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Link's Awakening Epic Ending


After all is said and done, Link collects eight musical instruments then kills the big evil and then...

Link's Awakening DX - Ending

...then link dies at sea. That is the "perfect ending" which is obtained by not dying once during the whole game. However, the difference between this and the other is only the last bit with the face of the female.

Yes, after all that hard work, the island is make-believe (which you are told several times by each boss monster) and it turns out that link was just sleeping next to a giant flying wale.

2 Replies:

John said...

Lol @ the flying whale.

I don't think Link neccesarily 'died' at the end - or at least, that wasn't explicitly implied by the ending, even though it may seem likely.

bagalagalaga said...

That's pretty decent as far as NES/Gameboy endings go, I can't believe I never owned Link's Awakening with all the other Gameboy games I had. This is just another of the 32,689 books, movies, and games that end with "it was all a dream". I think the most disappointing game ending was for the NES Final Fantasy, it takes like a month to beat and then there's a picture of your characters on a bridge or some crap.

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