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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Mouse Wreckers

Looney Tunes, Mouse Wreckers has to be one my all time favorite cartoons ever done. It stars two lesser known tunes, Bert and Hubie and cat with no name. The basic plot of the cartoon is that Bert and Hubie have found themselves a nice new place to call home but in order to do that, they must first remove the expert mouse catcher inside.

In order to accomplish their task, Bert and Hubie set forth an evil plan. The plan, made by Bert, is to fool the cat into thinking he has gone utterly crazy. To do this, Bert and Hubie use rather simple hit and run guerrilla tactics to attack the feline while he sleeps.

Looney Tunes: Mouse Wreckers

This cartoon has some of my absolute favorite gags. One of those being that of the robe drag. Where a rope is tied to at one end to the cats tail and then ran through a "obstacle course", leading up to some place very high. At this point the rope is then tied to something very heavy and the heavy thing is pushed to the ground. The result is having the yellow kitting dragged by his tail through a rather painful gauntlet.

Another cartoon classic gag has to be the upside down room. This one is rather simple, the mice put earmuffs on the cat then go about transforming the room he sleeps. Nailing or gluing things upside down and to the ceiling. The cartoon sells this gag mainly by adjusting to the cats point of view and further adds to the joke by flipping an adjacent room back to normal. Of course there are some silly little additions near the end of upside down/sideways paintings and a fish take, but the main joke for that section of the cartoon is still the upside down room.

Pre Amusement Excitment (

A PBBG, at least as of now a PBBG, that is currently in development. Of course, PBBG isn't exactly the word to describe this game that the developer would like to us. Rather taking the claim, as until hands on with the thing nothing can be stated either way, that it is a moving and breathing world. This very thought is what draws me to other games either currently or in the past. Some have come close and others have missed the mark to a point of annoyance but the hopes for is very high.

Taking a bit of Faery Tale Online with a bit of Cantr then adding a lot of what is missing and avoiding what is wrong, is looking up to be something great.

Right now, the game is not even up with closed Beta, which I've access to as I know the developer, but anything that is allowed discussion outside of the walls will be shared eventually. Personally, I am looking forward to a lot of the things that the developer has said about but, at the same time, trying not to get my hopes up to high. That problem effected Faery Tale Online, extremely. To much hype can be a very bad thing.

Some of the most exciting features that and its developer is promising is the ability to actually effect the world. Now, this does not mean in the way most do. There is the ability to actually effect the nature, plant growth and other things such as that. From the words I have heard, there will be a high payment to those who think creatively on how to use some of these things to their characters advantage. After all, true creativity is what should be the driving force of a world. A truly evolving and ever changing world needs a vast amount of, not only creativity, but also requires personal character development.

Notice of updates on game availability to be played will be posted along with any features, quirks and other things about that is allowed, as I have said.

Six Degrees Game (Climate Change)

Thanks to Blog Action Day, the topic of today's amusement has been decided. However, it is a vast and every so occupied amusement, at least for some, that there is difficulty in pin-pointing specifics.

Of course, we could always turn to Google for the answers. Google is, as we all know, one of the all powerful beings on this planet. Give it a question and it shall answer. Now, the problem with asking Google is it doesn't always tell you whats best. This all doesn't really matter, as I've my own personal amusement from this.

I believe it is called "Six Degrees" and all one must do to play is mentally take any object, creature or even yourself and place them on what you consider a typical summer day. From here, you give that object, creature, person or whatever one item and place it near. When this is done for demonstrative purposes, the common theme is a little kid holding an ice cream cone. You can, of course, take a much larger view. I prefer the though ot mosquitoes in stagnant water which is near a sapling. From here, we take what we commonly think of a summer day, as I said before, and slowly start making it hotter.

Now, its a race of "Who dies first?" Does the water evaporate before the sapling shrivels? Do the little mosquito larva have enough time to become full mosquitoes? One might be wondering why anyone would care about the mosquitoes but one must also remember that the same water is used by the sapling. Still having trouble with the mosquitoes? Okay, lets try a frog. How about a turtle? Or maybe you would rather see this as a koi pond and look beyond the water. How hot before the sapling catches fire with almost no incentive to? How hot before the grass dies? I have seen grass die and trees wither after freshly sprouting at a nice 97 degrees Fahrenheit and that is a typical summer day, for me.

