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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Killn' Nadzee Bidness (Inglourious Basterds)

A Quentin Tarantino movie from a remake of the same name, Inglourious Basterds is beyond the phrase "must see". The movie starts off oddly with a sort of "What the hell am I watching" few moments and is broken into odd chapters. This behavior, however, is typical of Tarantino so nothing new there.

The best parts from the movie have to be from the Basterds themselves. The, not technically, renegade group of Jewish-American soldiers running ram-part in de great county of Fra-Ance. Dis group is made up a few quirky characters and Brad Pits is, indeed, ma fave-ort. Tennessee be one of does places where good Nadzee killn' soldiers be grown an Aldo de Apache don't make ya wish nudden dif'ernt.

Gore and swearing make an appearance, of course, while both having a "light touch" to the core effect of the movie. The main point of this, like other Tarantino films, is the character plot and entanglement. That drive for each character to reach whatever their goal was, in this case it was the same or similar goal, while having some bit of awesome tossed in the middle for good measure.

Personally, I'd call this film an action-comedy if I had to give it a genre but really, just saying "Quentin made it" gives the thing its own classification.

Totally worth the currently retarded ticket prices and snack concession rip off artistry. During my viewing of the movie there was a randomly annoying person a couple of rows down so that took away from my overall enjoyment. There also was the fact that, even while I found the movie "short" and wanted more, the film is more then two hours long. I'd rather of had my own personal chair and a small screen but still the movie was worth its ticket.

If you hate going to the movies as much as me or for the same reasons but not much then this film will get you to go. (If you don't hate the movies then you probably already have seen this film.) That is all with the assumption that you can handle when people take history and roll it up in a ball. Take history, roll it in a ball, light it on fire and then piss and/or shit on its ashes before feeding whats left to a rabid dog. Don't go for historical accuracy, go for fun.

Inglorious Bastards - "Interrogation"

Its worth $8-$12 just to see that guy get the holy Nadzee shmit ged knocked outa'im till'e be ded. Shoulda been telln'em where da udder soldiers be hidn'.


A mostly flash PBBG that runs almost entirely by word of mouth. The game plays like two "common" internet games. One being the dragons, which we here at Solve Unamusement do not get, and the second being the simple flash game.

It requires no email or sign up. The only thing you might wanna do as a new player is find a master. Master's get exp for every level that pupils rise and pupils get bonuses based on their master's stats. The game "chain links" with accounts running in odd circles of pupil and master, but only at higher levels.

How to play is very simple. You simply click a Brute for your Brute to fight and then watch. The battles are not graphic but do have a "punch" to them. The fights/battles, within the game, are completely random and based on states and perks. This is only bad if you have no master and/or poor perks.

With basic gameplay being so easy, leveling is difficult. No matter what level a Brute your Brute fights he/she can not earn more then two experience points, one for losing and fighting lower levels and two for winning against anyone your level or above. At first leveling is really quick and the game is fun but once level ten is hit, give or take, the game stops. What makes up for this is having pupils. The problem being that you need pupils to level faster then once every few weeks. This means you must whore your Brute account and get people to sign up for either more Brutes or to the game for the first time.

All-in-all this game shouldn't really be played as a PBBG and instead more like a normal flash game. However as it is actually a PBBG that makes the game hard to recommended. If you wish to give this game a try there is a link to the main site in the sidebar but I would suggest looking for a master on any forums you frequent first.

Monday Arday Submission: Cute Object

Next Blog has a new post as well.


This has to be one of the coolest flash games I have honestly, ever played. Flash games are good for a quick burst of fun and then you forget about them, however, Cannabalt kinda stuck on my mind. The thing being it was simplistically awesome.

The idea of the game is rather simple. That being make your "great escape". From what or who? Well that isn't important. You can make that up yourself, if you wish. You make this great escape by being a guy running from roof top to roof top, jumping over obstacles and through plate glass. The object is simply to see how far you can get.

With randomized game play you never get the same run twice. I've seen several where it was plate glass to plate glass to plate glass. I've had some with exploding transformers (like those on your power line) and some with crumbling buildings and giant sky cranes. All of these get randomly blurred together to give you a unique escape each time.

  • Jump = X or C

That is the only buttons for the game but that is all that is needed. The game works off momentum of the character rather then actual movement from the arrow keys.

Music in the game is just wonderful! Its got a nice techno like beat which works well with the general theme of "action movie hero".

