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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Blog Update

After a lot of tweaking and alterations I've the blog in a manner I 100% like. One of those features etc that I have added is the ability to actually subscribe to this blogs RSS via email. This prevents from any excuses. The option is under "Blog Organization" and then "Subscription Options". I would like anyone who has the current mode of getting emails from Dudel@blogspot or whatever it was to subscribe this way as I'll be removing the emails from the "update list" via Blogger's controls. This makes things less cluttered and allows for you to get an actual feed post rather then a odd looking half arsy copy of the current post and nothing more.

I've also decided to use my "Relevant Pic" to showcase old posts that I would like others to "look at again" or ones that I know will provide quick amusement for later. As of the writing of this post a frame form "The Cat Came Back" short film is resting there. The image will ALWAYS link to the post I am trying to "make you" look at, so no worrys there. This will still be updated about four times a month OR once every week. Don't count on it being a regular day.

Been trying to limit the amount of "Games" related posts as well so somethings might seem "random" or possibly "out of place" as of late but it is only to showcase a slew of amusements and not just reiterate one. Some amusements are not personally partacken in but I have heard enough about or at least think I have, in order to post. Again, if you've ideas please leave comments. A few of you have and I have already used one of them. Thanks to syst3m_blonde69 for the suggestion on "Patches". I've one coming soon that has been suggested by joo with in the next couple of days.

Now a few other things are:

  • Sometimes Blogger fails at posting and I must post the entry again. When this happens the comments on the old post go away. This is rare but when/if it does happen I will leave a note at the bottom explaining what happened. Recently this happened to this post and I'm sorry your comment was lost, Reb.

  • At times there will be a scheduled post rather then my usual ones. These are because I know I will not be posting the next day or because I don't want to post the next day. These posts will be blog updates or news and labeled as such. This post is because I want to play a game, its research for a later post sure.

  • Don't be afraid to leave comments. I don't really "monitor" them for the reason that the blog isn't at a point where I'll have trouble but I can easily remove comments if its an issue. As of now you may leave comments anonymously if you wish but I'd request you do not as it is easier to give credit when you've an idea.

  • You can now sign in which makes leaving comments etc much easier. The follower widget wouldn't keep the colors I wanted so it was really annoying me so I removed it. The sign in widget is the middle ground of not having the thing on there at all and using something that makes me a little mad. Please forgive that the links in the widget are blue, they will not change for some reason and I gave up on trying to change them.

  • Check the watch list! It is there for a reason and that is to share with others things that randomly amuse. If they didn't then they either wouldn't be on the blog or farther down under "Site Organization". The latter is doubtful.

  • Old links and their link clusters are below the watch list in case you ever want to view the links again. I have little intention of removing links, but may "reorganize them" at one point in time if I thin the lists are becoming to cumbersome.

Now that you've been fully bombarded with information you are ready to live out your life in peace. Please keep reading and maybe leave a suggestion as I'd like to have people actively giving ideas. I do use them, especially when I don't really have anything "that day" of my own. Now a little something from a reader of my blog, here. Hope you like it!

Group X

Remember Group X? I would think that anyone with a PC and access to the net back in 04 and 03 remembers Group X very well but if not and/or you are thinking you should look on youtube for their vids then I have done the work for you. Audio might need adjusting for each video.

Hands off my hot dog!

I can count to Schfifty Five.

Who DOESN'T like Johnny Poo Poo Pants?

Oh 2004 I miss you and your nonsense! Flash was the most difficult thing to animate and only "masters" could do stick figure animations while Joe Cartoon was killing frogs in blenders. Wait, was frog in a blender before or after this?

Making It Up

Sing a random song you don't know.

Make it up as you go!

Learn a beat, skip a loop or count to three.

Music is an easy thing as it is always free!

Don't be fooled by common place.

None of it needs typical space!
...or reason.

Making up songs spur of the moment for no real reason or manner other then to amuse yourself is something that Solve Unamusement is all about! Don't be self conscience you're at a PC, who's watching you? Maybe its a friend or family member, but who cares you can lie when someone questions if you did this. Maybe you admit to it and sing them a special concert of something random and absurd!

