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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

The Maze Game (Halloween Two)

Something else that might be a "bit old" but still fun and relevant to the holiday, is a game I that was recently stumbled upon.

The game, itself, is simply called "The Maze Game" or just "Maze Game" but has this nice underline feature that even when someone who expects it, still isn't fully ready for it. While the game is fun for its own reasons what is more fun is sharing this game with friends.

Controls are very simple, all one needs is their mouse and computer speakers. You guide a little dot along the maze and try to not touch the sides. Sound helps with this as small warnings are given if you touch the wall.

  • Mouse - Move Game Cursor and Navigate Maze
  • Speakers - Sound is, sadly, needed to get the game's full effect

After all those short talks on the game, a link to play is needed. That link is here.

Baman Piderman (Halloween One)

Unsure how many, if any, of you have seen Baman Piderman as it is a rather "popular" online episodic show but I'm going to post something, anyway. Baman Piderman is another show by min-nova who are the ones who host Dr. Tran so this can not be all that horrible, to some of us.

Baman Piderman - Hab Da Sleepover

The episode that runs before this one might make the nonsense a bit more understandable but it is not a guarantee.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves "Why did he post this mindless stupid" and that is because I am doing some roughly based on Halloween type posts until the first of November. Of course these will not be very strongly tied to Halloween and only vaguely allude to the holiday at all, but one figured "What the hell".

Hope those who read, watch and subscribe enjoy these next three days of sorta kinda Halloween.

Link's Awakening Epic Ending


After all is said and done, Link collects eight musical instruments then kills the big evil and then...

Link's Awakening DX - Ending

...then link dies at sea. That is the "perfect ending" which is obtained by not dying once during the whole game. However, the difference between this and the other is only the last bit with the face of the female.

Yes, after all that hard work, the island is make-believe (which you are told several times by each boss monster) and it turns out that link was just sleeping next to a giant flying wale.

Link's Awakening Music

For 8-bit music, this game has some that is both painful and awesome. For the purpose of this blog only the awesome music will be shared. Most of this is included with the songs that Link learns to play on his ocarina, a later staple of the series, which he learns from those about the island.

There are three, of these songs. One is taught by a girl who sings in the main village and is the person who found Link laying on the beach. Another is taught by a singing fish, which is my favorite of the three. The last is taught by some frogs and allows to resurrect things with the very tune.

I am going to post those songs, here, in order of least amusing first. That meaning they are not in order you obtain them in game and the one which is annoying, at least its "sung" counterpart.

Song of Awakening

Frog's Song of Soul

Manbo's Mambo

Link's Awakening [DX]

Running with an idea I am working about creating multiple posts over several days about a similar, if not the same, subject we are going to look at Link's Awakening [DX] for the gameboy and/or gameboy color. The game starts with Link on a ship in the middle of the ocean during a nasty storm. The ship is struck by lightning and then Link washes ashore on a random island only to be dragged off by some chick to a nearby town.

There, in the town, people go through his things and read the name on Link's underwear. Tell him he dropped his shield and then say a sword might be chilling at the beach cause people were to lazy or stupid to pick it up along with the shield. From this point on Link is talked to by a magic owl, at random times, into collecting random instruments that will wake up the Wind-fish.

Enough of the story, lets open this up with a bit of Nintendo tomfoolery. Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX are two separate games that are no different then a paint job, and people bought them. Heck, people play both versions today, with emulation etc, for one reason or another.

Link's Awakening Intro

Link's Awakening DX Intro


The Mirror Song

One of my favorite songs and moments in the movie Toys. There isn't much more to say then that but for blog reasons and slighlty lazy behavior, this is the third blog post in the series about the movie Toys.

The Mirror Song

If anyone can find the actual movie clip of the fake MTV showing on the guard station that would be awesome.

Toys' Music

Absolutly one of the best things about the movie Toys was and always will be its music. From "Happy Workers" and its opposite to the actual music video scene within the movie that is, supposedly, performed by Robin Williams and Joan Cusack.

Happy Workers


One of my favorite, I am having either difficulty finding or difficulty in understanding. The song is played throughout the last part of the movie while those within the toy factory are running from the small tanks, etc. It may simply be a mix of "Workers", which is the opposite of "Happy Workers", but it may have its own tune.

If anyone knows anything about what I am talking about, please post with the name of the song, or if I am correct in thinking it is simply a part of "Workers", mixed throughout the movie. If it is the former, please provide a link.

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