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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

A Bank Robery

A bank robbery that Sesame Street would be very proud of. I do hope those at Solve Unamusement can read and don't just listen to the sparkly green boxes with the arrows on them.

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Little Rock of Horrors

Billy and Mandy, to the unitiated, is a cartoon where two school children trick the Grim Reaper into being their friend. Upon doing this the two kids have access to all kinds of otherworldy events, items and things of that nature.

One such even is a brain eating meteor falling from the sky that likes to sing jazz songs. The meteor meets Billy as he's sulking after no one wants to play with him. Upon this time said meteor tricks brainless Billy into collecting brains for the evil space monster.

Billy and Mandy - Little Rock of Horrors

This is a spoof off of "Little Shop of Horrors", very obviously, but it's done well and is good for a cheap giggle. If the show is known this is extra fun seing all the show's staple characters pop up for a brain lashing.

Frontier Psychiatrist (Music)

Did a quick scan of Solve Unamusement's music label to make sure this wasn't posted before but nothing is perfect and it is possible. IF such is the case then that just means this song is worth posting twice, as some more are and might get re-posted on "lazy days".

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

The song is messed in the head but making it literal was a stroke of genius. Personally, I love this video and it's visuals as well as the song but not all is the same in their amusements.

Also, a quandary to readers. Is re-posting old posts worth it? Some blogs do this but I see it as lazy. There is the "Irrelevant Pic" which works in a similar manner and is technically more lazy then even this, but it's more Solve Unamusement friendly, in personal opinion.

Radio Commercial (LOTR in 60)

Back in the long before time of the 1990's there was a video store that wasn't Blockbuster and it didn't send directly to your home. This place of myth and legend also took out radio adds, another thing of the distant past so few have heard within the recent years of Sirus and XM radio. These radio ads were humorous spoofs of popular movies at the time.

Now, several years in the future people have found these archaic transcripts and added moving pictures to them. Upon doing so these new monstrosities were placed on youtube and then left for others to point and laugh at like mocking monkeys in a zoo cage.

Lord of the Rings in 60 Seconds

There are a few of these that have been sliced with video footage and then thrown up on youtube. Might post some more or I might not, depends on how amusing they are.

Howl's Moving Castle

Indirectly suggested by a steampunk blog which is not always watched for amusements (however is now because of this), Howl's Moving Castle is a very nice story of the Anime variety.

The blog that was linked has the embedded video but as it takes no harm in re-posting the embedded link here, it shall be done. However might I suggest if anyone has a media player, video to be specific, they might wish to download from Anime Stop, instead.

Howl's Moving Castle - Full Movie

Upon some very minor research this film was apparently a book first. Although it implies that the interpretation or alteration, depending on your point of view, was skewed from the original. All in all, it's a good story.

Robots Are Assholes

Found, rather literally, just a few moments ago this blog was a brilliant read. Normally blogs don't get specific posts as blogging about someone else's blog seems rather stupid but this was hilarious.

The title of the blog says it all, right there. Robots Are Assholes takes the thing so many of us should hate and makes a point as to why.

While some of the obvious evils are missing

The blog was just so funny and informative. If anyone thinks that robots are not assholes then they should read this blog extra closely and then look at their toaster and wonder what evil thoughts of world domination it might hold. That's if anyone this day and age still has a toaster.

Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories is, Knytt but better! Not in any manner is this an over exaggeration. The fact that Kynytt was too short is fixed in Knytt Stories with multiple levels and even the option to download more.

While the core mechanics are the same: jumping, climbing etc and the over all feel of the game keeps it's charm- Knytt Stories adds a few needed things to what Knytt was in order to make an absolutely perfect gaming experience.

Notable Changes:

  • Collectible Items Have in Game Value - Each item that is collected in Knytt Stories has a point beyond simply collecting it. Items are power ups, keys or other things needed to advance further within the level that was presented.

  • Difficulty and Challenge - Knytt, itself, was very very easy. The game pointed you to each item and required nothing to difficult from it's users. This lets the casual gamer or the "on-off" gamer have something quick and fun but lacks accomplishment, for the most part. Knytt Stories fixes this by allowing for difficulty settings as well as removing the "look over here" magic beam that Knytt had.

  • Length of Play and Re-playability - Knytt was very short and then it was over. There are some secrets within the game but they are just silly, and also can be found in Knytt Stories. Knytt Stories allows for adding more levels, as stated earlier as well as the inclusion of an actual story with each level. This means that even while beating a level once, the story (if not simple again) is always kinda fun.

  • Level Creation - This is new! Upon the download and unzip of Knytt Stories each player is given the tools they need to create their own little story. There is a long list of archived stories and you, new player, can add your own if you wish. See one of the above links for half arsy details.

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