labels, Rampage, but nothings nothing compared to future song irritations I have lined up for the lot of you.

Roller Coaster Junkie is a very short animation based rather literal on the song by HANIA (Link to last FM.) and its a fun song as well as animation. For fun, here is the finished product as well as the original animatic.

Ballad of Black Mesa

During Half Life 2 Randomness there was something which was missed so lets take care of that quickly.

Ballad of Black Mesa

Zombie Survivalist

So one tries to Google only to find something else and that is the most interesting of finds. The original search was for the Survival of the Dead trailer but as of this post the thing isn't on-site yet. Rather than search G4tv the first time, I instead chose to Google, like stated previously.

What was found was a short 8 minute Independent film about one guy's first few days in a suddenly aware zombie apocalypse. The film, itself, doesn't show many zombies but the feel of the film has a nice creepy edge to it. The film is first person POV so anyone who doesn't enjoy that view-point of films will be instantly turned off.

Mushroom Farm Defender

Anyone that follows my twitter knows that there is still a search for a free, downloadable tower defense game. There are literally THOUSANDS of flash ones, so here is one of those flash ones that is very amusing.

Mushroom Farm Defender is a tower defense game about garden gnomes, uber insects and cacti. The controls are very simply point-and-click, with easy to tell tower (gnome) distances and power by simply looking at the screen without really needing to read much of anything.

I'll note, personally, you can beat most games with the cacti and cacti alone, provided you place them correctly, but its a fun flash game about tower defenses.

Mushroom Farm Defender

Egyptian Earth

Earth Day...

...passed some time ago but that doesn't mean we can't do green type things all year long. Green things like Blog Action Day which I personally phoned in with some nonsense. Surprising no one called me on that one. Back to the topic at hand, which is somewhat about Earth Day but not really.

Things to do that are green in nature. There are the obvious things like poking the internet as that produces a minimal amount of hazardous waste, I think. Anyway, green type amusements, maybe.

Firstly we should all know how to sing and dance. What that has to do with Earth Day escapes me but that's a note which is being mentioned. Sing and dance! Lets use a wooden flute so it is more green and for shits and giggles lets play something Egyptian.

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