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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

What Christmas?

Christmas is now over, please return your seats to some upright position of some type and GET BACK TO WORK!

Sorry for the fail posts the last few days but I figured Solve Unausement deserved a small Christmas break. Nothing fancy, just don't do anything for awhile and then pretend like nothing happened.

Lets take a moment to remember why Solve Unamusement is here, shall we? A moment to look at Solve Unamusement's first post and be ready for the new year.

Counter Productive Behavior

Is is counter productive to name your blog after that which it is meant to solve? If my blog is a means of "amusement" then naming it the adverse, with a made up word, should create a hint of intrigue. That is my hope, of course.

On this silly note, and possible anecdote, I bring you the "cause" for my blog. The cause is a simple thing: To inform people, who may or may not even actually exist beyond my computer screen, of my view of the planet called "Earth". I live there, on one of the largest landmasses and on one of the largest peninsulas. It is called "Florida" and it is where I have been sense my spawn.

That's right, copy-pasted! Now everyone who's reading knows the supposed story that is Solve Unamusement. Normal scheduled amusements to continue tomorrow with no specific topic at hand.

Christmas Eve

I'm sorry, you were expecting something?

Just because I don't actively celebrate doesn't mean I want to sit here and drop obligatory Christmas stuff. Solve Unamusement takes a holiday!

See everyone bright and early, sorta, on December 26th. If you don't believe me, that's your problem. I also hope readers can take a joke.

Christmas Techno

Didn't I say this was going to happen? Solve Unamusement supports Christmas Techno! So, in honor of this support, here are a few megamixes of some classic Christmas songs that are not only tolerable, they are enjoyable.

o2Jam - Christmas Mega Mix

DJ Lycan - Christmas Techno

I didn't try very hard with this post, to be honest. It's just supposed to be techno Christmas, so this works for me. Hope it was enjoyable!

Carol of the Bells

One of the very few Christmas songs that I honestly fully enjoy from beginning to end. It is one of the ones that doesn't ever seem to annoy me, despite being so monotonous and repetitive.

Carol of the Bells just sounds cool to me. I honestly can't get enough of this song when it decides to play itself during this time. It's just intoxicating, I guess would be the word I'm looking for.

So for Solve Unamusement post number 204, I shall give you a few of my found really quickly favorites.

Orchestra Style

This one was the first to catch my eye and ear, the typical version most people hear done brilliantly with a live orchestra. I honestly wish I had seen this show, the Celtic Women sound awesome.

Rock It

Be honest, that was freaking awesome! I'm loving this song more and more as I see more versions of it. How are you doing, readers? Solve Unamusement find you the only Christmas song that is tolerable or, perhaps, the most annoying and overly used?

Techno Style

I head that one and just had no choice but to put this here. Techno Christmas is the new best Christmas thing, ever. I'm tempted to find techno remixes of some other favorites, as well. Come to think on it, tempted is not the word. The word is GOING to find other Christmas favorites in techno mixes.

Christmas posts will be broken up, with it being the 22nd and Christmas on the 25th. Expect more Christmas type posts for the next few/couple of days. And yes, I did avoid that horrible meme because I don't like memes but not including it does sorta defeat the purpose of the compilation so here.

Potty Humor

No one is above it.

(Click To Enlarge in New Window)

Southern Fried Rabbit

Another Bugs Bunny cartoon that is [sorta] racist. In my opinion the supposed "racist scene" isn't all that bad. Especially compared to every cartoon from the 1940s.

Some of my favorite gags within the cartoon are that with the bomb and the southern bell. The bomb is very "saw it coming" as Yosemite Sam, the villain in this cartoon, runs to avoid bugs from blowing out the bomb. In turn Yosemite runs to far and ends up not making it back to where he wishes to toss said bomb and blows himself up.

Southern Fried Rabbit

"He's not in here. He's not in here."

The southern bell gag was just hilarious, in my honest opinion. A great excuse to get Bugs cross dressing, which is never not funny, and to have Yosemite go gay for him, also always funny.

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