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Replay (Short Film)

A short aniBOOm film, that was just amazing. It's French, I believe, but the visuals of the animation and the story are just wonderful. I believe the set up is Chernobyl or something post apocalyptic where the air isn't good to breath, etc. Last few people on the planet and other things of that nature.

Replay - aniBOOM French Film

Yes the story is very simple and the "film" shorter then one might think a short film might be. It was an amusing little film, even if in French, and thought it deserved to be shared to those of Solve Unamusement.

Don't forget to check out other aniBOOM stuff on their main channel or others on Solve Unamusement.

On another only slightly related note, if a "Keyword-Tag" is used on one post and not another and you, as a reader, feel that they should I would like to hear. Not always do I remember or bother with them.

4 Replies:

Jikei said...

It IS French and the sign (in Russian) is transliterated as "Krasnii Gorod", roughly. Not sure if it means anything, though. Second word is City or Town

Jikei said...

That, and it is a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing it! I'll have to check out all the other aniBOOM stuff.

bagalagalaga said...

It said there was an error when I tried to watch it, but Krasnii Gorod is "Red City"

Dudel said...

Odd, might have been youtube at the time. They like to do unannounced updates and while doing that they tend to disable embedded vids temporarily.

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