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Morrowind Music

The Elder Scrolls games (Images in link may be broken.) are a popular among western RPG enthusiasts but what catches me within most games and settings is the visual appeal and music.

Now older games get passes for their visual or music quality but a lot of 8 and 16-bit games are actually rather beautiful. Anyone who has played Chrono Trigger or seen the ending to Links Awakening DX could tell you that graphic quality isn't dependent on hardware capabilities. Heck, even now the Elder Scrolls III: Morriwnd graphics are looked at as bad. In fact they were bad, with horrible wall glitches and even details of the player character that didn't fit (like Argonian tails magically splitting through pants, etc). But let us look at something that hasn't dated, in the slightest, Morrowind's music.

Morrowind Theme

Now you can lie to you are blue in the face but that music makes you want to pick up a sword and discover the true nature that is the Nerevarine (spoiler). That music makes you want to dive and explore another world and nature. Don't you lie, now!


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