Now, I'm only offering this little "game" for you to play but at the same time I ask you. How soon before these things start effecting you? At what point does the dying tree across the street become "your problem"?

Minus all the bush beating, I do honestly enjoy the "Six Degrees Game" and have played it on more then one occasion. Its great for long and/or painful road trips, doctor visits and dealing with relatives.

Plugged Amusement (Will Quilt for Games)

Thanks to this post at He and She Reviews I had come across something very cool. The She of He and She Reviews has herself a nice little business, of sorts, going that I just had to share, eventually.

What I was directed to by this post was Will Quilt for Games and I absolutely loved the idea/concept. "She" takes games, usually of the 8 and 16-bit variety, and makes pillow covers. There is even the possibility of getting custom made ones, if one was inclined to ask.

I take custom orders - If there is a character or design on a pillow you want, just contact me and we will see how it goes. It usually takes me about 2 weeks to make a pillow.

Personally, the only "problem" I see with these are the price tag. I do understand that these take lots of time to make and are hand made but 35 US dollars is kind of a lot with the way things are, currently. This is all before shipping and handling. Now, if the total cost was closer $25 or $30 I'd be finding a way to maybe get one of these awesome things. (Yes, I am that much of a nerd).

Don't let my thoughts on price and economics get you down. If these made you say something similar as myself upon first seeing them, get yourself at least one. Just remember these are pillow covers, and I think for throw pillows.


On another note, I have decided to participate in something interesting. The act, in itself, is an amusement and the whole thing is generally a good cause. I do hope that they do not mind that, while I do agree with the issue at hand, I generally still have a certain way I do things.

Click for Info

Experiment No. 6

Here is something absolutely odd that I fell in love with the very second it was heard. Not sure why this "song" is so high on the personal amusement list or even why it would be amusing to anyone, but it is. Lemon Jelly's Experiment No.6 is in the list of "odd techno" that I've recently been enjoying.

Basically the song is light techno that tells the story of an experiment which can be assumed is being done on some form of living creature or even a human. Actually, the song is more like the actual audio from a recorder then set with music. This song reminds me of some of the very old science fiction and horror movies that were done back in the seventies around government experiments to create super soldiers.

While the end of the song has the "experiment" being exterminated due to apparent doctor error, the whole process that is brought forth is just astounding. It really does feel like you are sitting there watching a mad doctor making his notes to the almost creepy music.

Lemon Jelly - Experiment No. 6

One really does hope that was amusing for othes as it was for myself. The song can't help but remind you of itself on other occasions. It's horrible, almost, how this song gets into your brain while not being one of those that actually "gets stuck".

Hard Justice (Halo3 Machinima)

Hard Justice by DigitalPh33r is a Halo3 machinima which was created using the games "forge" options and editor. The show is created within the game, like all machinima, using the items in game as props etc. I have not personally played the third Halo, due to being stuck last gen, but I have played the other two. This is a very well done short series of thirteen episodes ranging at about seven to ten minutes a piece.

The first episode honestly was a selling point for myself. At first, it will make you wonder what the heck you are viewing but after a moment or two I promise you'll get at least a small chuckle. In all honesty, I do think the first episode, and a few others, work well as standalones. There is a running plot for the entire series but its sorta not needed and it is possible to view the show in random orders.

Hard Justice Ep. 1

One of the best parts about this series is that there is no need to know anything about the game its done it. Its a stand alone, very funny show that just happens to have been done with Halo3 as the medium.

Playlist of all 13 Episodes

Romance Mathematics (The Dot and the Line)

A match up that has been already discussed, here, made another small contribution to the world other then that full length movie. I speak of the combo of Norton Jester and Chuck Jones with the contribution of "The Dot and the Line".

Its a clever cartoon and, like most of Chuck Jones' work, has a good solid moral to it. I believe the moral to be something along the lines of "Don't judge a book by its cover" but with current net issues I am having difficulty viewing the cartoon at this time.

The Dot and the Line: A Romance In Lower Mathematics

Its a clever little thing, this cartoon. Its simple in animation but the story is wonderfully done. Although, I do wish the line would tell that dot she could just go away now. After all that work and effort, now the female wants something to do with him. Good for the line! He's an idiot, but good for him!

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