Brain not working and letting you make something fun, play a song and sing along! Do not fret you'll have fun, we all do it! Now take the next step, find music with no lyrics of a similar type you were just singing along to and make your own. Find the karaoke version on the net and don't read the words!

That too hard or difficult? Well I have another way you may still make up your funny song, no matter the reason. Lyrics first, lets find an item in the room you are at. Now find something else and instead focus on that item, rather then the first. After a bit, think of something fun you did in the last day. Got the item and the activity? THROW THEM TOGETHER IN ANY MANNER!

"Towel Gaming!"

Great we've an idea, now we need something about that idea. Let us go with the easy staple of "is fun" and add that to the end of our odd word conglomerate.

"Towel Gaming is fun!"

Nice, okay... let us NOW reverse the words.

"Fun is gaming towel!"

Finally add the phrase "because I" and throw in any reason you may or may not think of.

"Because I ate a sandwich".


Towel Gaming is fun.

Fun is gaming towel.

Because I ate a sandwich!

If that alone didn't make you smile, you've a problem with your funny bone because it is officially broken.

There are plenty of reasons to make one of these stupid/silly/random songs and one of my favorite is psychological ware-fare. My favorite of these examples is a song I am not sure if I made up or stole from a cartoon many years ago in my elementary days. Regardless, it is great for cause of irritation.

I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves!

Everybody's nerves!

Everybody's nerves!

I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves and this is how it goes!

Anyone singing this song is immune to its effects for some reason but those not singing quickly wish the others were not around. Either way at least you, the singer have a big grin on your face. Remember: The more the merrier! So ask others to join in the fun.

Warning: Being annoying for no reason may result in bodily harm.

Treasure Hunting

Something that has been occupying many people sense the very beginning of the civilized world is finding treasure. Whether that be the finding of silver, gems and gold or the discovery of a single artifact. Many men and women, mostly men, have used up their lives in the pursuit of treasure. Some have found grand things and others have been doomed to failure.

Treasure hunting comes in many, many forms and skill levels. They range from the basic hobbyist with a metal-detector who finds spare pocket change to the savvy pirate looking for plunder. The former is the most common and has become a very popular way to spend one's time and money. Personally I find it odd you must spend money to find treasure, especially when there is not much about to be found.

However, there is the middle ground of treasure hunting that consists of ship diving and spelunking. Both require a skill set that is not difficult to learn and a small degree of danger and difficulty but most people can, in fact, do them. These types of treasure hunting are the most profitable but require knowledge of where, what and other variables that a majority of people do not wish to bother with.

Luck is a major playing in treasure hunting as well. Without a map or epic clues leading you to your destination you are basically flying blind, even with hits or tips. Its a matter of "Oh whats over here" and "Lets peek under this rock" which most are not a favor of. Treasure hunting favor's the lucking and the persistent. You can not go out one day and try it then give up because nothing was found. Most treasure hunters go their entire life without so much as a gold coin but it is the adventure they are looking for, not the monetary reward.

I do know that most, if not all, of us wouldn't mind finding a big chest filled with jewels but lets not get our hopes up and have fun with this hobby, shall we?


Firstly one must know absolutely nothing about the comic or the person who writes and draws it to fully enjoy. The comic itself is rather random and a bit absurd but that is its charm. While many other web-comics have a set theme they "bash" or follow, Patches does not. Its a simple comic about two hamster, rodent things (That is a slightly inside joke upon the comic itself) that live together under one roof.

Out of the two one is a simpleton. I do not mean he is "dumb" but rather is is literally retarded. His roommate is a logical being that gets caught up in the nonsense. To prove the one simple and the other more sophisticated their attire is plain to see. While the simple or stupid of the two rodents wears overals the other has glasses. Other wears depend on the joke or idea of each individual piece but the main jist is still there. Personally, I feel a litle bad for the smarter of the two but that may also be the idea.

