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Music Sells A Game (Persona 3)

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Despite the very stale Japanese RPG name and stereotype most want to toss Shin Megmi Tensei Persona 3 into, the game is great and filled with amazing music. Like with most games, sound development is key to immersing the playing in the experience. Persona 3 and its "expansion" do this very well. I assume the expansion "FES" does this well as I've yet to play it.

The basic story behind Persona 3 is a bit drab comepared to other RPGs with similar stand points. You, the main character of your own name choice, is sent to a new school in Japan. This school has a certain group of people who have a special power called "Persona". Thse are reflections of your inner self and are able to be used during "The Dark Hour" to fight against "Shadows". Thats the general premis in a nutshell but there is SO MUCH more to Persona three then the cookie cutter people think it was made from.

The art, music and style of the game are the real selling points. The music ranges from some basic but not typically irritating j-pop to something resembling that of progressive/medolic metal.

The intro sequence for Persona 3 will have you wishing you had the game and a PS2 to play it on.

If that didn't get you then the battle music will surly grab your attention. The guitar rift alone took me from my seat, for reasons that I was not fully expecting it in such a game, then added in with the tone and soothing vocals its a blast.

These two samples are nothing compared to the full game experience. I'd fully recommend Persona 3 to ANYONE looking for an amusing game with excellent sound and graphics. However, I will note that some parts can drag but this is typical of RPGs in general. The controls are simple and the story, despite my HORRIBLE simplification, is deep with lots of character development.


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