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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Kingdom Hearts

Speaking of the PS2, Kingdom Hearts is less than 15 USDs on the sticker. For at least 60 hours of gameplay, if not more for side quests and a lot of extra stuff included (like a secret ending). Break that down mathematically and we are talking .25 USDs (That's a quarter or 25 cents) for a full hour of entertainment, or less if the game is delved into deeper.

The game has some very nice themes with a real time combat system along with teaming up with some of Disney's core characters. Though some of the Disney characters are somewhat annoying due to not having some of their original voice acting. Like they could actually get Robin Williams to voice over for a game, for Genie? So this gets a pass as most the other characters sound perfect. Not to mention the game has excellent music, though a good chunk of it is j-pop its still not bad.

Final Fantasy fans should have already played this game due to the horrendous amount of characters within it. This blogger/writer hasn't played more than maybe two FF games and could recognize most of the FF characters and place them to a game.

The PS2

We all know that our economy be it worldly or just us Americans, is slightly shitty. Though that doesn't mean there isn't anything new out and about. This blog is mostly about free and/or cheap amusements along with anything that is worth its current price tag. The PS2 (Playstation 2) is one of those things. While it was a good system during its run it is now only 60 USDs for a new system with most used games not breaking the 20 USD limit themselves, this makes for a very good investment.

Sony has even stated that the system will be supported, with even new titles every so often, for the next 2 - 3 years. This makes the system very worthwhile for anyone who's not really touched at the PS2 for one reason or another, like myself. Most older systems are stuck to pawn shops and flea markets but the PS2 is still mostly held in a lot of retail stores. (Most importantly EB Games and others of their nature.)

The system has a very large catalog of games, ranging from PC ports to original system only games as well as long running series like the Final Fantasy and the Shin Migami games (Mostly consisting of Persona 3, personally.) Games range from action, shooter, RPG (Mostly of the JRPG) and even an odd silly/random tittle here and there. If you liked the SNES for its RPG (again, mostly JRPG) and still play those games (emulation or otherwise) then the PS2 is mostly going to be your friend, as well.

Short and simple version of this post is go out and look for a PS2 if you've not already got one. Games are cheap, and only getting cheaper! So many games, and cheap games, that it is definitely worth the 50 or so, USDs it will cost you for the system itself.

The World Is Just Awesome

This was done a couple years back, give or take, but is still played once in awhile on the Discovery Channel and, frankly, is one the the best Discovery Channel linked advertisements this writer has seen. Though not sure how much that is worth.

The song is very true, especially from a scientific standpoint. The world is, indeed, just awesome. So much to it that so many people have not discovered and learned even the smallest of things and we, as the human race, still learn things each and every day.

Balloon Land

It is a 1935 color cartoon amply titled based on its subject matter. A city/town/world made of and by balloons. The people, animals, rocks and trees are all made of that thin little plastic/rubber (Rubber as this is 1935, we are talking about) and they have only one care/fear and that is the Pincushion Man.

Disney's Fantasia

When Fantasia came out (at least on VHS) this blogger could not have been that far into elementary school. At this time such a long and music driven movie tends to cause an urge to sleep. However such a movie was usually played as background for such things as Lego building or drawing in an art pad.

There were a few specific spots within the (think two hour) movie which caused a stop and pause on what was being done and given the film its full attention. One of those being the excerpt involving dancing flowers, mushrooms, and other such things during the songs of the Nutcracker Suite.

The Infected (28 Days Later)

Brought in by 28 Days Later, at least to this blogger's knowledge, "The Infected" are something of a sub-species of Zombie. Also know as the "fast zombie" and sometimes the suspect of scrutiny as "real zombies".

Pixar Parody

Pixar is a personal favorite here, at Solve Unamusement, this will be learned slowly but surely as there is just so much of the randomness to find and offer as amusement that sometimes things are accidentally forgotten.
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