Think falling up then turn it sideways, add some cool music, 8-bit pidgins and a really cool black and white design and you got Cannabalt. Its a nice little game.

Link also in sidebar.

Go For A Walk

That's right! Stop reading right now and take a quick walk. No need to go to far but it might be nice just to breath in the air. Its a nice feeling, walking. Just minding your own business and enjoying what is around you. Sometimes you might discover something interesting too.

Need encouragement? By a pedometer and make a game out of it. Try and break your old high score of number of steps taken. Do it all with your head held high and your back straight wearing nice comfortable sneakers.

No need to dress up for any reason either. Just put something comfortable on, provided it covers you up, and head on out. Who do you have to impress while your going for a walk?

Know what else? Take your pets! You don't need to have a dog to take the animal for a walk. I've seen plenty of people who take other animals "out". Turtles and tortoises, cats and other felines, even some of the larger rodents. Put a harness or collar on them and try a short trip to the mailbox.

Maybe you'll get to the point where you can participate in one of those walk-a-thons and help cure something! Maybe you'll just feel really good to have done something a little active. Then maybe, maybe you'll just have had a walk. No harm in going, right?

Some take walking as a full on hobby. Some add a bit of technology to their walks by adding GPS and custom made trails. Walking has to be the easiest and least costly amusement I can honestly think of, excluding sleeping.

Disney DO WHAT NOW!? (Disney buys Marvel)

Watching yesterday's AOTS today upon waking up I heard some rather not so nice news. Disney is buying Marvel comics!

This is, of course, being hit with a mix of views. Some are screaming foul that Disney is going to "kiddy" up Marvel's gritty action and other say they are just looking for some extra cash (both parties).

There was a talk on AOTS with an "expert" on such issues and his consensus seems to be that only the movies will be altered, or not done. The actual comic comics sound like, in most views actually, that they will be generally left alone.

Personally I think Disney is just trying to be the biggest conglomerate it can be. One of the easiest ways to do that is buy something "big and tasty" and put your hands in it. I also am not the biggest "fanboy" when it comes to comics and other such things in general so maybe that is why I do not care to much.

I wasn't very excited about the prospect of an Avengers movie anyway. Justice League, yes, but not Avengers.

On another note, I did that "thing" and posted an entry on Monday Artday. Why don't you take a look?

I wanna do this! (Monday Artday)

I'm seriously falling in love with Blogs of Note. This is two blogs of epic awesome that it has given me. The first being Stricktly Bangers and now it gives me Monday Artday.

An email, ala Dudel, has been already sent and I will be getting to work on an entry for the weekly challenge. This might get me back into drawing/illustrating regularly and give me something constructive to do other then play video games constantly.

This also means that my own personal DeviantART profile will fill up with lots of cool entries and soon I might even break out some old mediums I used to enjoy.

Yeah, this is a short post but I wanna get to work on my entry regardless of acceptance to Monday Artday or not.

You could always listen to some music or play a flash game.

8 Bit Remakes

The title really says it all, honestly. The process of turning a real mp3 and giving it that 8-bit make up. Just a little working and you get something that you'd expect from Generation I systems.

These songs are brilliant and simply searching for them on youtube will bring up a list. Bein specific to the song or band you wish would help too.

Now I figured I would share some of my favorites. Of course there will be a Tool song among them but some others as well.

Tool's Schism

System of a Down's Chop Suey

And for the ladies of first gen or for gentlemen who think GLaDos is "hot".

Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl

Next Blog and Lemon Kiss both have new posts, as well.
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Unstoppable Characters (Problems with being Invincible)

While writing among a group and each member of that group has his or her own character moving around the world there is bound to be a time when each, if not all, are worthless.

Upon creating a character it isn't always needed to show others what makes them weak or what they are already weak against but those weaknesses should be there. Even if these weaknesses make your character utterly worthless within the current settings of the story, you must play along.

Playing along can result in your character being injured or worse so you do have to remember that it is only a story and this character could, in a manner of sorts, "come back". Nothing says anything is truly permanent within any world including our own.

However having any weakness at all, can be counter acted by the "Nuh uh" behavior. This behavior is bad form and should be avoided. "Nuh uh" is a very uncool way to handle finally having your "uber-character" moved to a place where he or she is some what normal or even pointless. This also make others not wish to participate with you the next time.

Nothing is absolute and there is always a way to remove an obstacle but sometimes it has to be someone else who has to do it. At that point it is best to smile about it and let events transpire in a normal way. And remember, there is always next time.

See me "playing along" in a similar manner, here.

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