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Magic in Morowind

So lets get this out of the way, right now. Yes, Solve Unamusement (more specifically it's writer) has a total nerd crush on the game Morrowind and the world it presents. Why? Because of the bang for your buck and the pure involvement of the world. An older game with hundreds and hundreds of replay value for only $20 that plays on most systems (even older ones).

Now for the bad part. Don't try magic. The game doesn't like magic in the default form so much so that some people have gone as far as modding the game to make magic users more friendly. In the current state of things, Morowind just doesn't really offer enough magic without changing your gameplay style.

However changing your gameplay style might be totally worth it if you are an experienced player. Create a custom class and try to wing it or try a slightly horrible build I did myself. That's what this post is about, for you Morrowind and RPG players. Check out my character builds!

For the personal favorite custom classes they are built to run easily at early levels and to run fun at higher levels. No real worry about perfect realism but there is a bit of bother for ambiance, which is why the Conjurer uses a blunt weapon and not a blade. Favorite Attributes, pick two. Luck will always be listed but this is only for people who know exactly what they are doing and don't need another boost somewhere else. Race is listed is the optimal for my build but, in the end, pick whatever you want. Sign will be two options, pick one. One is listed for easy play and the other is listed for fun/interesting play. After the character build there will be notes on how to get the most fun out of your character. We are worried, here, about fun and not about character optimization or anything about "perfect level ups". We want the most fun for our buck!



The thief, straight out of the box for Morrowind runs pretty well. The only skill you wont use is hand-to-hand but with a bit of tweaking you can make your own Thief class that's almost perfect.

Race: Wood Elf

Specialization: Stealth

Favorite Attributes: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, (Luck)

Major Skills: Short Blade, Light Armor, Speechcraft, Security, Block

Minor Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Sneak, Marksman, Mercantile

Birth Sign: The Lady, The Atronach

Notes: We run and jump around town, breaking into houses and selling off what does not belong to us. Use full light armor and when someone looks at you funny, you come back later to handle them. Sneak up behind them with you blade and get a critical hit or shoot them with a crossbow bolt. The crossbow is preferred because of speed and bolt weight but marksman isn't that great either way, magic arrows are cool but sorta rare sometimes. You'll level up pretty quick and not realize what you are doing half the time. Join House Hlaalu, Thieves Guild or the Morag Tong (if you can find them). Picking The Atronach as your sign makes you sorta 1/2 resistant to magic if the need arise but The Lady is great because of the endurance boost, you'll need and want that. The personality boost is nice and your personality will quickly max out so everyone will love you and give you free stuff.


Treasure Hunter

The Treasure Hunter is for those people who want to be a beat-stick but also want to actually get items and not have to worry about certain things. The Treasure Hunter plays as his name states and is good for just messing around with no worries to the world. The favorite attributes are listed to boost weak stats rather than to help current ones.

Race: Orc

Specialization: Combat

Favorite Attributes: Personality, Agility, Intelligence, (Luck)

Major Skills: Medium Armor, Long Blade, Security, Speechcraft, Block

Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Athletics, Armorer, Enchant, Mercantile

Birth Sign: The Lady, The Lover

Notes: This is basically a strong armed thief. Enchant is there because you will end up using a lot of enchanted items (but the thing wont level up in the early stages of the game without trainers). In fact by the end of the game your entire get-up will be enchanted and glowing with the way people give you stuff. Speechcraft and Mercantile (mercantile will level quickly) are good for someone who's raiding lost tombs and selling off the stuff they got. The Orc's high strength means a lot of loot to sell, as well. Security is to help open up chests and stuff, much like the thief, and the tools of the trade are generally very cheap. Almost always suggest using the intelligence booster so that your lock-picking goes a bit more smoothly. The two armor types are to quickly max out your endurance, and because combat oriented guilds will want both armor types in order for you to advance in them. Join Figheter's Guild, House Redoran, Thieves Guild and Imperial Legion. However do the Fighter's Guild quests in favor of the Thieves Guild or you'll be sorry later on.



The Conjurer is the closest thing to a magic build that works, for me, in Morrowind. Magic does not run well in Morrowind due to basic game mechanics and some other half broken stuff. Basically, use a mage build at your own risk. Conjur up ghosts to do your bidding while watching from far off. Don't carry a weapon only to spawn one before action strikes.

Race: Breton

Specialization: Magic

Favorite Attributes: Intelligence, Willpower, Agility (Luck)

Major Skills: Conjuration, Alteration, Blunt Weapon, Heavy Armor, Block

Minor Skills: Mysticism, Illusion, Enchant, Athletics, Mercantile

Birth Sign: The Atronach, The Mage

Notes: Illusion is in place of speechcraft on this build because, well you use magic. It also allows to paralyze your opponents as well as become invisible so it is sneak, speechcraft and paralyze all in one. Pick agility as one of the favorite attributes and you will hit more often, which considering the state of things you will want. Blunt weapon is because if you join the right factions you get SEXY staff and hammer weapons. Mercantile is good because no one wants to get ripped off and it's an always present skill when trying to sell and/or buy. As a mage you will be selling and/or buying more than you realize. This also boosts personality, which will help with game quests. The Atronach is the best sign option but it changes how you play. Basically magic missile isn't something you avoid, now it is something you catch. Anyone who has played the game in the past knows this. The Mage is just a small boost to your magic pool with no down side effect. You should have plenty of magic and skill to live through anything your level but anything to high and well, you're screwed. Join the Mage's Guild, House Telvanni, Imperial Cult and Temple.

-Block is a default for all. Without block, shields are worthless beyond an Armor Check rating.

2 Replies:

joo said...

Ah nice. I'll remember these in case/when I decide to play again. With my last magic character there were a lot of aspects that I found unsatisfying, but there's also so much content to do with magic that it makes me hard.

Dudel said...

Exactly, my friend, exactly.

You might want to use long sword instead of blunt weapon because the game does hand you more of those BUT my brain says "Wizards use saves" sooo...

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