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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

You Think That's Annoying?

"You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?" -Sure we've all heard that one, from Dumb and Dummber, at one point or another but lets look at things that are annoyingly awesome; not just annoying for the sake of being annoying and/or stupid.

We'll obviously be including a lot of music on this one, especially those included in The Rampage and other similar posts. Annoying is amusing if only in small dosages. And, no, this isn't an Annoying Orange post as I clearly have done that already. That's just the only thing to come to mind in terms of pure annoyance.


So my steam punk keyword-tag needed a little more love what with only having one label on it. The thought is, "Does Solve Unamusement dislike steampunk?" The answer is quickly, "No." The problem is we, at Solve Unamusement, don't know what steampunk actually is.

There are a bunch of obvious choices but at the same time those can go into the science fiction category of things. In fact, it is a wonder how many of those tagged "science fiction" are not also "steampunk" but rather than go through them all, it is much easier to just add new steampunk posts. Then again, I totally omit obvious Science Fiction posts like this one right here. It is a wonder why these "genre labels" are even included.

Today is a post with a very simple and small blog roll which intends to be fully 100% steampunk.

  • Marvellificent Scriptorium: This was first made notice of when Howl's Moving Castle was found. And is pretty much where the rest of this steampunky goodness came from as, as said before, Solve Unamusement has trouble figuring out what is or is not steampunk. (The blog is no longer updated but needed to made mention of as that's where everything is rooted.)
  • Dieselpunk: This is less steam and more oil but still very cool. Close enough by my definition of things to be included and has interesting posts from what was actually read.
  • Brass Goggles: Self coined as "The lighter side of Steampunk" they offer some interesting articles and blog posts for your steampunk-y pleasure.
  • The Steampunk Home: Now this one was cool! Basically people remodle their home/office/whatever and share with this blogger who then shares with us. Its really cool what people have done. Some of it is only semi-steampunk and seems more "retro" (lame word) rather than punky.

Tune in tomorrow when our favorite game is discussed and the steampunk elements within it.

LXG, That is All

We end this month with those words and a simple trailer. Really, not much to be said other than "This movie is AWESOME!"

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

For Good Measure: LXG Wiki

Connery Continued

In this Connery post we're going to hit two of the movies where he plays a supporting character. In all honesty, that's what Sean does best; playing supporting roles rather than taking to much of the spotlight. In his younger years he was probably the best man for the job but standing next to Nicolas Cage and Kevin Costner help with your credibility. Or is it the other way around? Sitting next to Sean Connery helped with Nicolas Cage's and Kevin Costner's credibility?

Anyway, if we've not figured things out we're talking about two very specific movies made some time ago. One back in the mid 90s, one year short of direct middle in-fact, and the was released just a few months after my own birth. Scary, huh?

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