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Yellow Submarine

The talks of yellow snow and Frank Zappa had another random thought toss itself into this brain of mine. What about The Beatles? What about them? Well they liked the yellow, too! Yellow Submarine, that is. Oh yes, clever transition for us all. What we'll do, though, is hit two birds with one Beatles stone. A stone that is both movie and music in a quick toss around.

Like anyone in my age group, something from the 60s didn't happen across my board by anyone other than my Mother. The second or third CD I ever was to own was the soundtrack to a movie I had never seen. Not even knowing it was a soundtrack! In fact it was YEARS before the movie Yellow Submarine came across my television thanks to the magic of DVD.

Yellow Submarine (Song) - Yellow Submarine (Movie)

Admittedly the movie Yellow Submarine is a lot more fun if you are more aware of The Beatles and the songs that they sing. There isn't anything that says you can't enjoy excerpts of the film without knowing anything about it. One of my favorite Beatles songs and part of the film Yellow Submarine is the section for Nowhere Man.

Nowhere Man (Song) - Yellow Submarine (Movie)

2 Replies:

Asja said...

That's interesting! I first seen Yellow Submarine when I was in college. I didn't know much about the Beatles, though. When I was kid my father didn't allows us to listen to them , he said they were like a sissy band or something, too mild haha. He was into Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin etc

Dudel said...

Ah, yes, I know the type.

However I also listen to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. As well as some Tool (which is sorta-kinda grunge) and even Weird Al. My tastes are (obviously) all over the place, no accounting for them. XD

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