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Solve Unamusement has been closed, but that does not mean you can't still find random amusements or keep in touch with the former author of this blog.

Everything shall be on the author's deviantART journal and there is a feed to go with it.

The Dudel Journal

Zappa for Eleven

Eleven minutes of Frank Zappa telling an extended story about an ingesting Eskimo and a bunch of very random things. Think Weird Al minus the pop-culture references and with more SOUL, if you would. This is actually several different songs from the album of Apostrophe (').

Frank Zappa

Redirection of The Philharmonic

Redirecting from an old post to inform anyone who cares that the Lou Diamond Philharmonic has apparently changed locations.

Now Bran, who creates the music under his fake label of Lou Diamond Philharmonic, has merged his odd images and his music into one uber site. Sadly the site is a bit flash driven so if you've a crappy PC or low bandwidth you should probably avoid it.

The positives is that he has all his songs playable on-site. They are in a specific order, equal the order they appear in his four "Demo-albums" which are available for download. His only video for Black Albino is also on-site but as I am redirecting, that will be provided here.

More Morrowind Music

Remember yesterday's post? You don't? Well then you are SOL and I can't help you. Anyway, for today we look at an 8-Bit remake of yesterday's Morrowind theme song, quick like.

8-Bit Morrowind Theme

You WISH your NES was that sexy!

Morrowind Music

The Elder Scrolls games (Images in link may be broken.) are a popular among western RPG enthusiasts but what catches me within most games and settings is the visual appeal and music.

Now older games get passes for their visual or music quality but a lot of 8 and 16-bit games are actually rather beautiful. Anyone who has played Chrono Trigger or seen the ending to Links Awakening DX could tell you that graphic quality isn't dependent on hardware capabilities. Heck, even now the Elder Scrolls III: Morriwnd graphics are looked at as bad. In fact they were bad, with horrible wall glitches and even details of the player character that didn't fit (like Argonian tails magically splitting through pants, etc). But let us look at something that hasn't dated, in the slightest, Morrowind's music.

The Novella

While it has been a few dance since the last blog post, that is not due to Blogger forgetfulness. Laziness, maybe, but not forgetfulness. There is also that the last blog post Oil Spill Charity deserved a bit more time on the "front page". This post is simply to tell my twenty something in total readers, that I am pretending to write a book.

Now I say "pretending" simply because others write with the intention to publish or accomplish something beyond the scope of the book itself. However such is not the case here. The book is being written just to say, "It has been written."

As of writing this post Novella, the name for this book which literally means "short novel", has seven of its fifteen to twenty chapters. It is a small book, no more than twenty chapters is in the idea but will probably stop more along the lines of fourteen or fifteen. If you are curious a link has been provided, however if you are not a member of deviantART you may not be able to few most of the chapters due to "content warnings".

The Novella or Novella

Clearly it is still a "working title". We shall see if the thing even prograsses in any amount of time. With projects, and me, sometimes things simply get put aside for more fun and amusing... amusements like Persona 3 or the more recent Dragon Quest VIII. My PS2 is magic!
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