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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

A very simple puzzle solving game where the objective is to kill your character.

Copy-Paste Game Description:

"Karoshi" is a Japanese word and means "death by overwork". In this game many things are not what you'd expect and the goal of each level is counter-intuitive: you need to die.

Each stage presents a new challenge. There are several objects you can use to solve puzzles, and in later levels the game will even break it's own rules to surprise you.

50 clever levels and a boss fight at the end. We hope you have fun (killing yourself)!

If you have played the Game Maker version, YES this is an official Flash version!


Directional arrows move, up jumps and space bar is shoot your weapon.

The game can be found here at Armor Games. There is also a sequal.


From the maker of the Alice video and song that was posted some time ago (it is the second in the link blog post) comes a few other interesting ones. One such particular comes from one of Solve Unamusement's favorite movies. No, not books as we can't read over here.

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series

The TV show/anime/4kids redo of Yu-Gi-Oh! was rather popular with myself and it wasn't until recently that The Abridged Series was brought to Solve Unmusement's attention. At this time there was already a good solid following but this is typical for amusement posts. Late to the party, and other nonsense of that nature.

A few notes before watching are that the series starts off slow and is most enjoyable if the characters are known. That being if you've seen at least one or two episodes this series is a bit more funny. However such a thing isn't needed and only adds to the humor if you're a fan of having memories mocked and poked at.

The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug

Doing some redirecting and backtracking on when is evil cool? got to a specific post which reminded this writer of something a bit special in the amusement category.

Anyone who's seen the movie probably has a good idea as to what is going to be posted soon enough and for an extra kick, think this will be the first post which the "page break" feature/addition/whatever shall be included in a Solve Unamusement post.

Smith, Agent Smith.

Last but certainly not least, we speak of the most epic and evil of villains. (Agent) Smith has to be a personal favorite here, at Solve Unamusement, for the simple fact that he has a very systematic and well thought out (usually) manner which he does things. Compared to your average villain, bad guy, etc Smith keeps an almost positive air about himself. Pompous, some might say, but this is not a horrible thing for such a "person".

Smith is/was an Agent of the Matrix System which allowed him many powers beyond the norm. If you've seen the movies I need not explain and if you have not than you do not, rather have not, own(ed) a TV or any form of such entertainment for a few years. He's rather powerful and the most powerful being within the Matrix during the first film.

The Matrix HISHE

How It Should Have Ended has their version/take on The Matrix trilogies "finale". Have to say, this blogger/writer agrees with everything. Especially the giant robot monkey things to fight flying robots. That just doesn't fully make sense.

Matrix Slim or Slim Matrix

The Matrix movies (all three of them) have been playing on the television for awhile over the last month or two and while the first is the best and the third ended disappointing, the movies are still rather awesome.

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