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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Oil Spill Charity

Not often that Solve Unamusement talks about charity and donation, let alone the environment. There was this one post about climate change that one time but that was somewhat half-baked

Today we talk about that oil spill not far off my own coast. Being a Florida resident means that I have heard about how the Gulf is doing. However my pocket book and life situation mean I've to deal with what life gives me. In the future, perhaps I'll be able to do more but for now we shall simply throw a nerd friendly way to help out everyone on that other coast of the USA's wang.

Darwin Science

A little bit of Darwin can go a long way if you choose to let it. As a personal note, I'd suggest letting that little bit go the long way.

But this post is more about Nerdcore than flushing religious and/or political views onto the readers of Solve Unamusement. Behold, nerdcore rapper MC Hawking. We've got two songs, here, with similar thoughts and ideas behind them so if you've got a twitchy or sensitive religious button, you shouldn't go any further.

Last Persona3

Final and last Persona 3 comment for Solve Unamusement as after two-hundred and eleven hours of play, the game has been finished. A long game when you take into account the amount of time that I, personally, spent on grinding all the characters to their max level. Of course, if I'd have known that was going to make the final battle so easy, I would have done no such thing.

The final battle of the game, as with plenty of other games being played recently, was a bit of a let down. Not in story terms (at least considering Persona 3's degree in story) but it was weak. The battle took awhile, that was for certain, but there wasn't any difficulty beyond some phases of the creature's "Arcana" shifts which made certain abilities worthless.



The title of this post goes in tune with the game of an identical name. Basically you're looking at an MMO version of Scrabble with some interesting add-ons to it. Very "newb friendly" while, at the same time, appeals and keeps veteran players playing.

No worry about spelling, the game will inform you when you have made up a word. Turns are met with "action points" or "ticks" as with most PBBGs. Turns are also "play letters when you have them" and can become a bit of a race to just get your words on the bored. Personally, this game has only been played for a couple days off-and-on but like most PBBGs it is easy to leave, and come back to without much difficulty.

A few notes before you start to play as well as some simple strategy. First off, read the Help Section. It will answer all those questions you are going to have. If the Help Section doesn't answer those questions, then you've never played a game of scrabble or done a spelling-bee in your life. The Help Section applies to how Popotamo is different to similar games, that's about it. Some personal notes would be to fill up your action bar as much as possible before coming back to a game as well as to avoid putting letters in the outlining squares unless you've got plenty of actions points to spare. That very outside ring of the game square will cost you points for using but at the same time clear the bored to allow for more words.

Popatoma - A Game of Words

Super Contra (Kinda)

SpaceNinja88 needs your love if you're a nerd and/or gamer with a YouTube account. He does some interesting LPs (Lets Plays) of Pirated games that most of us have never heard of. Him being Hungarian has an extra add to the fact he's actually played these games, and he's access to them if you ask.

More recently SpaceNinja has been doing some old not pirated versions of the Mega Man series for the NES however his roots are with pirated games and odd remixes. BUT IT'S WRONG being one of my personal favorites among his videos.

Let's look at one of his more recent-ish, play-throughs, Super Contra 7 for the NES.

You Fool!

Who of you watches "Hollywood Squares" on TV? Me either (at least not anymore), but a friend of mine directed me to a funny bit which happened to have happened on life television. At least it is implied to be live TV but I highly doubt that.

Hollywood Squares is basically two people going up against each other in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe where they win either Xs or Os, depending which booth they happen to be sitting in, by agreeing with or disagreeing with celebrities who answer questions. Most of these questions seem like something you'd see on that newer show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" which makes this bundle of fail, very amusing.

Lego Prank Call

Some of you have seen this and others have not but due to watching television and having a day out while forgetting to schedule a post for later, this post is being done quickly and quietly. Don't mind the run-on sentence.

Lego Man Prank Call

"I got claws for hands."

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