The writer, illustrator and further more the creater of Patches sells paintings with their website as well as showcase the comic. If you are looking for something a little odd and possibly quirky you might give the person's gallery a view as well as reading the comic.

There are many other web-comics on the net as well this image below has a listing of some of the "major players". If Patches didn't fully grasp you then perhaps one of the others might.

Scare-ie & Scare-er

Being scared is a case by case situation. Sometimes you're fear is founded because of the area of town you are in or the people you are around or the fire that is destroying the house you are currently sleeping in. Other times you are in a place, where fear should have no real place, like a zoo or amusement part. Understandable when you fear birds flying over your head or heights but the goal of this post is not to be scared but rather be scary.

Mainly the trick is to know your target. If you want to give someone a good fright and you know them to have arachnophobia then a simple plastic spider is a great tool for you. It gives you an unfair advantage but, provided the person you are playing the prank on has a sense of humor and isn't ninety plus years old, its all in good fun.

Now the "main trick" doesn't work to well for people afraid of something obscure like color chartreuse or if you don't know their fear. A good thing to try in this situation would be the act of surprise. A manner of sneaking up on your intended target and giving them a good jolt with a loud noise or sudden movement. This will cause most, not all, people to at least become startled.

The difference between a startled reaction and fear response is the icing on the cake. Having someone jump for a second then instantly calm down is not the same as triggering a primal key in the brain for "fight or flight". A "fight or flight" reaction tends to be more rare even when someone is afraid of something you can replicate as most people come to the realization that the fear isn't real rather quick.

(The Scream painted by Edvard Munch)

That all being said and stiled over, you should not make it an extreme habit to frighten or scare someone. Sometimes it is appropriate and amusing, other times it can and will lead to trouble. Further times you may be aloud to scare someone and they have paid for you to do it, that is the best types of work but sadly it is seasonal.

Short: Scaring is fun and funny but do it with caution and understanding of who you are in fact scaring.

Bug Catching

Something that is usually considered a childish or immature hobby can be hours and hours of fun while never leaving your own back yard. While some may look down on this activity it is something keeps the body and mind working together in order to accomplish a goal.

The trick with Bug Catching or "Hunting" is knowledge of what you are hunting. You don't need to know what each insect-oid or "bug" eats, how and/or when it breeds or the specific type you are looking for but only general details. Simple facts about a general type of "bug" you wish to possibly see. This usually can be found on the net, links provided in side bar, or you can by a cheap book on "bugs", "insects" or the specific you wish to find such as "Spiders". Furthermore you could trim it down to your location only to prevent unwanted confusion. Upon catching a insect-oid you should NEVER EVER pick it up with your bare hands without knowing absolutely what you are touching. The insect world can be filled with rather dangerous things that could end wrong if not handled properly.

Some would say that not everyone should go "bug" hunting for previous reason stated and its opposite but I highly disagree. There is a grand enjoyment when you discover something with your own eyes. Image waking up in the morning to go and "check your traps" and finding several little beings all waiting for your eyes. You can then, if you wish, even catalog and diagram and illustrate (great for artists looking for realistic things in the world while still remaining slightly abstract) the things you have found. Sometimes Mother Nature surprises you with something you'd never have thought the time was worth looking for.

Tools of the trade, they range from the drastically simple to the expensively complicated. The choice depends on how serious you take the hobby and how much time you are willing to invest. While the more expensive of the "gear" is the easiest to use it requires the least amount of effort in collecting specimens for whatever reasons you have and in my honest opinion it is lost to fun. Entomologists, mostly, use the "tried and true" bug catching methods that you see children use.

  • The Butterfly Net
  • The Glass Jar
  • The Light
  • The Sketch Book or Field Guide

"Bug" catching really has to be the easiest thing to start into. You do not even have to touch anything if you aren't "that type" of person. Its great for artists looking for something strange within his/her own world. Good for the scientific mind who seeks wonder or reason as to what and why. And BEST for those willing to give a simple joy the time to make them smile.
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